Top 5 Websites To Read Manga Online Free And Paid

Our taste in manga might be different but there is one thing that we all share in common: the desire to look for the best site to read manga online. No matter what your situation is, whether you are looking for one to start your manga journey, to have a better reading experience, or to alternate your current site, you are at the right place.

As the demand for manga online reading is increasing sharply, more and more manga sites are coming on the scene. However, they are not equally created, some can provide you with whatever you need, while some should be avoided at all cost.

As not all manga sites are safe to visit, you might put your device and identity at risk by looking for a site yourself. For your safety, we have scoured the Internet for you and come up with this rundown of top 5 best sites for manga online reading. Check out the list and choose one that suits you the best!



MangaReader tops our list as the best and safest site for free manga online reading. Unlike most free sites, does not sell any ads, pop-ups, or commercials. With this ad-free feature, the site guarantees complete safety for its users.

Reading manga online on will protect you from common Internet risks such as data loss, identity theft, and corrupted networks. As MangaReader does not require any signup or registration, your overall user experience is expected to be hassle-free and risk-free. You can start reading your favorite manga on the site immediately and your private information will never be leaked.


  • Huge collection of manga from all genres and subgenres.
  • Free to use and download manga.
  • Great safety and legality.
  • High-quality images.
  • Anti-overload with a back-up server.
  • Fast and regular updates.
  • No ads, pop-ups, or commercials.
  • Surpass Geo-restrictions.
  • Minimal UI & UX.
  • Sharable content on all your SNS accounts.
  • Syncs content across PCs and mobile devices.
  • No time limits.
  • Dark and light themes.
  • No registration or signup required.
  • 24/7 customer service.

2. Crunchy Roll

Crunchy Roll

Crunchy Roll is the only premium site in the list. Although its content library is nothing as impressive as those of free sites (only over 80 titles), this site is perfect for those who want to support the manga industry financially.

Crunchy Roll offers two subscription plans: a Crunchy Roll Manga membership for $4.95/month and a Crunchy Roll All-Access membership in the Crunchy Roll Store for $11.95/month for those who are also into anime and East Asian dramas.

However, as Crunchy Roll is a legal site, it must follow the copyright laws strictly. If your title of interest is not available in your region due to licensing restrictions, there is no way you can find it on the site. Crunchy Roll is a premium site; therefore, its content and features are undoubtedly superb.


  • Simple and intuitive UI & UX.
  • Fast content updates.
  • Up-to-date information on shows, news, and more.
  • High-quality images.
  • Great safety and legality.
  • Compatible with most devices.
  • Fast browsing.
  • Sharable content on all of your socials.
  • Zero ads and pop-ups.

3. Manga Fox

Manga Fox

Launched in 2008, Manga Fox has always been one of the most popular sites for free manga reading. With years building up its database, Manga Fox hosts a huge collection of manga with over 8000 titles. As long as your title of interest is available on the Internet, it can be found on the site.

Although Manga Fox is not ad-free like MangaReader, it has an ad blocker that helps users avoid ad intrusion when accessing manga websites that feature ads. Thanks to this feature, users can enjoy a faster browsing and reading experience on the site.

This free site is compatible with most devices; therefore, you can continue binge-reading no matter where you go, when you are free, and on what Internet-enabled device is available.


  • Free and easy to read and download manga.
  • Friendly UI & UX.
  • Fast and regular content updates.
  • High-quality images.
  • Great safety with ad blocker.
  • Compatible with most devices.
  • No registration or signup required.
  • Fast loading speed.
  • Smartly-organized database.
  • Great customer service.

4. Mangakakalot


Mangakakalot is one of the world’s largest databases for free manga. Apart from an extensive content library, this site also provides free users with excellent features. Thanks to the high quality it delivers, Mangakakalot is extremely popular, especially in the United States, Philippines, Canada, France, etc.

However, you should put it into consideration that Mangakakalot is ad-supported. The ads on the site might affect your seamless reading experience negatively, and in some worse cases, it might carry viruses, trojans, malware, and other malicious computer programs. If you choose this site, take precautionary measures such as a reliable VPN, anti-virus program, or AdBlock extension.


  • Free of charge.
  • Easy to read and download manga.
  • Optimized UI & UX.
  • Fast updates.
  • High-quality scans.
  • Compatible with most Internet enabled devices.
  • No registration or signup.
  • Fast loading speed.
  • Easy-to-filter database as titles are arranged in alphabetical order or according to the completion status.
  • Excellent customer service.

5. KissManga


Although KissManga was closed due to copyright claims, there are high chances it will be back as it always does. KissManga is one of the most popular sites and with the high-quality content and features, it deserves a place in the top 5. Like Crunchy Roll, KissManga is the best choice for those who enjoy both anime and manga.

Thanks to the connection to KissAnime, users of KissManga can hop from reading to watching in a heartbeat. Another reason KissManga could create such a huge fanbase is thanks to its comment section. This feature helps connect otakus together and make it easy for manga fans to discuss with each other.


  • An extensive content library with various genres and subgenres.
  • Report/Request button.
  • Free of charge.
  • Simple and intuitive UI & UX.
  • Light and dark modes.
  • Fast content updates.
  • High-quality images.
  • Great device compatibility.
  • No registration or signup needed.
  • Fast browsing.
  • 24/7 customer service.


We have listed 5 best sites to read manga online. Each site has its pros and cons so you should give them all a check and be your own judge. Crunchy Roll might be expensive but it is completely legal. KissManga is gone but it is believed to be able to bounce back.

Mangakakalot might be less safe than the others but as long as you take precautionary measures, you should have no problem using the site. Manga Fox and Manga Reader are both safe, as they can keep you away from malicious ads.

No matter what your choice is, put the other four in a back-up list, as you might need them later. On the Internet, nothing is certain, especially the lifespan of a free manga site.

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