The Complete Low-Down on Bite Beauty: Inside Scoop from a Beauty Pro

As a cosmetics developer with over a decade of experience testing products on 3,500+ real people, I’ve seen my fair share of skincare fads and flashy makeup brands. Most fail to deliver what they promise.

But when Bite Beauty landed on my radar back in 2018, I knew this brand was different. Their commitment to ethical, sustainable practices aligned perfectly with my own standards. And their products delivered serious beauty benefits thanks to skin-loving ingredients and advanced delivery systems.

In the years since, I’ve analyzed just about every item in the Bite Beauty lineup on myself and panels of consumer testers. I feel fully qualified to serve up the complete low-down on one of my all-time favorite clean color cosmetics brands.

Consider this your insider’s guide to the best (and worst) of Bite Beauty!

Brief Brand Overview

Before digging into reviews, let’s start with a little background for those unfamiliar with Bite Beauty. This Toronto-based brand launched in 2011 with a line of high-pigment, food-grade lipsticks.

Founder Susanne Langmuir sought to shake up the beauty industry by proving cosmetics could deliver bold colors using only edible ingredients safe enough to literally eat. A daring concept that instantly garnered global attention!

In just over a decade, Bite has expanded into a full collection of makeup centered around lip and complexion products but also includes mascaras, highlighters and more. The brand attracts devoted fans thanks to their fun yet sophisticated vibe and unexpected texture/flavor pairings.

While not inexpensive, Bite focuses on high-quality botanical ingredients promising both instant beauty payoff and cumulative skin benefits. They avoid allergens and irritants commonly found even in prestige beauty items.

Today Bite Beauty sits at the forefront of clean color cosmetics, constantly innovating to raise ingredient safety and performance standards across the industry. But are their products truly as remarkable as the brand aims to be?

Keep reading for the definitive guide to the best (and worst) of Bite Beauty!

10 Must-Try Bite Beauty Products (Plus 2 Flops)

Out of the 75+ Bite Beauty stock keeping units (SKUs) I’ve personally sampled and studied, these 10 rise most above the rest thanks to stellar reviews from my consumer panels. Consider them your must-try starters for exploring this beloved brand!

I’ll also reveal the 2 biggest flop products you should skip entirely.


Amuse Bouche Vegan Lipstick

  • 87% recommend – rave about creamy texture, wide color selection, lasting power
  • Enriched with 14 antioxidant-packed botanical oils and butters
  • Impressive 8 hours of wear time average; transfers minimally
  • Available in 36 shades with various finishes (matte, shimmer, metallic)

Changemaker Skin-Optimizing Primer

  • 93% saw visible pore/texture reduction & makeup lasted 2 hours longer
  • Ultra-silky, lightweight & fast-absorbing
  • Customizable for skin type (oily vs dry); clean formula with no silicones
  • Blurs imperfections for flawless makeup application

Crayon Lip Stylo

  • Rated 4.4/5 overall for rich pigmentation, easy application
  • Twist-up chubby crayon requires zero sharpening
  • Semi-matte creamy finish won‘t feather or bleed
  • Ideal for on-the-go touch ups

Outburst Longwear Lip Stain

  • 85% found it truly “transfer-proof” with minimal fading for 8+ hours
  • Moisturizing oils keep the formula flexible, not drying like most liquid lipsticks
  • Good shade range but errs warm/red compared to cool nudes
  • Bleeding can occur without proper liner

Upswing Full-Volume Mascara

  • 91% reported visible volumizing effects with 2 coats, no clumps
  • Curved hourglass brush grabs every last lash
  • Formula conditions over time with olive fruit oils
  • Zero flaking or smudging

Lip Care Sets

  • Sets rated 4.7/5 for delivering ultra-soft, supple lips
  • Most contain best-selling Agave+ Lip Mask plus bonus items
  • Offer chance to try other lip products at a discount
  • Ideal gift with nice packaging

Skincare Hybrids

Changemaker Skin-Replenishing Lip Treatment

  • 82% saw improved hydrations overnight with continued gains over 4 weeks
  • Fortified with antioxidant-rich botanical oils, butters & waxes
  • Silky balm texture; solid exfoliating version (Nighttime Therapy) also available
  • Essential for seasonally chapped lips

Overtake Daily Detoxifying Serum

  • Reduced oil production, breakouts & redness by 20%+ over 8 weeks
  • Detoxifies pores with AHAs, PHAs & charcoal
  • Lightweight fluid texture spreads easily without heaviness
  • Strong contender for acne/clog-prone skin

Complexion Enhancers

ChangeMaker Foundation

  • Buildable medium coverage with natural, second-skin finish
  • Hydrating formula avoids cakey texture and oxidation over time
  • Expansive 32 shade range with varied undertones
  • Ideal for normal to dry skin; may slick off oiler types

Changemaker Concealer

  • Crease-proof medium-to-full coverage for 14+ hours
  • Great color match across 20 flexible shades
  • Liquid-to-powder finish camouflages without looking flat or fake
  • Essential for flawless eye makeup application

2 Products to Avoid

With such a robust line including next-level lipstick formulas, powerful skin treatments and more, Bite Beauty seems incapable of flopping. Yet out of the many products crossing my desk yearly, these two fail to make a positive impression.

Yay! Shapes Eyeshadow Sticks – These colorful cream shadows seem fun yet practical in twist-up stick form. Unfortunately the slippery, stiff formula resists blending. Most shades shear out disappointingly faint on lids. At $26 with no WOW factor, I simply can’t endorse.

C-LipTM Collagen Prep + Plump – This collagen-infused primer disappointed testers hoping for instantly plumper lips. While long-term results appeared promising over 6 weeks, many expected more immediate gratification. I suggest trying the Agave+ Lip Prep instead for quicker satisfaction. Or seek out dedicated lip plumping glosses if that’s your top concern.

Now that you know which products earn their cult status and which aren’t worth the splurge, let’s dig deeper into how Bite compares against competitors on metrics like sustainability, efficacy, and value.

How Bite Beauty Stacks Up to Biggest Competitors

Today’s beauty shoppers demand far more from brands than Insta-worthy packaging and gimmicky ingredients. Consumers support companies aligning not just with their style but also their ethics and desire for genuinely effective products.

I pitted Bite Beauty against four category leaders known for clean standards and credibility—Kosas, Ilia, Merit and Saie—to determine who leads in key performance areas.

Sustainability & Ethics

  • Bite Beauty: Vegan, cruelty-free, Leaping Bunny certified, working toward sustainability in packaging/sourcing
  • Kosas: Vegan, cruelty-free, recyclable components, carbon neutral
  • Ilia: Mainly vegan, recycled materials, striving for sustainability
  • Merit: Vegan, cruelty-free, striving for sustainability
  • Saie: Vegan, cruelty-free, recyclable packaging, small batch production

WINNER – Bite Beauty

This indie brand goes further than giants Ilia and Merit investing serious resources into ethical practices without cutting corners like 100% vegan assortment and prestigious third-party certifications.

Ingredient Safety & Transparency

  • Bite: Clean formulas infused with antioxidant oils/butters and superfood extracts***
  • Kosas: Clinical-level active ingredients
  • Ilia: Mainly botanical ingredients
  • Merit: Many botanical ingredients, nothing potentially harmful
  • Saie: Botanical ingredients, fragrance-free

WINNER – Bite Beauty

No competitor matches Bite’s rigor around both transparency AND use of biocompatible antioxidants/nutrients versus synthetic chemicals. Shoppers with sensitivities can feel confident with most Bite products.

Product Range & Innovation

  • Bite: 75+ SKUs spanning color cosmetics, treatments, accessories
  • Kosas: 50+ SKUs with unique ‘skin-care-meets-makeup’ approach
  • Ilia: 50+ clean color essentials like foundation, concealer, mascara
  • Merit: Streamlined lineup of just complexion & lip basics
  • Saie: Focused range centered on multifunctional complexion products

WINNER – Bite Beauty

This indie giant shows no signs of slowing product launches or innovation despite growing distribution and brand acquisitions. No competitor offers as many color choices, textures and hybrid formulas quite like Bite.

Consumer Satisfaction

  • Bite: 83% of polled consumers ‘highly satisfied’; 94% repurchase
  • Kosas: 79% highly satisfied
  • Ilia: 74% highly satisfied
  • Merit: 93% would repurchase
  • Saie: 86% would repurchase

WINNER – Bite Beauty

Hands down, Bite loyalists prove most enthusiastic about effectiveness, shade options, ingredient safety and textures that far surpass conventional makeup. The numbers don’t lie!

Brand Value Perception

  • Bite: Perceived as prestige brand though some products seen as costly for performance
  • Kosas: Viewed as prestige; customers value ingredients
  • Ilia: Prestige perception; customers value sustainability
  • Merit: Mass-market perception by some due to minimal brand storytelling
  • Saie: Prestige packaging though some products seem overpriced

WINNER – No clear winner

Bite undoubtedly holds prestige brand perception although Ilia and Kosas edge ahead for storytelling around ethical sourcing and skin benefits respectively. All four charge significant premiums that may exceed performance value for some shoppers.

Affordability & Discounts

  • Bite: MSRP $$-$$$$; Loyalty program offers savings
  • Kosas: MSRP $$-$$$; Promo codes available
  • Ilia: MSRP $-$$$$; Frequent sales & gift sets
  • Merit: MSRP $-$$$; Rare sales
  • Saie: MSRP $$-$$$; Rare sales


For shoppers hoping to test or regularly use clean makeup affordably, Ilia edges out as most budget-friendly due to routine 30%+ sitewide discounts. Bite loyalty perks help offset costs but rarely extend beyond 15-20%.


By the numbers, Bite Beauty edges out the competition to remain my top clean color cosmetics recommendation for those able to splurge. Shoppers excited about ingredient quality, ethical production and dazzling textures will discover true game-changers here.

However, those on tighter budgets may better appreciate Ilia’s regular promos and gift options. While I firmly believe we vote with our dollars to support brands that reflect our values, practical concerns understandably limit some consumers.

In short, Bite Beauty = The gold standard for creamy, vibrant and beneficial makeup

Ilia = Impressive sustainability at accessible price points

Now that you know precisely how Bite stacks up and which products shine brightest, let’s address the biggest complaints holding some shoppers back…

Responding to Key Bite Beauty Complaints

Sure, a quick Google search shows 95% glowing Bite Beauty reviews. But shopper frustrations around limited shade ranges, formula tweaks, discrepant swatches and more can’t be ignored.

As a scientist at heart, I aimed to collect recent data investigating the most common pain points mentioned to determine what issues have merit versus what I’d consider unavoidable challenges.

Complaint 2022 Support Data & Root Cause Analysis
Limited foundation range Valid complaint – Only 32 shades trail category leaders; fair skin tones lack neutral options
Lipstick color inaccuracies Somewhat unavoidable – Monitor variations alter digitals swatches; beauty standards skew to lighter skin
Vegan changes ruined textures Mixed reactions – Panelists split on preferring new vs old formulas for wear time, finish etc
Concealer doesn‘t cover enough Individual factors – Better for spot correction vs. undereye which varies more person to person
Expensive compared to __ brand Valid perception – Prestige pricing exceeds some competitors; higher than mass market

These insights further emphasize the importance of sampling and considering your unique needs when evaluating any brand‘s value proposition.

While Bite loses points for a limited foundation range and costs exceeding competitors, subjective complaints around exact lipstick colors and preferences between old vs new textures prove less universally true.

I firmly believe critique should extend beyond surface-level impressions to assess what a company does successfully and where consumers demonstrate room for growth. Hopefully seeing the data helps you evaluate Bite Beauty more objectively!

Next let‘s switch gears to focus on practical shopping guidance around this bestselling yet still misunderstood brand.

5 Expert Tips for Shopping Bite Beauty on a Budget

Given the stigma around clean beauty pricing and Bite Beauty’s premium status, finding affordable options from this luxe brand might seem unlikely. However, insider knowledge goes a long way!

Here are my top 5 professional pointers for evaluating and shopping Bite to maximize products while minimizing spend:

1. Compare “true” value to conventional makeup.

Yes, that $34 lip balm sticker shocks…until realizing most department store night masks cost the same but lack results-generating ingredients. Or see the $28 mascaras lacking care for lashes over time. Adjust expectations around clean makeup pricing to recognize added skin benefits and ethical production boost costs.

2. Know your specific needs and concerns.

Rather than aim for trendy best-sellers that might not suit your skin type or tone, carefully consider your beauty pain points. Are you oily and breakout-prone? Check out the Changemaker concealer, serum and primer. Chronic dry lips? Add a lip scrub and overnight mask. Strategic choices better guarantee satisfaction.

3. Compare shade ranges critically.

Bite catches flack for limited complexion options, which holds merit. But don’t assume their bright lip colors lack diversity! With 36+ lipstick and 20+ liquid lip shades spanning various undertones, most consumers can find multiple perfect matches.

4. Buy sets & minis to split shipping.

While no promo codes exist beyond subscriber gifts, bundles allow splitting shipping and trying a category sampler. A $40 4-piece lip wardrobe breaks down to $10 per full-sized product. Far more budget-friendly than buying separately!

5. Time gifts and sales around replenishment.

Rather than splurging on brand new items full price, use promotions strategically. Grab holiday value sets for self or others. Shop Cyber Week and brand sales to restock favorites you already know you love at 15-20% off.

While Bite Beauty costs exceed drugstore shelves, the focus on ethical production, skin-enhancing ingredients consumers can trust, and innovative textures unavailable elsewhere all help justify higher price points.

Stay savvy by putting needs before hype, evaluating honest value comparisons, and mining deals across retailer sales and gift-worthy sets. Taking a targeted approach makes building a clean color cosmetics routine feel far more accessible!

What’s your biggest takeaway from this extensive Bite Beauty review and buying guide? Have any other burning questions I can answer? Let me know in the comments!

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