Top 5 Best Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece for 2024

Did you know? Obesity is among the leading causes of snoring.

As per a study conducted by National Sleep Foundation, snoring affects 90 million American adults, out of which 37 million sites it as a regular problem. Even though it does not always mean sleep apnea or potential heart problems, it can still be a nuisance for you and those around you.

At the same time, research has also shown that oral appliances such as anti-snoring mouthpieces can prove to be useful in not only diminishing your snoring problem but also eliminating it. If you too are one of these 90 million and have finally decided to take care of this problem, you have come to the right place.

In this guide, we have outlined everything you need to be mindful of when shopping for an anti-snoring mouthpiece, as well as listed and reviewed our favorite anti-snoring mouthpieces available on the market right now.

Difference between a mouthguard and a snoring mouthpiece

Even though it is common to use these terms interchangeably, the difference is the kind of snoring being treated. If you snore because of your tongue falling back into your mouth, then you need a mouthpiece, and if it is caused by your mouth relaxing into a particular position during sleep, then you need a mouthguard. As such, mouthpieces generally act as mandibular advancement devices or MADs, moving the jaw forward so that the tongue may follow. Meanwhile, mouth guards fall typically under the Tongue Stabilizing Devices or TSDs that use the tongue to ensure an optimal shape of the mouth.

Device type Mandibular Advancement Device Tongue Stabilizing Device
Working principle Push lower jaw forward to depress the tongue to keep air passage through the throat clear Pull the tongue forward to clear air passages and retain mouth shape
Material Silicon or Plastic Silicon or Plastic
Adjustability Can adjust to the user's jaw by using moldable material Do not need to be corrected on an individual level
Breathability Mouth breathing ensured through the cavity in the front Mouth breathing assured through the cavity in the front but only in some cases
Bruxism Support Yes Not necessarily
Durability 12 to 24 months 12 to 24 months
Side effects Initial or prolonged Soreness in gums Dry mouth

Comparison Table – Top 5 Best Anti-Snoring Mouthpieces

Products Bruxism Support Breathability Mobility Economy Overall rating out of 10
P&J Health Excellent Good Average Average 8.3


Good Average Excellent Good 8.5
Dr. Sleep


Excellent Good Average Excellent 8.8
Usleepy Good Average Average Average 7.8
ZQuiet Excellent Excellent Good Poor 8.5

Our Top Picks -Best Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece for 2024

1. P&J Health Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

Bangbreak BPA free Snore Stopper Mouthpiece

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  • Latex-free material
  • Moldable and re-moldable
  • Prevent teeth from grinding
  • FDA approved
  • Includes free anti-bacterial case for carrying and storing

Like most mouthpieces on the market, the P&J Stopper also comes in a moldable material. It means that each user can adjust the mouthpiece based on their particular jaw shape. It primarily offers two stages of mandibular advancement, at 3-5mm and 6-10mm, thereby, allowing every user to lift however much they need on their lower jaw, based on their natural jaw alignment.

Another advantage to users of the P&J Health Snore Stopper will be that they will be relieved of headaches, the post-sleep tension in the jaw that may result from inadvertently grinding teeth while sleeping. Just by holding the jaw in a fix position, it eliminates the chances of teeth grinding together. Moreover, by forming a cap over both upper and lower teeth, it also serves as cautioning even if some involuntary movement does occur during sleep.

The P&J Health Snore Stopper Mouthpiece is a quick and effective treatment for tongue snorers. It comes in high-quality material that is durable and moldable. In addition to that, it keeps the teeth from grinding, offering stress relief.

Why we like it :

  • Effective in treating snoring
  • FDA approved material is safe for use inside the oral cavity
  • The moldable material fits around your unique jaw shape
  • Offers relief from grinding teeth
  • Easy to carry and store in anti-bacterial case

Why we hate it :

  • Maybe too bulky for some users
  • Not very economical
This mouthpiece is great if you are for a quick and effective solution to snoring and are not worried about the price too much.

2. Reazeal Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

Reazeal Snore Stopper Reazeal Mouthpiece

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  • Moldable as per your requirement
  • Safe FDA approved latex-free material
  • Includes Anti-Bacterial case for storage
  • Bruxism Support

The plastic used in the Reazeal anti-snoring mouthpiece is entirely safe and the harmless to your health. It is free of all traces of Latex as well as Biphenyl or BPA, both of which are industrial chemicals proven to be unsafe of the use inside the oral cavity. Furthermore, the fact that its safety and no toxicity are FDA testified, which is quite the achievement.

Interesting fact: In the USA, about 38% of the population is obese.
It can sometimes be a hassle to carry personal belongings around when you are on vacation. In fact, even trying to figure out where to safely keep something like a mouthpiece can be a downright nuisance; never mind the importance of this spot being clean and comfortable to remember. If you can relate to these sentiments, the Reazeal's anti-bacterial casing will be your best friend. Here is the cherry on top, it completely free.

The Reazeal Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece is durable effective and one of the more economical mouthpieces on this list. It comes in a safe, non-toxic moldable material that provides both mandibular advancements as well as Bruxism support.

Why we like it :

  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Offers support against grinding teeth
  • Rest assured that the material is completely safe
  • The material can be re-molded multiple times according to requirements
  • Easy to store and carry around
  • Durable

Why we hate it :

  • Could be more breathable
The Reazeal anti-snoring mouthpiece is a right balance of economy and effectiveness. If this balance is what you are looking for, then you should go for the Reazeal anti-snoring mouthpiece.

3. Dr. Sleep Snore Stopper Mouthpiece

Dr.Sleep Snore Stopper Mouthpiece

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  • Simple and effective
  • Economical
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Bruxism Support
  • Protective traveling case

The Dr. Sleep Snore Stopper gains the edge when it comes to price. Instead of offering some game-changing innovation, it just sticks to the basics and does them right, but at a significantly lower cost.

As such, you get to have the benefit of using a moldable material which you can modify according to your jaw, as well as support against jaw tension during sleep, without putting too much pressure on your wallet.

Dr. Sleep also gives you the space to test the mouthpiece out and be sure that it is the right fit for you, both literally and figuratively. If for some reason, you feel like it is not what you are looking for; the company will gladly take the mouthpiece back and provide a 100 percent refund. That is how far they back their product and show confidence in it. What is even better is that you do not have to go through the tedious process of filling out forms or offering explanations.

The Dr. Sleep Snore Stopper is one of the most economical entries on this list. This mouthpiece too offers the assortment of benefits that the products mentioned above do, such as moldability and Bruxism support.

Why we like it :

  • Same features, lower price
  • Enjoy a stress-free jaw when you wake up
  • An effective aid to snoring
  • Can fit precisely onto your jaw
  • Easy to clean
  • A safe investment, thanks to the money-back guarantee

Why we hate it :

  • Causing some difficulty in breathing
  • Likely to fall out of some users’ mouths
If you are in search of a cheap and effective solution to your snoring problem, this is the mouthpiece for you.

4. Usleepy Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

Usleepy nti Snoring Nasal Dilator Mouthpiece Check Price and Availability


  • FDA approved medical grade BPA free material
  • Four pairs or nasal dilators
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Moldable
  • Travel case included

What sets the Usleepy Anti-snoring mouthpiece aside is its inclusion of the four pairs of nasal dilators into the deal. While the mouthpiece itself does a fantastic job at creating mandibular advancement, the nasal dilators give an added dimension of effectiveness to the product by ensuring the smooth, uninterrupted air exchange through the nostrils.

Did you know? MADs have been proven significantly lower the snoring volumes in chronic snorers.
It has a two-fold advantage. On the one hand, you any difficulty in breathing that may be caused by the mouthpiece can now be mitigated thanks to a more explicit nasal passage. Secondly, it the dilators also work as an anti-snoring measure against any eminent nasal snoring. At the same time, you can enjoy the security of having made a safe and risk-free investment, thanks to the lifetime warranty offered by the Usleepy store on this model.

The Usleepy Anti-Snoring mouthpiece can be thought of more as an anti-snoring kit, rather than just an anti-snoring mouthpiece since it comes with additional equipment in the form of 4 pairs of nasal dilators. Moreover, not only is made with medical-grade non-toxic moldable material but also come with a lifetime warranty.

Why we like it :

  • The material is entirely safe and verified to be non-toxic
  • Nasal dilators are game-changers in helping you treat snoring
  • Facilitates breathing
  • Economical
  • The lifetime warranty secures your investment
  • The malleability of the material allows it to be molded to your liking

Why we hate it :

  • Some customers have reported poor build quality
Thanks to its use of the dilators, the Usleepy Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece will be the one for you if you want that extra layer of efficiency from your mouthpiece.

5. ZQuiet Anti-Snoring Treatment

Sleeping Well LLC ZQuiet Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

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  • FDA approved, BPA and Latex-free ultra-soft material
  • Two mouthpieces with a varying mandibular advancement
  • Living hinge technology
  • No boil-and-bite molding required
  • Open front for breathability
  • Includes carry case and a booklet of tips for better sleep

This particular mouthpiece uses the 2-part solution to snoring. Instead of going with the general boil-and-bite malleability that specializes the mouthpiece from the get-go, it comes with two separate mouthpieces.

The first one provides a moderate lift to the lower jaw while the second one offers a more enhanced lift. The material is soft enough that it does not need to mold around your jaw perfectly. Meanwhile, the idea behind two separate mouthpieces is to allow you to choose whichever one suit you best.

The living hinge technology of the ZQuiet mouthpiece allows it to have a 360-degree rotation in both directions; a quality enhanced by the inherent softness of the material. It not only allows for superior mobility to the jaw during the night but also gives it an open front.

The ZQuiet is the most commercially successful anti-snoring mouthpiece on the market. Not only that but it has shown a 90 percent success rate across sleep clinics, on average. The ZQuiet anti-snoring mouthpiece offers unparalleled softness, comfort, and the breathability, thanks to its unique design.

Why we like it :

  • One of the most comfortable mouthpieces that you will find on the market
  • Offers two different option for mandibular advancement
  • Easy to use
  • No molding required
  • Unprecedented mobility and breathability
  • Safe and non-toxic

Why we hate it :

  • Pricey
Despite the high price, the ZQuiet does not fail to deliver a comfortable and practical solution. If you are the kind of customer for whom money is not an object, this is your best option.
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Buying guide

When buying an anti-snoring mouthpiece, you must consider the following points.


You must have a bright idea of how adjustable a mouthpiece is before you buy it. Most mouthpieces come in the moldable material, which generally allows for the mandibular advancement of about 10mm.

This range is suitable for most users; however, somebody with a naturally recessed lower jaw may require more or even an entirely separate shape of the mouthpiece. You should also see how many times the mouthpiece can be remolded before it loses its integrity, since there may be some trial and error initial. The more room it has to be remolded the better.


It is a no-brainer. Breathability is crucial in any mouthpiece, primarily because most users are already deprived of proper breathing. And even though most mouthpieces suffice, the person's breathing habits may call for special breathability requirements.

For example, someone who breaths through their nose during sleep may find a specific mouthpiece to be ideal, while the same product may be insufficient for a user who prefers to breathe through their mouth while sleeping. Overall, if you have trouble breathing with the mouthpiece on even after a few days of usage, consider replacing it.


Remember that the mouthpiece will be inside your oral cavity for at least 8 hours daily. Such close contact warrants that extra precaution is taken to make sure that the material is completely safe. Be sure to double-check that your mouthpiece is latex or BPA or Biphenyl free. Look for mouthpieces which are approved as BPA and latex-free by the FDA, since both materials are potentially hazardous to health.

FAQs onAnti-Snoring Mouthpiece

How to fit your snoring piece in your mouth?

Most anti-snoring mouthpieces use a moldable material. It means that the mouthpiece comes in a generic shape and is to be molded according to your jaw and denture. It is done by submerging the mouthpiece in near-boiling water for no more than 15 seconds preferably.

At this point, the heat softens the mouthpiece, and it is ready to be remolded on to your jaw. For this, you will have to bite into the mouthpiece while keeping your lower jaw positioned further ahead than it usually is. Be careful not to bite into the mouthpiece immediately as it may be too hot.

How does a mouthpiece prevent snoring?

A mouthpiece prevents snoring by acting as a Mandibular Advancement Device or MAD. It means that it stabilizes the lower jaw, or mandible, and allows it to move forward, or advance. It, in turn, depresses the tongue, keeping it from collapsing onto the throat.

Since snoring is mainly caused by obstructed breathing, which causes vibration in the nose and throat tissue, this slight movement is meant to keep the tongue from blocking breathing, thereby preventing the air passage clear, and breathing soundless. It is why mouthpieces are mainly useful for “tongue snorers” and are the most widely used mouth devices for sleep apnea.

Did you know? Snoring has been linked to heart complications.

Do you need Bruxism Support?

A study published in 2016 reported the occasional occurrence of Bruxism within about 14% of a sample of 6,357 people, with females exhibiting a significantly higher likelihood of Bruxism as compared to males. Moreover, it also suggested that Bruxism recedes with age, showing a 34% occurrence in people aged 25 to 54, and only a 14% occurrence in people aged 55.

All this is to say that if you occasionally grind your teeth during sleep and have to deal with a headache and sore jaw muscles for the rest of the day, you are not alone, especially considering the correlation between sleep apnea and Bruxism. Therefore, going for a mouthpiece that is also specialized to provide Bruxism support is an effective way to counter the problem.

Remember: A mouthpiece can only take you so far. If you suffer from severe sleep apnea, contact your doctor for clinical assistance in addition to the mouthpiece.
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There is ample scientific literature out there which points towards the effectiveness of MADs against not just habitual snoring but even sleep apnea as well. As a customer, choosing the right anti-snoring mouthpiece can be a difference between a troubled sleep plagued by fatigue and a comfortable one.

Therein lays the importance of this guide. All you have to do is gain an in-depth understanding of these appliances work; follow the buying instructions and the lookout for the products we have listed.

That way, not only will you be able to understand your own needs better, but also make a choice that will lead to meaningful progress in your goal to eliminate the snoring from your life.

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