9anime: The Best Anime Streaming Website in 2021

If you quickly shake your head as you were not impressed with 9Anime in the past, stay with us and we will prove to you that 9Anime is truly the best anime site for free anime streaming in 2021.

Created in 2016, 9Anime has been one of the most popular sites to watch English subbed and dubbed anime online for free. However, many users left due to the site’s slow load times and rampant ads. Fortunately, the 9Anime team truly listens to their users and they have come up with new features to solve the problems.

9Anime is now completely ad-free and its loading speed is as fast as that of paid streaming services. It is not exaggerating to say 9Anime.vc is the best site for free anime streaming in 2021. And in this article, we will give you a detailed explanation for that statement.

What Is 9Anime.vc?

Anime Streaming Website

If you have been an anime fan for long, you must have heard about 9Anime. This site is one of the most popular free anime sites to watch and download English subbed and dubbed anime shows in HD quality.

The old domain was shut down, however, 9Anime has come back as https://9anime.vc/ and it is the best and safest version of 9Anime so far with the ad-free feature.

Why Is 9Anime.vc The Best Anime Streaming Website in 2021?

The new 9Anime site has managed to get rid of the negatives that were often complained about such as slow load times and numerous ads.

With the newly added features and the features that the site has been proud of for years, 9Anime now can easily win the title of “Best free anime site in 2021”. Don’t believe us? Check out the site’s feature list below and be the judge!

  • Safety

9Anime.vc is as safe as Google thanks to the ad-free feature. With no ads, pop ups, or commercials, the site is free from viruses, trojans, malware, and other malicious computer programs.

As the site does not require any registration or signup, you can enjoy your favorite anime without fears of data loss, information leakage, and identity theft.

  • Legality


9Anime.vc is not considered a legal site; however, watching anime online on the site is not considered illegal either. You will only be subject to criminal or civil charges when you share or download copyright protected content. Stay online and you will be safe.

  • Extensive content library

With thousands of English subbed and dubbed anime shows, 9Anime.vc can provide you with whatever title you are looking for. Fun never ends on the site as more shows are constantly updated on a daily basis.

  • Simple UI & UX

If you know how to use Google, you know how to navigate through 9Anime.vc. The site is that simple. If you have a title in mind already, use the search box to look for it. If you want to take a look at what the site has to offer, check out the menu bar or visit the full site for more suggestions.

  • Various genres and subgenres

9Anime.vc provides us with almost all genres and subgenres. You can find here both popular genres such as horror, fantasy, romance, etc and niche subgenres such as harem, reverse harem, ecchi, or hentai.

  • Content updates every day

New titles including the latest releases, requested anime, random interesting shows, etc, come to the site on a daily basis. You can watch your favorite shows on the site right after they come out officially.

Content updates every day

  • HD quality

All videos are automatically played in 720p. However, if your Internet connection is not strong and stable enough, you can adjust the video quality and go as low as 360p for a more seamless streaming experience.

  • No Ads

Ads are the only source of income for free anime sites; therefore, they are unavoidable on most sites. However, ads not only pose risks to our device but also affect our seamless streaming experience negatively.

For your best experience, 9Anime.vs has gone completely ad-free. You can watch your favorite anime on the site without any fears and interruptions thanks to this feature.

  • No account needed

9Anime.vc does not require any registration or signup. All you need to do is to visit the site, search for the content you want to watch, play the video, and immerse yourself in that anime world.

  • Bypass Geo-restrictions

Due to some sensitive reasons such as political, violent, or sexual content, some anime shows might be banned in your area. However, as 9Anime.vc can bypass Geo-restrictions, you can watch anime from all over the world without any limitations on the site.

  • Great customer support

The 9Anime team is on active mode 24/7 to be at our service. Should you have any problem with the site, feel free to send them a message.

Normally, broken links are fixed within an hour, requested titles are updated within a day, and our inquiries are answered within minutes. We are treated like King on this free anime site.

9Anime is not perfect; however, we believe with the dedication to becoming the best anime site for our community, it will become closer and closer to perfection.

Our support is their source of motivation to improve for the better. If you like the site, don’t forget to show your support by giving feedback or sharing it with your family and friends.

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