Best Mattress For Pregnancy – Top 5 Picks

Worried about your sleeping positions during pregnancy? Don't worry at all. We have come up with the reviews of the the best mattress for pregnancy.

Pregnancy is the most wonderful period of any woman’s life. You are going to catch the most precious gift of your life from the heavens above. Well, with all the joys, there are some difficulties too. One such trouble is a problem in falling asleep.

Do you know: Insomnia is a very common issue and affects 78 % of pregnant ladies.

We all know that mattresses act as a deciding factor for our sleeping quality. Keeping this fact in mind, here we are come up with the list of top 5 mattresses for a pregnant woman. Not only this, but we are also going to cover their reviews and some other pregnancy-related facts.

We know pregnant ladies are doing a very tough job. Therefore, we are presenting here our small effort to make things a bit easier and pleasing for them.

What is the link between lack of sleep and pregnancy?

Lack of sleep would be listed among top problems if we ask ladies about pregnancy woes. It has been happening for ages. According to the results of the 1998 Women and Sleep Poll, conducted by National Sleep Foundation, 78% of women were reported to have more disturbed sleeping pattern during their pregnancy time.

Many factors contribute to reducing sleep in pregnant ladies. The most significant one is the increased level of progesterone hormone. It not only reduces sleep but also causes sleepiness during the daytime.

Other than hormonal imbalance, there are other many reasons for lack of sleep. According to the American Pregnancy Association, it involves nausea, frequent urination, anxiety, heartburn, leg cramps, aches, and other discomforts appear during pregnancy.

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How much sleep do you need at each stage of pregnancy?

pregnant women mattress

During pregnancy, many women are advised to follow ‘meal for two’ phrase. Same is the case with sleep. They should also ‘sleep for two’. With the increasing pregnancy demands, you should spend more time on the bed. As your body asks for additional rest, you can’t go with your previous routine.

LiveScience says all pregnant ladies should spend at least 8 hours on the bed every day. Only then, they would be able to get 7 hours sleep that is a must thing for expectant mothers.

However, sleep pattern and requirements somehow change with the trimesters as well.

  • First trimester

The first trimester is the most energy-consuming and exhausting period of the pregnancy. Besides morning sickness, frequent urination, aches, and increased hormones level, it is also because our body isn’t prepared for all these changes.

Moreover, the Sleep Health Expert Dr. Durmer says in Thrive Global that requirements of developing fetus are enormous during the first trimester. Later on, it becomes humble during the second and third trimester.

It means you should sleep more at the starting three months where 7 hours is the minimum sleep time.

  • Second trimester

By the start of the second trimester, you start feeling relieved. It is because you don’t have nausea anymore. Also, you are free from frequent bathrooms trips (for just three months only!).

However, few pregnancy discomforts are still there. It consumes your energy too but not like the previous trimester. Not necessary though, you should spend more time enjoying your sleep. Keep in mind the 8 hours on the bed is the minimum requirement of your body.

  • Third Trimester

As your third trimester will start, you should again get ready for the huge lack of sleep. It is because frequent urination reappears along with a severe backache. According to the study of Yale University, as mentioned in fit pregnancy, almost 60 percent of females face a lack of sleep due to lower-back pain.

Breathing problem and Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) also play their roles in disturbed sleep pattern. Studies say almost 20% of women face RLS during their pregnancy period.

Therefore, you shouldn’t expect to get more sleeping hours in the third trimester as well. But, it is time you should get maximum rest. So, you won’t feel all exhausted and worn out while welcoming your baby.

What is the best sleeping position with pregnancy?

Pregnancy asks for its own set of habits and routines. Besides changing your sleep pattern completely, it also demands the change in your sleeping position.

The study suggests that a pregnant lady should sleep at its left side. It is because of a few reasons. Dr. Durmer in Thrive Global says, sleeping on the left side increases the blood flow to the fetus. In return, this increased flow makes the baby grow better.

Moreover, sleeping on the left keeps pressure off the stomach. It also ensures proper flow to all vital organs of a pregnant woman.

According to fit pregnancy, sleeping on the left takes the stress off the lower back and gives relief from snoring.

What To Look For in a Mattress?

  • Support for Sleeper and Spinal Alignment

Support is one of the most important factors that need your consideration for all sleepers. It becomes more important when the sleeper is pregnant.

Support of a mattress refers to its sagging upon experiencing weight. If a mattress sags for more than an inch, it will not help you in keeping your body align and straight. Staying on a sagging mattress can cause great discomfort and pain especially for expectant mothers.

A mattress with good support will offer spinal alignment. Moreover, it also draws aches from the shoulders, lower back, and pelvic area away. So, check properly for mattress support. You won’t like to sink inside the mattress while moving and shifting your position is already big trouble for you, as FamilyDoctor says.

  • Don’t forget your Partner’s Needs

With pregnancy, your sleeping pattern and requirement changes, but your partner’s don’t. Also, you are required to share your bed too. This thing creates a bit challenging situation that needs to be handled carefully. Evaluate all your requirements and your partner’s as well.

  • Memory foam or Latex

The type of foam has always remained the difficult deciding factor for mattresses. Memory foam and latex foam can be two preferred choices for a pregnant woman. Memory foam provides great conforming and contouring to your body. This comfort is very important in dealing with a sleeping disorder of expectant mother.

However, memory foam may lack support or firmness that is also a must-have feature. On the other hand, Latex foam offers good support and firmness while lacking in body contouring attribute.

  • Cool Surface

As the body temperature of a pregnant woman is already elevated, the demand for cool sleeping surface increases significantly. Before purchasing a mattress, must have a look at its cooling features. Fortunately, there are many technologies are available that can make your mattress stay super cool and breathable. Look for a gel-infused feature.

  • Motion Isolation

Waking up at the night and leaving for the bathroom becomes more frequent during pregnancy. It even continues afterward when the baby arrives. This fact asks for a high profile motion isolation feature in your mattress. So, when you toss and turn restlessly, your partner won’t get disturbed. Choose a mattress that offers zero or minimum motion isolation feature.

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How firm a mattress should be for a pregnant sleeper?

The firmness of a mattress plays a significant role in decreasing or increasing the pain in any body part. As the pregnancy is all about aches, choosing the right firmness level becomes even more important during this period. If any expectant lady faces the pain issue in the pelvic region, then a medium to firm mattress can greatly help in reducing the pain. As the pelvic part puts more weight on the mattress, it asks for more firmness. A highly firm mattress can do well if the sleeper is heavyweight.

Consequences of having poor sleep during pregnancy

According to research, women now are more sleep-deprived. This case is even noticed by pregnant ladies. It is mostly because of our tough daily routines and screens in our hands.

Getting a night of proper sleep is very much important for a pregnant woman. Different researches have been conducted on this fact. According to results, lack of sleep can put significant effects on the health of baby and mother.

Not only this, your sleeping quality is going to affect your labor and delivery mechanism too. According to research studies, ladies having poor sleeping pattern are at higher risk of having C-section and prolonged labor. They may also develop gestational diabetes, depression, obesity, and heart problems.

Tips to get proper sleep during pregnancy

Getting a right mattress type and bedding stuff is a must-have a thing for improving sleep pattern. Besides doing this, another few tips can greatly improve your resting hours.

These tips include:

  • Do yoga or some light exercises.
  • Make a strict sleeping schedule and follow it.
  • Drink less fluid before going to bed to decrease bathroom trips.
  • Take some high pillows and avoid consuming spicy food to prevent heartburn.
  • Take short naps at daytime.
  • Don’t take meals before
  • Stop using gadgets an hour or two before sleeping.
  • Take small meals instead of big ones.
  • Take the help of pillows to reduce aches. Putting a pillow between your legs can be greatly helpful during the last

Different Sleeping Problems Associated With Pregnancy and Possible Solution

The problem causing sleeping disorder Possible Solutions
Heartburn Get a bed with adjustable lumbar support.
Use multiple pillows
Light sleeper Get a mattress with motion isolation and noise reduction features
Getting heat shots Get a mattress with cooling effects.
Add a gel-infused cooling mattress topper
A backache Go for a firmer mattress
Get specified pillows
Put a pillow behind your back
The excessive burden on the lower back during the 3rd trimester Put a pillow between your legs
Disturbed by Nightmares Go for some counseling
Frequent bathroom visits Reduce fluid intake before sleeping
Nausea Keep some saltish snacks with your bedside and eat to prevent nausea.

Our Picks: Top 5 Best Mattress For Pregnancy Reviews

Mattress Thickness Foam type Firmness Comfort Motion isolation Cooling Affect Best for
Tempur-Cloud Supreme 11.5” Memory foam +base foam Medium Medium to good Good Good Lower back pain
SAATVA 14.5” Innerspring, memory+ base foam Medium to Good Medium Good Medium Budget
DUX 8008 20” Spring foam with top padding Good Good Excellent Medium Luxury
AS2 12” Celliant cover with memory foam Good Medium to good Good Excellent Sleeping Cool
Avocado Green 11” Latex +inner spring Good Medium Good Medium Support

Top 5 Best Mattress For Pregnancy Reviews & Comparison

1. TEMPUR-Pedic- Best for lower back pain

TEMPUR Pedic super soft polyurethane foam mattress Features

  • Easy to refresh top cover
  • Dual zippers on cover
  • Polyurethane foam
  • Moisture-wicking fibers
  • Comfort layer containing super soft TEMPER-ES foam

This mattress is truly going to reduce your problem of having aches at shoulders and lower back. It can offer a soft feeling with proper support and cooling effects. This is almost all you need to have comfortable sleep.

TEMPER-Cloud Supreme mattress focuses on providing a softer mattress. They ensure this by adding multiple memory foam layers. In this way, users especially side sleepers feel comfortable while the mattress contours their heavier body parts. It cradles the sleeper and relieves pressure equally from all curvy parts equally. These features are what particularly required for a pregnant woman.

This Cloud Supreme mattress also comes equipped with SmartClimate System. Its cooling system is fitted in two layers. The top cover contains fibers that pull moisture away. The second layer has a special SmartClimate feature that gives cool and comforts touch to your body.

The top cover is very easy to remove and place. Its double zips allow for effortless access. These attributes become highly important when the user is going through a challenging time i.e. pregnancy.

Why we Like it :

  • Helps in reducing different aches due to dispersing pressure points.
  • Relieves pressure with its memory foam top layers.
  • Offers more softness as compared to other mattresses available in the market.
  • Suitable for side sleeper because of its softer nature.

Why we hate It :

  • Heavy stomach sleepers might not get enough support from its top layers.
  • You might feel stuck while moving from the bed.

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With the TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme Mattress, you can get the perfect combination of comfort and adequate support. These attributes can make sleeping particularly easier for expecting ladies. Its smart cooling technique gives off fresh effects while keeping the mattress moisture-free. Its top cover is durable and easy to refresh. Being included in Cloud collection, it offers a cloud-like sleeping experience.

Learn more about Tempur Pedic mattress and its overall pros and cons.

2. SAATVA Mattress – Best for Budget

Top 5 Best Mattresses For A Pregnant Woman Features

  • The quilted top cover made up of Organic Cotton
  • Eco-friendly constituents
  • Foam encased upper coils
  • Memory foam comfort layer
  • Lower base prepared by steel coils
  • Coil-on-coil construction
  • High-density polyfoam base
  • Pillow Top manufactured in Euro-Style

Saatva mattress is going to offer you great support while contouring your body as well. It offers almost all benefits of a good mattress, especially to the heavy sleeper. You can enjoy sleeping in any position.

After top cover and foam layer, there is a coil layer that adds comfort to the mattress. The coils on this layer are individually wrapped. This feature helps in providing basic support. It also creates some bouncing effect that in return prevents the sleeper from sinking inside the mattress.

Moreover, it also assists in isolating your motion. The top softcover, foam layer, and this luxury coil layer all provide comfort and support to a light sleeper.

At the considerably lower side of the mattress, Saatva contains steel coil layer. These large coils also contain enough space between them. Moreover, beneath this coil layer, there is base foam. These two layerings provide a superb support system to the mattress. They enhance their sustainability and durability. Additionally, the space between coils offers adequate airflow that provides a cooling effect to the sleeper.

Why we Like it :

  • This material is manufactured by using organic and eco-friendly materials.
  • Its adequate sustainability makes it suitable for obese people as well.
  • It prevents the sleeper from having breathing problem by bouncing weight in an outward direction.
  • It contours each curve of your body with its individually wrapped coils.

Why we hate it :

  • It is very difficult to move mattress anywhere because of its heavyweight, a big difficulty for an expectant
  • Some people might feel difficulty in getting on the bed due to the mattress’ high profile.

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This USA made mattress comes after combining the top features of any luxury mattress. You can purchase this mattress if proper support, comfort, edge support, breathability, and adequate pressure relief are your requirements. By combining the latest technique, Saatva satisfies us by providing all these features in the single product.

3. DUX 8008 Mattress – Best for Luxury

Top 5 Best Mattresses For A Pregnant Woman Features

  • Replaceable top pad
  • Healthy and chemical-free material.
  • Built-in frame mattress
  • 4,180 connected springs
  • Customization feature for adjusting support (Pascal Cassette System)
  • Adjustable lumbar support for two-bed sides

DUX 8008 Mattress offers luxury sleep for those having a pregnancy. Its high customization features along with sturdy construction going to serve you for ages according to your specific requirements.

Unlike many other mattresses available in the market, DUX 8008 comes with a dynamic spring system. These springs aren’t placed in the parallel fashion. Rather, they are interconnected and dynamic. Moreover, it contains more than 4000 springs fitted inside. This construction helps in contouring all your body parts while you move while sleeping. It also relieves pressure accurately and to its maximum level.

Furthermore, with its Pascal Cassette System you adjust spring tensions at three different parts of your body. You can also replace its top pad if you want, as it is not fastened as well.

Why we Like it :

  • As its top pad is not attached, you can change it with the time.
  • With its enormous spring system, you can get amazing pressure relieving effect.
  • With its high customization features, it can serve you under any circumstances.

Why we hate it :

  • Its high profiling will make it very hard to move this mattress.

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It is one the best mattress option for a pregnant woman due to its high customization settings. You can adjust its firmness and support according to your temporary or permanent requirements. Its numerous interconnected springs offer a pressure-relieving affect every part of your body. You can change its lumbar settings from its two sides.

4. AS2 Mattress – Best for Sleeping Cool

AS2 memory foam open cell structure mattress Features

  • Eco-friendly material
  • Compatible with any frame
  • Memory foam with an open-cell structure
  • The top cover made up of Celliant fabric
  • Surface Modification Technology (SMT) for modifying pressure relief according to body part requirement.

It is one of the best mattresses for providing adequate comfort and good support. Moreover, if you are looking for some matter that doesn’t retain heat inside, then AS2 is meant for you.

The top-most cover of this mattress is made up of Celliant fabric. It is an advanced high-quality fabric that is manufactured using 13 thermoactive minerals. It helps in converting body heat into the infrared. In this way, the body temperature of a pregnant women stays in a cooler side throughout their sleeping time.

It also contains Surface Modification Technology (SMT) in its transition foam layer. It provides pressure to relieve effects specific to the body part. Moreover, its base layer is made up of eco-friendly material instead of petroleum. With these features, a sleeper can feel super comfy and light.

Why we Like it :

  • Its Celliant cover keeps sleeper cool.
  • Its specialized technology provides different pressure-relieving effects to different body parts.
  • It provides durability with its Bio-Core foam.
  • With its memory foam, it gives amazing contouring.
  • It won’t let you sink inside due to its transition layer.

Why we hate it :

  • You cannot wash its cover in the machine.
  • The mattress might produce smell at the start.

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AS2 Mattress contains Bio-Pur Memory Foam, SMT, and Sag-free support system. With all these distinguishing attributes, it gives pregnant ladies a comfortable sleeping experience.

5. Avocado Green Mattress – Best for Support

Top 5 Best Mattresses For A Pregnant Woman


  • Hand-tufted buttons
  • 11 inches thickness
  • Natural latex, wool, and organic cotton
  • Sturdy side handles
  • More than a thousand individually wrapped coils
  • Natural hydrated Silica as a fire barrier

It provides a very nice combination of firmness and comfort. With the Avocado Green, you will get proper support and contouring as well. With all its other attributes, it is all-pure and natural. This thing particularly makes it a top choice for expectant and new mothers.

The most eminent attributes of Avocado is its construction material and procedure. They are developed to have a chemical-free and completely safe and organic mattress. It contains natural latex, New Zealand wool, organic cotton, naturally hydrated silica, and hand-tufted buttons. Knowing the fact of sleeping on all pure and natural mattress can bestow your soul with immense satisfaction. Moreover, it puts a very positive impact on overall health too.

It contains about 756-1414 individually tuned coils. They are also organized in three separate zones. In this way, it provides spinal alignment along with other joints support. Steel coils also reduce the motion effect by floating independently. These attributes can play a significant role in providing sound sleeping experience during your critical time.

Why we Like it :

  • It provides very good support to your spinal part
  • It is constructed using certified and pure elements
  • It gives good edge support
  • You can adjust its plush feel

Why we Like it :

  • It might not give high performance with a heavy

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Importance of natural and healthy things increased enormously especially when you are expecting. In this condition, getting all-natural and safe mattresses can be a blessing indeed. Avocado Green Mattress is one such option. Moreover, its fabric-incased innerspring offers proper spinal alignment and support all over your body.

Learn more about Avocado mattress if you want to see the details before purchasing.

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Wrap Up

Pregnancy is a very amazing yet challenging period for any woman. It brings with it its blessings and setbacks. Fighting with all these issues, the sleeping pattern of a pregnant woman affects greatly.

However, as we have discussed above, it is very important to have proper sleeping time for expectant mothers. Choosing the right mattress type can greatly help in this regard.

In this write-up, we have provided reviews of top 5 mattresses for a pregnant woman. They contain all the necessary features that you need to look for. After going through all, hope you have gotten an idea about your requisite mattress.

Don’t delay, grab your favorite mattress at your earliest and enjoy your time!

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