7 Best Mattress For Sex: Innerspring vs. Memory Foam vs. Latex

Ever heard about a mattress for sex? Yes, We gathered a list of the best mattress for sex which provides levels of comfort, quality of materials, durability and with more extra features.

On average, an individual sleeps approximately 8 hours in his/her bed daily which comprises about one-third of their lifetime. Now sleeping is not the only thing you do in your bed. Some people like to watch TV while sitting on the bed, some people read books and of course, how can you forget about those intimate moments that you spend with your beloved partner.

Sex is one of the erotic activities that you do on your mattress besides sleeping. Mattresses play a significant role in allowing you to have good sex. They have a close link with each other. Lack of sleep also caused a non-existent sex drive as per study conduct in 2007. Of course, after having sex most people go to sleep. Therefore, your mattress should be not only good for sex but sleep as well.

We have developed this guide about top 7 mattresses for sex for your convenience. So let’s get into it, shall we!

Most people think that memory foam mattresses are best for sex. However, more than 60% of memory foam owners say that their mattress is better than average for this activity. It is more about your own needs and requirements and even about the sex positions that you prefer as well.

Which type of the mattress is best for sex?

Category Innerspring FoamLatex
  • Foam comfort layer
  • The open-coil support core layer
  • Polyfoam/memory foam comfort layer
  • Polyfoam support core layer
  • Latex comfort layer
  • Polyfoam support core layer
ResponseGood to ExcellentPoor to FairFair to Good
BounceGood to ExcellentPoor to FairFair to Good
Comfort LevelFair to GoodGood to ExcellentGood to Excellent
ConformanceGood to ExcellentFair to GoodFair to Good
NoisePoor to FairGood to ExcellentGood to Excellent
Temperature RegulationGood to ExcellentPoor to FairFair to Good
Durability & LongevityPoor to FairGood to ExcellentGood to Excellent
Edge to Edge SupportGood to ExcellentPoor to FairPoor to Fair
Machine WashablePoor to FairPoor to FairPoor to Fair
Overall Rating for SexGood to ExcellentFair to GoodFair to Good

One mattress type is not suitable for all couples because each person has different needs and preferences. Some people prefer latex over all other options while others go for innerspring. There are many subjective factors associated with mattress types. We will discuss each of these primary types and leave the decision up to you.


An innerspring mattress is made using polyfoam comfort layers along with open-coils in the base support layers. Some manufacturers also include more than one memory foam layers to enhance the comfort factor for the users.


  • Innersprings provide excellent traction, and it boosts the sensations during the climax.
  • These mattresses provide improved responsiveness which allows you to change your positions comfortably.
  • These mattresses are very bouncy and assist you well during sex.
  • Most of these beds provide you with excellent edge support.
  • Innersprings are not very expensive.


  • These mattresses are very noisy as they have coils and wires in them.
  • When it comes to durability, innerspring are not your most preferred option.
  • There are not many pressure relief and conformance features in innersprings.

Memory Foam

The mattresses that come with many layers of memory or polyfoam in their comfort system fall within this category. You can also opt for the specially designed memory foam that is copper or gel-infused.


  • Foams tend to conform to your body, and they emphasize on your pressure points. It makes them suitable for sex.
  • These mattresses don't make any noise, and you can enjoy a more discreet pleasure.
  • It is also one of the least priced mattresses that you can find on the market.


  • The high-density memory foams are very slow to respond and not ideal for sex.
  • These mattresses do conform but don’t offer too much traction as compared to the innerspring.
  • Foam mattresses don’t offer any bounce.
  • The high-dense variants are not very breathable and tend to retain heat from your body which makes you feel hot especially during high physical activity like sex.
  • These mattresses don't come with an edge to edge support.


Latex is derived from the rubber trees, and it is baked and cooled to form a substance that is used in the productions of a mattress. These mattresses have a layer of latex in the comfort system, and you might also find memory foam and polyfoam layers and after that comes the support core which is made of high-density latex or polyfoam.


  • Latex beds don't make any noise, and they are your ideal option if you want to enjoy the discreet sexual activity.
  • These mattresses are made to conform, and they contour your body shape. It is instrumental in pressure relieving.
  • Latex beds are among the most durable of all the mattresses and come with an average lifespan of eight to ten years.


  • Latex is a little better than memory foam when it comes to responsiveness but not better than the rapid response of innersprings.
  • These beds emphasize the idea of motion isolation and don't aim at bounce much.
  • Most of these mattresses don’t offer any traction and are somewhat better in conformance.
  • Latex doesn't offer much edge support because they have foam-based obstruction and cores.

Compare Best Mattress For Sex

Mattress BrandsIdeal forTrial NightsWarrantyMaterialsCertification
WinkBeds Heavyweight people10110-yearHybridCertiPUR-US
Nest Bedding Durability100LifetimeHybrid
Leesa MattressLuxury10010-yearMemory FoamCertiPUR-US
Saatva MattressLower back pain12015-yearInnerspringCertiPUR-US
The Helix MattressCustomization10010-yearHybridCertiPUR-US
The New Purple MattressPressure points10010-yearPolyfoam
Brooklyn AuroraSleeping cooling12010-yearHybridCertiPUR-US

Our Top Picks – Best Mattress for Sex

1. WinkBeds – Best for Heavyweight couples

WinkBeds temperature regulation mattress

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  • Innerspring contouring
  • Temperature regulation
  • Approved by CertiPUR-US
  • Customized firmness option

If you want to enjoy your love moments and don’t want to compromise on sleep as well, then the 14.5-inch thick WinkBed mattress is best for you. The company specifically designed it for those people who want coolness, comfort, and breathability sleep and don’t feel hot and sweaty during sex.

The customized firmness option available with this mattress allows you to choose the mattress that caters your needs and enables you to get a bespoke comfort. The available firmness options include Soft (for side-sleepers), Luxury Firm (for back/stomach sleepers) and Firm (for lumbar support).

The WinkBed mattress is a luxury hybrid model, and it features TENCEL Technology that improves temperature regulation of the mattress and allows you to enjoy your intimate moments sweat-free and also enables you to sleep cool at night.

Why we like it :

  • You can customize the firmness level as per your needs
  • The WinkBed mattresses are highly breathable
  • Due to innerspring, the mattress provides excellent bounce during sex
  • It offers high durability and longevity
  • The top layer is covered with botanical-based fabric and is hypoallergenic
  • It is excellent for bulky people too

Why we hate it :

  • It doesn't support lower back correctly after some time
  • It might be too firm for some users
The WinkBeds Plus mattress is one of the popular options for sex because it provides you with contouring support with its innerspring and the plush comfort with its foam layers. To add to that, you can also go for a customized option with which you can choose the firmness level of your mattress or add a base layer according to your needs and preferences.

2. Nest Bedding – Best for Durability

Nest Bedding Cooling copper infused memory foam mattress

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  • Thermal phase change cooling fabric
  • Edge support system
  • Different firmness levels
  • Cooling copper infused memory foam

The Alexander Hybrid mattress is best for you because Nest Bedding wrapped it with a combination of the high-quality coil that provides you with extra edge support and innovative copper infusion in the foam layer helps in regulating the body temperature in all seasons.

The Alexander Hybrid mattress features a top layer of Thermal Phase Change Cooling Fabric which helps to regulate body temperature in all seasons. The layer under it is equipped with cooling copper infused memory foam. It has antimicrobial and conductive properties and helps to disperse heat from your body, allowing you to have relaxing sexual activity.

The hybrid mattress is made of high-quality materials and the layers ensure excellent edge support. This system gives you a movement-free sleeping surface as well as provides perfect support for you back. Therefore, you and your partner can enjoy sleep together.

Why we like it :

  • The hybrid mattress provides you a combination of edge support and comfort
  • The Alexander Hybrid mattress is available in three different firmness level
  • The plush of this mattress works well during sex.
  • The cooling copper-infused memory foam keeps you cool while you are on it.

Why we hate it :

  • It might be a little too hard for some people during sex
  • This mattress doesn’t provide enough support to your back in the long run.
The Alexander Signature Hybrid mattress from Nest Bedding is the highly comfortable mattress for making love with your partner because the company has constructed it with a combination of innovative copper infused foam that pulls away from the heat from your body. It also features high-quality coils that are effective in providing pressure relief.

See our in-depth Nest Alexander Mattress overview here.

3. Leesa – Best for Luxury

Leesa – Best for Luxury

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  • Approved by CertiPUR-US
  • Three premium quality foam layers
  • For all type of sleepers

The Leesa Mattress is cooling, body contouring and a pressure-relieving bed that offers excellent core support to your body during sex as well as sleep. It doesn’t allow your body to get hot and sweaty either during sex or sleep.

The Leesa mattress features a combination of three premium quality foam layers that ensure quality time with your loved one. The top layer which is cooling Avena foam layers enables you to have sex on a cooling surface. The second memory foam layer is best for pressure relief while the third inner layer is Dense Core layer offers excellent support.

The company has designed this mattress for all types of sleeper whether you like to sleep on your sides, back, or stomach. Moreover, it provides better support to your body during sex and balances out your body temperature too.

Why we like it :

  • This mattress is equipped with three premium foam
  • It is available in different sizes that range from Twin to California King
  • Leesa mattress works well to regulate the body temperature during sleep
  • It provides the bounce that is suitable for sexual activities

Why we hate it :

  • This mattress is not suitable for those who are suffering from backbone issues
The Leesa mattress provides you with comfortable and more supportive universal feel that all sleepers need for a night of deep sleep. The company has redesigned it from the inside out to enable the customers to have fun during lovemaking and sleep on a comfortable surface. A combination of three premium foam layers in this mattress performs at its best to keep your intimate moments charming and to allow you to sleep like a child.

Interested in this Leesa Mattress? Check out the full review that we made here.

4. Saatva – Best for lower back pain

Saatva – Best for lower back pain

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  • CertiPUR-US approved
  • Excellent lumbar support
  • Dual parameter edge system
  • Support coil-on-coil system
  • Lumbar support enhancement

If you are suffering from issues associated with lower back pain and looking for the best mattress for having sex and enjoying a comfortable sleep, then the Saatva mattress is an excellent choice for you. As it is made of top-quality memory foam, it helps in aligning your lower back properly along with added comfort.

The Saatva mattress uses a dual perimeter edge system that offers additional durability and gives you a calm sleep on a supportive surface. The upper layer of this mattress features comfort coil system which adds luxury to this mattress.

This best quality memory foam comes with lumbar support enhancement. It provides extra pressure relief and cuts the stress level of specific body areas like hips and shoulders. By using this mattress, you can enjoy a long-lasting comfort with your partner, and you can experiment with a different type of sex positions on it as well.

Why we like it :

  • The memory foam comes with a pressure relief system
  • Its top layer is covered with highly breathable organic cotton
  • Individual coils are wrapped in the top portion in this mattress
  • It gives an excellent support edge system
  • The mattress offers proper body alignment during sex

Why we hate it :

  • The coils system of this mattress is not very durable
The Saatva mattress comes with two primary features including dual perimeter edge support system and coil-on-coil system. The coil-on-coil system provides your mattress with a luxury feel while the edge support system offers improved durability and a comfortable surface for sleeping with your partner and during those erotic moments.

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5. Helix – Best for Customization

Helix changeable density layers mattress

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  • Very strong and sturdy
  • Customizable mattress
  • Two-sides comfort
  • CertiPUR-US approved

Helix mattress will not only allow you to share your love with your partner but also enable you to cuddle as much as you want. You can change its density and layering according to your needs and enjoy erotic moments and calmer sleep.

This hybrid mattress from Helix is highly customizable, and you can modify it according to your needs. The company made it with three material types including Pocketed Micro-coils that optimize pressure relief and improve airflow, Helix Dynamic foam that gives you comfortable sleep and High-Grade Polyfoam that varies in density and serve as a strong base to keep the mattress well-supported during lovemaking.

Helix mattress also differs from its rivals with its dual comfort mattress technology that makes it an ideal option for couples to have sex. The particular layers work to improve airflow that keeps the bed cool and controls your body temperature either during sex or sleep.

Why we like it :

  • It is equipped with Helix Dynamic foam, Pocketed Micro-coils and High-Grade Polyfoam that work in the tendon to provide a complete system of support and comfort.
  • You can customize your mattress according to your requirements
  • The mattress has high breathability
  • It offers maximum temperature regulation.

Why we hate it :

  • Its durability might become an issue in the long run
Helix mattress is a personalized or custom-built mattress that provides you with remarkable comfort. It provides you with changeable density and layers according to your preferences and specific sleep needs. You can make adjustments in the construction when sharing the love with your partner as well. It comes with temperature regulation, point elasticity, and an excellent support system for your body.

Learn more about Helix vs. Casper Mattress if you want to see the details before purchasing.

6. Purple – Best for pressure points

Purple – Best for pressure points

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  • Pressure point relief
  • Highly durable
  • Temperature regulation
  • CertiPUR-US approved
  • Hypoallergenic materials
  • Reduces motion transfer

It is one of the most comfortable mattresses that comes at an affordable price. If you are looking for a breathable alternative that offers excellent support and bounces, then Purple mattress is the right one for you.

The Purple mattress has a unique shape that enables it to contour your body and provide pressure relief to your body regions including hips and shoulders. With this feature, you can comfortably sleep on your side or your back whenever you want.

The Purple mattress also offers minimum motion transfer which is another ideal feature for couples. If either one of you and your partner moves a lot during sleep, then this mattress will ensure that the other one doesn't get disturbed.

Why we like it :

  • The mattress is made of non-toxic, hypoallergenic materials
  • This mattress is comprised of three layers of foam and gel polymer
  • It helps to relieve pressures on your joints, bumps, and edges
  • The airflow makes it perfectly cool and makes the mattress highly breathable
  • It is one of the comfortably priced mattresses available on the market.

Why we hate it :

  • For some people, the mattress might be a bit too soft
The Purple Mattress features gel polymer along with the other three layers of foam. This gel polymer keeps you cool during sex because it has a temperature-neutral feature. The temperature-neutral feature disperses your body heat and allows the airflow to balance the heat, providing you with an extraordinary soothing sleep and sensation sex with your partner.

Learn more about Purple Mattress and its overall pros and cons here.

7. Brooklyn Bedding – Best for Sleeping Cool

Brooklyn Bedding – Best for Sleeping Cool

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  • CertiPUR-US approved
  • Edge-to-edge support
  • High breathability
  • Temperature neutrality

The Brooklyn Aurora mattress is best for the people who want excellent bounce due to its pocketed coils while the edge support system makes it an excellent option both for sleeping and sex.

The Aurora mattress cover is a combination of Rayon and Polyester that makes it very refreshing and soft to touch. The mattress also features temperature regulation capabilities that help to control overheating while couples have fun on it.

Its edge support system comes in handy when you are spreading love all over it. The mattress will cope very well even if you move around the edges. It helps in keeping your back aligned during sleep as well.

Why we like it :

  • This mattress works well for all type of sleepers
  • The mattress comes with excellent breathability traits
  • You won’t feel hot on this mattress either during sleep or sex
  • Due to pocketed coils, it offers good bounce too

Why we hate it :

  • Pocketed coils can't take much toll on a daily basis
  • The medium firmness of this mattress is not productive for side sleepers
Brooklyn Aurora mattress is last but not least in this list that comes with a combination of gel memory foam, TitanFlex foam, and pocketed coils. This ultimate combo gives excellent pressure relief to your body during sleep and provides extra support during your lovemaking moment with your partner.
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Buying guide – What to look for in mattress for sex?

  • Responsiveness

Responsiveness means that how fast a mattress can adjust according to the shape of your body. The bed that is highly responsive provides you with a stable surface. The mattresses that are not very stable don't offer much response as well, and you might have that sinking sensation too. During sex, this sinking sensation might not be delightful, and you may also feel stuck within your bed. For sexual activity, you should opt for a highly responsive mattress so that you can change your positions as well.

  • Bounciness

Bounciness is the rebound with a consistent rhythm, and it can contribute a lot in sexual satisfaction according to numerous couples. Here you need to understand the mattresses that offer high motion isolation tend to provide a low bounce. Some of the best mattresses for couples come with motion isolation features, but they don't offer much bounce either.

  • Comfort

A comfortable mattress is critical for every user because of the strain on the back during the lying posture. Some mattresses conform more as compared to others and focus on the pressure points such as hips, shoulders, neck and various other sensitive body parts. The beds that don't conform don't offer an excellent level of pressure-relieving comfort.

  • Noise

The innerspring mattresses are the noisiest of them all because they come with coils, springs, and wires made of metal. These components make the squeaking noise during sex or when pressure is applied to them. The foams and latex are very quiet during such activities and in general as well.

  • Temperature neutrality

Some mattresses are made of materials that tend to retain heat emitted by your body. It makes the surface of the bed very uncomfortable for doing anything, let alone doing sex. The mattresses that disperse body heat elsewhere are better suited for sex. In this scenario, an innerspring, and latex are your best option.

  • Edge support

Some beds are specifically designed to offer maximum edge support and lower the amount of sinking sensation at the edge of the mattress. The companies improve this feature with foam encasements around the base layer, and they can also go for low-gauged coils as well. Foams and latex don't provide many edges to edge support, but innerspring are better than them.

Interesting info: 1 in 4 married couples prefer to sleep in separate beds.

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Wrap Up

Different people have different preferences when it comes to choosing the right mattresses for those erotic moments. Some people feel more excited about the sinking sensation while others go for a bounce. In the end, the choice is yours.

We have provided you with our top 7 mattresses for sex and have discussed there features in brief details. You will feel relaxed and comfortable with your partner if your mattress doesn't retain heat and is very responsive as well. These are minute details which many people ignore, but you shouldn't negate them if you want to share some great memories with your beloved.

For suggestions and queries, you can reach out to us by commenting in the section given below.

Have Fun, With Your Loved One!