7 Best Apple Scheduling Apps for Students

Is chaos reigning over your college life? Do you often find yourself grabbing schoolwork from a mess of a black void? Do you forget your deadlines and tasks?

It’s time you get a scheduling app. We’ve compiled a list of very helpful scheduling apps that will take your planning and organization to the next level.

The Importance Of Scheduling

The Importance Of Scheduling

Not all students are inherently organized and neat with their everyday tasks. We bet many students have a hard time keeping themselves organized and many still need to develop their time management skills.

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Let’s say, scheduling is not your forte. What other means, apart from outsourcing can be used? We live in a great age of tech developments and all your needs can be satisfied with a handful of apps. Still, personal discipline is important. Why?

  • Scheduling can ease the burden for some students, since being able to have a visualization of all the tasks you need to do in a day can alleviate the stress of having to remember what to do.
  • Scheduling can help messy students make some sense of their day and tasks.
  • Scheduling helps advocate efficient time management, especially if a student has some very important tasks they need to accomplish.

Let’s get straight to the best apps you can use for your Apple device.


Effective to-do list planner

Cost: Free

For students who want to stay organized but don’t like overly complicated planners that only drive them even more confused than when they started, this is your ideal option. We’ve chosen TeuxDeux as our primary scheduling app because it’s so simple to use.

It’s easy on the eyes and the user interface (UI) of the whole application makes it accessible to any student, even if they’re not tech-savvy. Simplicity surely is key at times, and this app delivers that.

You can use TeuxDeux on a laptop, PC, iPhone, or iPad. TeuxDeux features a calendar and a customizable list for every day of the year. It’s a to-do list in all senses. Once you’ve completed a task, you simply click it and it crosses it off.

Tina Eisenberg and Fictive Kin, two friends in NY, conceptualized TeuxDeux in 2010, intending to create a scheduling app that was as “uncomplicated” as a sheet of paper. TeuxDeux’s planner can also be color customized to your preferences, and you can choose a flying dog or a flying cat to set off once you’ve crossed a task off your list.

So, no discrimination against any pet owners. It’s dog and cat inclusive.

Apple Calendar

Calendar and planner

Cost: Free

While you might have overlooked this, the Apple Calendar is quite sufficient in handling all of your scheduling needs and task management chores. It’s easy to use, it’s already installed on your apple device, and it’s for free.

The Apple Calendar is seamless, and it interacts with other apps such as Apple Maps effortlessly to offer users intelligent alerts that notify them of traffic, travel time, and other details. So, don’t overlook your Apple Calendar. You can pair this with a simple planner like TeuxDeux, and your scheduling quality will be top-notch day in and out.

The Apple Calendar syncs with many other calendar applications, so if you want to transfer all information on your Calendar, and maybe reduce the number of apps for efficiency, just sync the data to Apple Calendar so you don’t lose it.



Highly customizable and dynamic planner/calendar

Cost: Free with a Premium option

Fantastical has a simple look to it, but it also comes with many powerful features that make it a very potent schedule app. Note that all apps on this list can stand alone without any other apps to support them, depending on if you want something simple or something loaded with all the options you’ll need.

Fantastical is similar to the Apple Calendar. It provides you with a calendar, where you can schedule all your tasks and events for the day. You can input as much detail as you want, it will be color-coded for your convenience. Fantastical will also provide you with the weather for each day.

You can attach photos and files to your Fantastical planner, and it also offers many templates (views) to choose from, depending on which one pleases your visuals the most. It even comes with a “Focus” feature that encourages users to focus on the “here and now” tasks.

For students that want a planner that comes with an array of useful features, and want something that can be highly personalized, then Fantastical will suit your right.

Remember The Milk

Highly customizable list-format planner

Cost: Free with a Premium option

Remember The Milk is another list-format task manager, and it’s quite powerful. This app features an inbox feature and gives users the capacity to create numerous lists. The UI is simple. It’s easy to use and navigate.

You can have tags, contacts, and lists for today, tomorrow, and the next day. It’s packed with all the kinds of categorizations you’ll need to get your schedules right and to get highly organized. It’s accessible on a laptop or PC, and a smartphone. Remember The Milk also allows its users to manage their tasks both online and offline.


Task manager with calendar

Cost: Free with a Premium option

Not unlike the other competitors on this list, Todoist is a super dynamic and ultra-neat-looking task manager available to use on your Apple devices. It comes with a calendar, and there’s a free version and a paid version for $3 a month, which is much cheaper than the other options you may find on the market. But if you don’t want to pay, the free version is adequate for any student.

What we like about Todoist is that you can personalize your tasks and you can also create projects in the app (projects are HUGE tasks). You can break a task into subtasks if that helps you gain clarity on what to do. You can also give a task a priority level. Set up reminders, use filters, and so on.

On the free version, Todoist allows you to create 5 projects for bigger tasks. This is helpful if you have any complex long-term tasks that need to be done and need features that go beyond the to-do list format.

Final Thoughts

As a student, you must use some type of scheduling application or tool, be it a notebook or online. Between classes, homework to be submitted tests to be studied for, and thesis to be finished, it’s best you don’t rely solely on your memory.

And for students who are naturally messy and need some help with organization, getting accustomed to any of these scheduling apps will be a solid start to becoming more organized. Do yourself a favor and download one of them, you’ll be less stressed than before.

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