Benefits Of Translation Solutions to Every Business Globally

When expanding a business, there is only so far a company can go within the U.S.

With the advent of the internet, businesses have an opportunity to expand beyond the borders of the country. However, marketing to various markets with different languages can be complicated. Fortunately, there are translation solutions available to help businesses reach the world.

What are Translation Solutions?

What are Translation Solutions

Translation solutions are various services and options available to translate media from one language to another. For a company to expand outside of its borders, it must be able to speak to its potential customers. Zab Translation Solutions provide professional translation services to help companies meet their language needs.

Business owners can choose a plethora of services to translate their business information into a variety of languages. From document translation to international consultation, these solutions provide options for companies to communicate with not only potential customers, but potential business partners, clients, and even vendors as well.

How Translations Help Businesses

The United States only consists of 5% of the world’s population. Even though Americans generate and earn more than 20% of the world’s income, there is still another 75% of the world’s purchasing power outside of the country. Nearly 95% of the world’s potential customers live outside the U.S. These statistics show the wide market available for companies who wish to seek those sales.

Translation services open the world for these sales. From documents and advertising about the products to the customer service options available to customers, translation solutions are needed so that people in every area of the world can know and understand the products or services being sold by the company.

It is also important that these companies utilize professional translation services. Anything less than professional assistance with translations can lead to serious miscommunication. Small errors in advertising, warning labels, etc., could leave a company open to serious issues and possible lawsuits.

Difference Between Translations and Localizations

Difference Between Translations and Localizations

Translation is the act of using a source language and converting it to a target language. For example, translating English to German. The translator will respect the German grammar rules and basic conventions to take the English words and convert them to German words with the same meaning.

Localization is taking translation a step further. Instead of simply converting English to German words with similar meanings, the translator puts the translation into words, dialect, and other colloquialisms that resonate with the German people.

In addition, localization helps with translating words or phrases that do not have an exact meaning in the other language. For example, while Americans use the term “website” to refer to a specific area of the internet, there is no exact translation in the German language. The best option would be to use the new term “Webauftritt”.

How Localizations Benefit Businesses

Localization benefits businesses because it goes a step further than simple translation services. With proper localization, companies can be sure that their customers understand the message being given to them. It also helps to ensure that no words were lost in the exchange and that any locally used words can be placed where needed.

Just as many Americans feel more comfortable around those who speak similarly to they do, so do people of other countries. Those with a New York accent feel right at home with others using the same accent and common slang words. The same is true with other regional accents around the country. This same idea is used when localization is implemented.

Individuals feel more comfortable and confident when speaking with someone who shares the same language, dialect, and colloquialisms. Localization services help to add those extra touches to a business to help build confidence with its customers. Customers who are comfortable with a business and feel confident in its messaging are more likely to make a purchase and even return to that company.

Finding the right translation solutions for a company can help ensure its success as they expand. With professional translation solutions, that expansion could extend all across the globe.

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