6 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Tailbone Cushion

It is normal for you to sit, especially while working for long on your computer. However, a lot of weight is exerted at the sitting area, where sometimes your office chair disappoints and wears off its sitting allowance. And that’s where you’ll need a tailbone cushion.

This cushion will act as a pain reliever on your coccyx area, gently support your lower back, improve your posture to maintain your spine posture while seated for long, and this cushion is also potable, meaning you’ll carry it whenever you want. The following are factors to consider while choosing one.

1. The Size

The Size

An ideal coccyx cushion measures 36cm by 42cm by 6.5cm. If you go with this size, be sure of being most comfortable while sitting on it, reducing back pain and providing good hip support on it and, hence, better spine alignment. And of course, that's all you need to be comfortable while sitting for long on an office chair or car.

2. Material Used

Get the cushion that is made of 100% memory foam. This means it’s the most comfortable and friendly to your coccyx. There also enough air circulation while sitting on it. This material is also durable and provides an ideal temperature for your lower back. This makes you work for longer and increase productivity.

3. The Cover

The best seat cushion cover is made of velour and should come with extras. This cover should have a non-slip bottom which is mainly made of rubber. This is to put the cushion in place and prevents you from constantly adjusting it. The cover should also be of material and cover that is machine washable and also portable.

4. Shape


Most of these seat cushions are inclined, and that's what is recommended by most physicians. In addition to this shape, the best seat cushion should be U-shaped. This one provides the best support for your tail-borne and the proper posture for your spine. It is essential to consider this type of pillow since health comes first in everything.

5. Portability

Any temporary pillow should be portable to allow easy movement and multiple uses while most needed. For example, the same cushion can be used in an office seat, car seat, dining chair, and traveling. So it should light and an excellent size to carry around.

6. Bulb Head Seat Cushion

This is so unique and so important that it should be put into considerations. This cushion is made of a certain polymer that can be able to retain its shape for a long period of time. This type of pillow also has a honeycomb design which allows free air circulation. This makes it stay cool and comfortable throughout.

It is therefore important to consider a tailbone cushion in your bucket list during shopping. Get the best cut-out design as preferred by the doctor and also the respective size and shape of your chair. There are also coccyx seats with a money-back guarantee or a lifetime replacement, depending on the company. There are other considerations, such as color, which are more preferable to the user.

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