The Best Mattress for Heavy People – Guide For Overweight People

For a good healthy body, it is imperative to get a good night’s sleep. However, without the right mattress, it may not be easy to sleep well especially for heavy people that have different requirements. The question now lies; ‘how can you select the best mattress for heavy people?

To answer the above question we have collected some useful information and shared with you in the following sections.

Let’s start with a quick comparison!

Compare Best Mattress for Heavy People

ProductMax WeightFoam TypeTemperature ControlThicknessFeelSleeping
Purple300 lbsHyper-Elastic Polymer™Yes9.5 inchesMediumBack and Side
Leesa450 lbsCooling Avena® FoamYes10 inchesMediumAll Sleepers
Zinus Memory Foam 500 lbsGreen Tea Memory FoamNo12 inchesPlushBack and Side
Arctic Dreams Gel 400 lbsVisco-Elastic FoamYes12 inchesMediumBack, Side and Stomach
Avocado greenN/ANatural LatexNo11 inchesGentle FirmBack, and Stomach
LUCID Hybrid 550 lbsHybridNo10 inchesMedium-PlushSide Sleeper
Casper Sleep 350 lbsMemory FoamYes10 inchesMediumBack Sleeper

Our Top Picks – Best Mattress for Heavy People

1. Purple

Purple mattress

Purple makes its way on top of our list with its perfected science of comfortable sleep. Purple have up to 2 decades of research and experience in the business which they use to satisfy their client.

  • Temperature Control

Purple brings patented polymer material and free airflow mechanism to mattresses which allow heavy sleepers to enjoy sweat-free sleep.

  • Heavy Duty

One of the reasons why it the best mattress for heavy people is because it is resistant to being indented with the shape of the sleeper. The patented technology of purple mattress gives your spine the hard support like any other mattress while giving a pressure-relieving effect like a soft mattress

  • Motion Isolation

The motion isolation technology makes sure that there is equal pressure exerted on your body. The antimicrobial feature makes the foam hypoallergenic and makes it suitable for even sensitive people.

  • Certification

There is no maximum weight exertion on this and you will find this foam to be approved by FDA and Certi-Pur.
Purple mattress

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  • The hypoallergenic feature allows users of all kinds of skin or respiratory problems to enjoy this.
  • The foam does not indent or leave the mark of the user that has been sleeping which increases the life.
  • Free Airflow channels allow the temperature to stay neutral when it becomes too stuffy.
  • CertiPur certification makes it safe for the environment and for the users.
  • Not suitable for people under 150 pounds.
  • It does not have a motion transfer resistant.

Why is this a good product for heavy people?

We find the purple a great option for heavy people because it’s resistant to being indented with the weight. It also allows the spine to remain straight and gives you much comfort while sleeping.

Learn more about Purple and its overall pros and cons here.

2. Leesa

Leesa constuction

Leesa offers great features for the heavyweight people. They have a great customer satisfaction history which makes them a greater purchase. The company also promises to donate one foam on every ten pieces sold which makes them a worthy purchase.

  • Cooling feature

Leesa mattresses are designed for heavy sleepers to sleep cool. The foam is made with Cooling Avena® Foam that allows it to remain cool despite the weather and the body heat being taken in. Apart from the cooling feature, it gives you plenty of bounce to feel freedom.

  • Construction

There are three layers of foam:

  • 1st layer: 2-inch Cooling Avena® Foam
  • 2nd layer: 2-inch Memory foam
  • 3rd layer: 6-inch Base foam

These layers help in cooling, contouring the foam according to the body shape, and in distributing the pressure of the body equally to make the sleeper comfortable and in the natural position when sleeping at night.

  • Delivery Time

The delivery is made with compressed shipping. With over a hundred nights of testing, you can do with this mattress to see if it fits you perfectly. Nevertheless, they are available in almost all standard sizes for people that are heavy on regular mattresses.

  • Ventilation

A mixture of foam and memory foam make the quality exceptional and very competitive. The perforated foam top allows better ventilation and reduces chances of smells accumulating.

Best Leesa Queen Foam Mattress for heavy people

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  • Three different layers do their part in contouring, cooling, and providing comfort in one foam
  • The topmost foam layer is perforated to allow ventilation and breathability of the foam
  • There are over hundred nights of trial given by the company so you can be satisfied with your purchase entirely
  • Memory foam allows contouring as per natural body shape to easily form on the mattress for better body posture and sleep
  • The foam is not hypoallergenic for sensitive people that might have a problem
  • Not certified with CertiPur

Why is this a good product for heavy people?

With 3 different layers, each one of them performing a separate task, this foam becomes a great base to help you sleep comfortably every night.

Learn more about Leesa if you want to see the details before purchasing.

3. Zinus Memory Foam

Zinus Memory Foam layers

Zinus has been using the natural Green Tea extract to bring about the best memory foam mattresses without the smell. Pressure-relieving features make it one of the best mattresses for heavy people.

  • Contouring construction

The first layer of this is memory foam allows the natural body shape of the sleeper to be contoured in the mattress and provide maximum support while sleeping. The second layer is infused with natural ingredients and will provide you a soft marshmallow sleep comfort. 3rd and 4th layers are airflow high-density foams which ensure that the foam remains breathable and highly comfortable.

  • Technology

A unique technology used is the green tea infused layer to keep it fresh with anti-oxidants. This feature allows the foam to remain fresh and infuses good vibes out of it; it additionally takes part in killing some bacteria as well.

  • Cover

The cover is a soft knitted fabric which helps in keeping it comfortable along with looking brand new for a long time.

  • Certification

The foam has a CertiPur certification which ensures the , and material used in the manufacturing.

Best Zinus Memory Foam Mattress for heavy people

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  • The air flow high-density layer keeps the foam ventilated and breathable to prevent some bacteria to make it their home
  • Green tea infused cover layer keeps it fresh and keeps the foam smelling good and with antioxidants
  • The soft knitted cover fabric allows the users to enjoy a soft feel of the foam while it supports them through the inner layers
  • The foam used is memory foam which provides the natural body shape support
  • The foam does not have cooling down properties
  • Not suitable for people with allergies as it is not hypoallergenic

Why is this a good product for heavy people?

Zinus seems to be upfront and confident about their unique green tea technology which seems to work very well and provides a new angle for mattresses for heavy people. The memory foam and other support layers back up this mattress.

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4. Arctic Dreams

Arctic dreams are a great option for people that get hot while sleeping as they have their gel technology to help cool down the foam. You can find these in all standard sizes with unbeatable features to make it the best mattress for heavy people.

Arctic Dreams Cooling Gel Mattress

  • Cooling and ventilation

You will find different heights available for different levels of comfort of these mattresses. The gel-infused foam allows the temperature to cool down when it gets hot and stuffy at night. Additional breathability of the foam allows the foam to remain well ventilated.

  • Construction

This foam has three different layers which consist of a super soft quilting layer to provide maximum comfort. The next layer is the fast response Energex gel foam which is their special feature that provides comfort along with bouncing back pressure relief.

  • Visco-elastic foam

The visco-elastic foam is a new type of foam which is especially suited for heavy people and for the mattress to stay comfortable with them and stay durable.

  • Certification and delivery

The foam is CertiPur and OEKO-TEX Certified which allows the customers to be satisfied with their purchase of the durability, content, and performance of this bedding system. The foam is shipped with compression for easy shipping and it inflates in about 24 hours, unlike many other mattresses.

Best Arctic Dreams Mattres for heavy people

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  • Energex gel foam allows the rebound of the foam which helps in relieving pressure points.
  • The gel-infused foam makes the mattress much cooler for stuffy nights and warm places.
  • The material used is Visco-Elastic which is better than memory foam for heavy people.
  • Certi-Pur certified which means it is better for performance, content, and durability.
  • Not made hypoallergenic for sensitive people

Why is this a good product for heavy people?

The Arctic foam is made for warm places and for beds that get stuffy at night; this makes the mattress a great purchase for heavy people who sweats during the night. The visco-elastic material makes the foam even bouncy.

5. Avocado green

The Avocado makes green mattresses that are safe for the environment along with being a very comfortable mattress. These mattresses are best for heavy couples to help retain the mattresses in their original form.

layers of Avocado Green Mattress - Avocado Green Mattress with Pillow-Top [13 inch]

  • Environment-friendly Material

The Avocado Green mattress is friendly to the environment and is ideal for heavy couples that share a bed. The mattresses are made from 100% latex rubber which allows the pressure to be distributed among the sleepers. Natural wool gives the foam a soft and comfortable feel for all body types.

  • Pressure-relieving

There are up to 1414 coils that are pocketed and are ergonomically made to support heavy bodies without any discomfort. Also, the pressure point support divided into 3 strategic zones allows the pressure points of the body to be in a reasonable position when sleeping.

  • Firmness

There are several different firmness levels that you can choose according to your body type. There is a separate comfort layer that is made to ensure that the users get optimum comfort no matter whether they are heavy or light.

Best Avocado Green Mattres for heavy people

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  • Three different layers of natural latex allow you to be more comfortable and have a better night sleep
  • The foam is entirely safe for the plant and comfortable to you use; all material is natural which is additionally hypoallergenic
  • Pressure point support system allows the pressure points in the body to be focused on and provide a natural body position
  • The natural wool gives the foam a comfortable and soft touch
  • The company offers 100 nights of trial in which you can easily decide if you want this mattress or not.
  • It is not ideal for thin people as the firmness is about 6 and it may get hard for thin people

Why is this a good product for heavy people?

The avocado green mattresses are perfect for you because they are not only best mattresses for heavy people but they are also great for the environment. Features like the pressure point system are useful in providing comfort for hot and heavy sleepers.

You can learn more about materials and comfort levels of Avocado Green Mattress in our in-depth overview here.

6. LUCID Hybrid

Lucid Hybrid Mattress Layers

Lucid hybrid encompasses many different technologies and features that make the mattress a great option for the heavy sleeper. You can find them in almost every standard size and with different thicknesses.

  • Construction

Lucid hybrid mattresses are made with memory foam and coils which helps in creating the shape of the body as naturally as possible; this allows the sleeper to have their custom shape of the foam which is perfect for heavy people.

  • Hypoallergenic Material

The mattress has bamboo charcoal infusions which are responsible to make the foam smell fresh all the time and reduce the bacteria that creates bad odors.

The moisture is also pulled away which causes the bed to become hypoallergenic. Aloe Vera infusions are also a part of this mattress which allows the users to have a calming and soothing sleeping experience because of the perks of Aloe Vera.

  • Motion Isolation

Along with memory foam, there is transition foam too and coils which are placed in various places to create a gentle pressure on the body. Furthermore, the coils help in isolating movements which means that your partner will not feel the movement that you are making.

LUCID Hybrid Mattres for heavy people

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  • There are bamboo charcoal infusions which pull the moisture away, keep the mattress free of bacteria which causes odor and makes it hypoallergenic.
  • The Aloe Vera infusions give a fresh touch along with providing comfort.
  • Transition foam with coals allows better attention to the pressure points.
  • Memory foam shapes the mattress as per the weight and body type of the person to provide support.
  • Not CertiPur approved which might be a hesitation.
  • No cool and temperature control.

Why is this a good product for heavy people?

The infusions of Bamboo charcoal and Aloe Vera are the first attraction which proves to be very effective in comfortable and healthy sleeping. Nevertheless, memory foam along with transition foam mixes to create more support and more comfort for the heavy sleeper.

7. Casper Sleep

Casper Mattress layers

Casper sleep has used careful engineering especially for a comfortable sleep for heavy people. You can find them in almost all sizes and different softness ranges according to your comfort.

  • Construction

Casper sleep is made with many engineering skills that make it one of the best mattresses for heavy people. There are several layers and each layer serve a different purpose. The top layer is the open cell layer which uses the physics of convection and conduction to remove the heat. The memory foam supports this by extracting heat from the foam entirely which controls the temperature.

  • Density

The memory foam layer is also a high-density layer which allows the mattress to acquire the shape of the body which eventually supports your pressure points and relieves pain and aches.

  • Assembling

The foam comes in a compressed box which inflates in up to 3 days to a week too. Moreover, the hundred night trials keep you satisfied for hundred nights so that you can be sure of the purchase.

Casper Sleep

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  • The mattress is made with special technology under to help in sleeping comfortably for heavy sleepers and general users too
  • Conduction and convection remove the heat away from the sleeper’s body to cool them
  • The memory foam removes heat away from the mattress entirely
  • You can enjoy the trial period for up to 100 days.
  • Not approved by CertiPur which is a hesitation
  • Not hypoallergenic and may not be safe for sensitive people

Why is this a good product for heavy people?

The best thing that you can find in this model is the multiple uses of memory foam which helps in assuring a comfortable sleep. Professionals have made this mattress for a comfortable sleep.

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FAQs on the mattress for overweight

Which foam type is best if you’re overweight?

There are types of foam on the market that are better suited to support the heavier weight. The support they provide is beneficial and is not in any way being discriminatory towards obese people. The types of foam that are good for heavy people are mentioned below with their salient features:

  • Memory Foam

Gel-Filled memory foam is a very viable option. Memory foams are special because they morph themselves to the body's shape and then recovers quickly to its original shape. This makes changing positions comfortable. Moreover, the gel inside keeps the foam cool. Heavy people have a higher body temperature so this cool gel foam helps them stay away from sweats during the night.

Want to learn more about Memory Foam Mattress? Check out our full review here.

  • Latex

It a bouncy, cool, natural foam with extreme durability. Your latex mattress will not collapse after just a few months. Its bouncy nature allows heavy people for comfortable changing of positions throughout the night. The tiny holes in the latex allow the air to pass and help in keeping the temperature cool.

Also, You can read more about Types of Latex Foam Review.

  • Hybrid

This is a fairly recent type of mattress released in the market. They are made of two materials and both the materials have their properties working together to your advantage. The top layer can be the more comfortable memory foam but with a latex covering to make it more durable. Whereas the support layer is made of innerspring coils.

Why is considering the thickness critical for overweight sleepers?

A heavyweight on the mattress will make it sink. This is where the thickness of the mattress plays a role. The ideal thickness for heavy people is usually 10 inches. This thickness could be divided into two foam types.

The foam should handle pressure so the bottom layer must have strong support so that the foam does not sink and touch the frame. The topmost layer should be the comfort layer; having a foam that cradles and supports your body.

Why are there separate mattresses for heavy people?

There is no such discrimination; it is only in the best interest of the heavy people. Mattresses are responsible for more than just a soft base for sleeping, they need to take care of all the pressure points. Overweight sleepers need strong support for the muscles so that nerves of the body doesn’t come under strain. Having a mattress that caters to your body mass will only help you sleep peacefully.

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What are motion transfer-resistant mattresses and why they are useful for a heavyweight sleeper?

Motion transfer-resistant mattresses are designed to help heavyweight couples sleep together peacefully. Each person has a different bodyweight and a different way of sleeping.

These particular kinds of mattresses are motion resistant, meaning, that you will not be disturbed even if your partner tosses and turns while you are sleeping.

What is your sleeping position?

Besides the weight factor, you need to consider your sleeping position as well. A soft firmness might not be suitable for overweight but if you’re a side sleeper then it can become your choice.

Find out more about sleeping position in our complete review here.

Are you going to sleep with your partner?

You need to take this point seriously because a couple naturally weighs more than a single person. Carefully choose the maximum weight limit a mattress can bear while providing comfortable support.

What to look for in a mattress for overweight sleepers?

Choosing the best mattress for heavy people is slightly tricky. We have compiled the following points that will help you get the right one.

  • Pick the Right Thickness

As mentioned before, the thickness is very important or your mattress will be useless as soon as it sinks. For a person who weighs 200 pounds, a 10-inch thick mattress is perfect. But for someone who weighs more than 200 pounds, there is a 12-inch thickness alternative available. The required amount of thickness will keep touching the higher levels as you increase the body-weight on it.

  • Pick the Right Firmness

Foams are generally available in three different levels of firmness; soft, medium and firm. Overweight people tend to exert greater pressure on the foam so a medium or a firm mattress is ideal to support the weight exerted.

If a mattress is too soft, it will sink and this causes posture problems, backaches, joint aches, etc. To prevent uncomfortable, sleepless nights and health problems please be careful and select a mattress that suits your body.

  • Choose If You Want To Sleep Hot or Not

One of the most prevailing problems in mattresses is that they tend to get hot and stuffy at nights and cause the worst of the sleeping situations. If you choose not to be hot while sleeping then it is ideal to go for a foam that has various technologies to help cool it down. Breathable mattresses are those that provide aeration and ventilation while you are sleeping. They are made of a material that aids in the dissipation of heat from the top layer of the foam.

Gel foams are such examples and they are reliable. They tend to keep the top layer of the mattress cool by dissipating the heat to the surroundings. If your body tends to generate heat as most obese bodies do, this mattress will solve your problem of feeling stuffy while sleeping at night.

Is it going to be your primary bed?

If yes, then we would advise you to spend some extra bucks and buy a quality mattress. Since you’ll be going to spend hundreds of nights for years to come on this bed.

  • Choose a Trial Period

Mattresses are an expensive investment and one can simply not know if the specifications will suit their requirements unless they try them for a couple of months. This is why most companies offer trial periods ranging from 90 to 100 days. Choose a company that offers a trial period so that you can make a proper choice without wasting money.

  • Price

Apart from all of these factors, the price plays an important role. Select a mattress that gives you the best value for the money.

We have listed down some of the best mattresses for heavy people according to our research. Take a look at the following list to find a perfect match for you:

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After reading this article, you probably have made up your mind about the best mattress for heavy people. Make sure to choose the ones that have the best reviews and provide the best results.

If you are still confused, the go with our top pick i.e. Purple, However, if you’re considering a mattress for couples then choose Avocado.

Before going shopping make sure to do your research thoroughly and ask around for people that have recently shopped. Check the product insightfully and make sure that you have the one that you need. Also, make sure to check the return policy for hidden agendas.