10 Best Instagram Story Viewers

Everyone knows Instagram, but do we know about Instagram stories? Or let alone a lot about Instagram story viewers? Instagram only began a decade but has been in the public consciousness in a massive way.

If you want to browse an Instagram account anonymously then Instagram story viewers are perfect. All in all, an Instagram Story Viewer is clearly required by various people.

As for our recommendations, if you seek an anonymous Instagram then read further. For social media marketing, along with basic profile monitoring features, Ingramer will suffice.

What is an Instagram Story Viewer?

Instagram Story Viewer overview

In basic, the Instagram story viewer is a new and unique way to showcase content to a group of people. Basically, a story viewer is a list including people who have seen a story.

Instagram stories feature content that includes the total number of people who've seen your Story. Also, it includes what would be the public user names of each viewer. Lastly, the complete amount of views on the Instagram list features replays.

1. Qoob Stories

Instagram Qoob Stories

When it comes to a powerful and effective story then Qoob stories delivers. This is one of the more popular story makers. As well, it would best be described as a bulk Instagram content downloader.

In actuality, it would be described as a viewer and mass downloader for Instagram. However, you can use Qoob to download anything shared on Instagram overall.

Qoob is able to make and create a post from downloads of almost anything. Moreover, Qoob features pictures, stories, and videos overall. You can easily use Qoob with public or private accounts as well.

With only a username you can quickly access Qoob and watch your stories in action. There is a very easy way to as well upload and download videos and pictures for high quality for embedded or posts with metadata.

Overall, Qoob gets a very positive rating for personalization and user friendly options for downloading.

2. Instalkr

Instagram Instalkr

Instalkr offers a lot of options. You are able to accomplish online service functionality like no other Instagram story viewer provider. You can quickly access the service without having an Instalkr account. So, if you have a public Instagram account then you can start using it as soon as possible.

Quick and instant access to a public Instagram account is the main draw for Instalkr. without having an account yourself. With the help of Instalkr, you can anonymously browse an Instagram account, and view their stories, subscriptions, likes, and comments without getting noticed.

In conclusion, the Instalkr tool has the capacity to show your stories or posts were deleted by an account. Lastly, you can download videos and photos from most any Instagram account you want to check out.

3. Ingramer

Ingramer tool

This is a tool that separates itself from the pack. All in all. Ingramer is great as a promotional and powerful way to market on social media. You have more of an ability to customize and personalize your products and services overall.

When you do Instagram story viewer the Ingramer tool is the most effective. You are able to  download photos and videos from Instagram quite easily. With the content, you are able to reuse the stories or more for various marketing purposes. Utilizing information tools for clients, influencers, and more Ingramer is quite viable.

Ingramer is mainly utilized to create and form a strong customer base. You can expect interaction and accessibility with messaging potential and posting. Some other welcome features include a photo and video downloader and as well AI generated hashtags.

4. InstaDP

Instagram story viewer InstaDP

This is a very worthwhile tool that offers users more of a streamlined approach. Also, you are able to easily view and download stories. Moreover, if you feel so inclined you can try and link up with friends. Even, try to reach out to relevant celebrities online before any updates.

All in all, InstaDP is easy as well to template a username easily. Furthermore, you are processing which permits everyone to anonymously browse through a profile. Furthermore, you can download content and other media without the permission of an account owner’s knowledge at all.

InstaDP is a user-friendly tool and service that expands beyond stories. You are able to acquire and get photos, videos, and more in their original quality. InstaDP software has a UI that can appeal to anyone looking for more graphic and quality control.Watch stories anonymously

5. IGStories

IGStories Instagram

IGStories is a useful tool that is growing in importance and relevance. This viewer creator is part of the online marketing tool, which is  called Upleaf. IGstories mainly focuses on story viewing, but anonymously overall.

In the past, IGStories was part of a company that featured marketing services, but the tool is now more expansive and wide ranging. When you use IGStories you are able to browse anonymously as well view and download stories. Moreover, you are able to download and save your videos from any account in fairly high quality. Finally, you can share these videos and photos as stories on other social media sites other than Instagram.

IGStories gives you a lot of versatility beyond Instagram. Moreover, you are able to work with Upleaf if you need services to develop or market your presence on Instagram.

6. Instastories


Instastories has a simplistic design, but it gets the job done overall. With this tool, Insastories allows you to access any public Instagram account with just a username.

The best thing about Instastories is the easy access. You are able to start using this without an account or registration. As well, you can just add the Instastories site with a username only.

In general, adding and viewing stories, highlights, photos, and videos is easy without much preparation. As well all of the content on Instastories is high quality and graphically very appealing.

In conclusion, functionality is challenging as well as the user interface. The functionality and ease of use is cumbersome and more complex than it needs to be. Downloading high quality graphics and stories without an account is the main draw.

7. Dumpor


Dumpor is another good option and tool for Instagram. The best thing about Dumpor is that it is easy to start using and always free. Some of the better Instagram story viewers may make it hard to Dumpor seriously because it is less known or trusted.

In terms of options, Dumpor gives users the ability to view stories anonymously with ease. Moreover, you are able to search Instagram for any posts with specific content specifications or hashtags. Furthermore, you can download it for your phone or even computer with Dumpor.

However,  Dumpor’s main function is to give anyone the ability to view Instagram content anonymously mainly. So, if you are trying to view Instagram stories, highlights, posts, publications, and followers you have the right to do it privately. No signup is required as well, so this is an easy and fast option.

8. Stories Down

Stories Down

Every Instagram story viewers has a different strength or niche. In this case, Stories Down is the best option for anyone wanting to spy on friends without ever getting caught. What could the advantage of this be? Well, first and foremost, Stories Down is free and easy to use and this makes it very appealing overall.

The main function of Stories Down is to have many users quickly view and download Instagram stories and as well reels. The advantage or main strength is that Insadp is easy to use. The main negative are the ads running on Stories Down.

Lastly,  you are able to view and open the Instagram DP accounts of other people. However, this is a detail that has not been used or proven. Easy access of anyone you want from celebrities who are Instagramers to friends are all easy through this website.  Lastly, you can use Instadp for free with no required account login.

9. Anon IG Viewer

Anon IG Viewer

Anon IG Viewer goes beyond just being an anonymous tool to view stories. This is a free use tool that utilizes viewing profiles from a web browser. You can view profiles even when you are not logged in.

Downloading posts and stories makes Anon IG Viewer attractive. Moreover, you are able to reuse the stories or more for various marketing purposes. Some limitations occur mostly with deleted stories or deleted posts.

All of the above tools perform this function with finesse. They allow you to anonymously view a story, download content in high quality, share it online, and perform all of it without any account of your own.

10. Storistalker


Storistalker varies from other Instagram viewers because you have Instagram monitoring functionality and customization tools. You can anonymously view stories, profiles, and posts  as well from web browsers.

Storistalker allows you to view posts other users like. As well, you can make changes to various accounts, comments of every kind, and more. Storistalker has more advanced features for using and customizing your and others content on Instagram.

The main disadvantage is that Storistalker does more but is not free and costs. So, be prepared to pay for a range of plans and tools for what you want to do. Storistalker facilitates automatic content downloading then goes for this intuitive tool for Instagram.

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