4 Best Jewelry Pieces to Gift on Special Occasions

If you’re not an expert in buying presents, here’s one small tip to live by—you can never go wrong with jewelry. Whether it be a pair of stylish stud earrings or a vintage pendant, your special someone will cherish the piece as it will remind them of you every time they put it on.

Even though we usually associate wearing jewelry with women, we often forget that men are no strangers to treating themselves with a fashionable item such as a wristwatch or something similar. That means you can also surprise your husband or father with some luxurious jewelry.

So, when the next big anniversary or birthday celebration knocks on your door, make sure you have a clear idea of your loved ones' taste. Think about their style and what they like to wear before you head down to the shop.

Classic jewelry is always a good choice since it’s easy to combine with different clothing styles. Here are some suggestions:

1. A vintage brooch

A vintage brooch

Often overlooked by customers, this decorative accessory is anything but ordinary. We seem to forget that, apart from necklaces and bracelets, there are other jewelry pieces to choose from—a custom-made pin being one of them. You’ll find it tough to decide on one brooch because these come in different sizes and materials, ranging from white gold to sapphire.

If your girlfriend is a music connoisseur, why not get her a guitar-shaped pin? There is a variety of shapes, and if you want to make the gift truly personal, pick something that matches your dear one’s interests and preferences. The options are limitless, but the effort will pay off because your special someone will treasure this unique jewelry piece.

2. Charms


These small trinkets are the best choice if you want to make your gift meaningful and personal. Charms have a lot of history behind them as they were in use since the Neolithic era to protect the weak and drive away evil forces.

Nowadays, they represent a trendy item that adds some extra glamour to your casual outfit. One of the most popular types of charms is gemstones, especially birthstones that have a symbolic meaning for the wearer. Depending on the month when your loved one was born, you’ll know whether to decide on opal, ruby, pearl, etc.

A wide range of charm shapes is available such as flowers, hearts, animals, and many more.  There are even many unisex options for couples, so you can even engrave the birthstone and exchange it on a special occasion such as an anniversary or Valentine’s Day.

3. A diamond ring

A diamond ring

Whoever said that diamonds were forever wasn’t wrong, as this crystal has become a synonym for resilience and strength. Their rare quality and lifelong durability are what sets them apart from other jewelry pieces.

Naturally, these are not as affordable, and a diamond will often cost you your life savings or at least a part of it. But an affordable alternative is a Moissanite ring which has many of the same properties as a diamond but at a fraction of the price.

That’s why diamond rings are used for engagements – to make the commitment official and eternal as the diamond itself. Note that choosing a diamond engagement ring is no easy task since you have to select the carat weight, clarity grade, and design. If all of this is overwhelming for you, it’s recommendable to consult with certified jewelry experts who’ll provide you with all the necessary details.

Diamond is just one of the many crystals. For crystals enthusiasts, you can get a Crystal Subscription Box to get more of their amazing benefits.

4. An elegant watch

An elegant watch

Giving someone a watch means giving them the gift of time in this fast-paced world. A wristwatch is a daily reminder to be more present and enjoy life while you can. Also, each watch has a different personality, so be sure to choose the timepiece that fits your loved one. No matter which type you pick – quartz, dress, or casual watch, this sophisticated piece will make the wearer look more polished and formal.

If you’re ever in doubt about how to surprise your husband, brother, or father, a stylish leather strap with a thoughtful note engraved on the back of the watch is a great way to express your gratitude and devotion.

Key takeaways

Hopefully, this article has shown you that jewelry is a perfect gift for each occasion that will take your special someone’s breath away. As mentioned, there are various pieces to choose from, coming in different sizes and shapes, but if you know your loved one’s preferences, selecting a jewelry piece will be easy.

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