The Bear Mattress Reviews – Good or Not? (Updated 2023)

Thinking about buying a Bear mattress? Not sure is it worth buying or not? Read our full Bear Mattress Reviews.

One of the most ignored healthy habits in the modern world is quality sleep. The increase in technological gadgets and profound distractions has made it easy for people to ignore rest. One way to ensure that you get the right amount of sleep is to get the perfect mattress. Bear mattresses offer uniquely designed mattresses to ensure that your sleep quality is not compromised because of the lack of a stable surface.

Right amount of sleep

We will be reviewing and comparing the two main mattresses (Bear Mattress and Bear hybrid mattress). These will help you settle the ongoing debate on that one is better for your sleep. Each mattress has its specialty that we will show in the comparison for a better idea.

  • Temperature Neutrality - 8.5/10
  • Durability - 8/10
  • Off-gassing - 8.5/10
  • Motion isolation - 7/10
  • Edge Support - 7/10
  • Conforming - 9/10
  • Noise - 9.5/10
  • Bed activities - 9/10
  • Freedom of movement - 9.5/10

Let’s kick off with a quick summary and highlights!

Editor’s Summary: Clinically proven Celliant material allows you to take rest more effectively and allows you to sleep cool by thermoregulating sleep environment. Sleep better and recharge your body with bear mattress.
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Mattress Type Bear Mattress Bear Hybrid
Editor’s Comments Editor’s Ratings 8.5 Editor’s Comments Editor’s Ratings



Temperature Neutrality Good – the graphite gel keeps the user cool all night, but the lack of ventilation in the foams can be troublesome 8.5 Fair – the regular gel keeps the sleeper cool for a short time until the gel adapts the exterior temperature 8.0
Durability Fair – the base layer does a fair job of keeping the mattress durable and from sagging but with time it can sag. 8.0 Very good – the spring layer allow all the other foam layers to bounce back and eventually have a longer life 9.0
Off-gassing Good – the mattress is said to be eco-friendly without off-gassing 8.5 Good – the company claims that the mattress is eco-friendly without any off-gassing 8.5
Motion isolation Poor – there is no motion isolation in this mattress as the high-density foam moves together 7.0 Very Good – the spring layer helps in moving the area of the mattress only. However, this can be very slightly compromised memory foam 9.0
Edge Support Poor- there is no feature for edge support 7.0 Very Good – spring mattresses have an excellent edge support 9.0
Conforming Very Good – a unique layer to ensure that there is pressure relief helps in conforming 9.0 Excellent – memory foam and spring work together for conforming 9.5
Noise Excellent – there is no noise no matter how much you move 9.5 Fair – because of the springs, the mattress can develop noise over time 8.0
Bed activities Very Good – the responsive comfort foam helps in a good bounce 9.0 Very Good – premium comfort foam allows for a significant bounce combining with springs 9.0
Freedom of movement Excellent – the receptive comfort layer helps in a great deal of free movement 9.5 Excellent – the premium comfort foam gives liberty for movement 9.5

Key Features and Characteristics

  • Hand Quilted Celliant Fiber top in the Hybrid mattress is a great way to tie the mattress together and provide a great feel to the sleeper.
  • The bear hybrid mattress offers good edge support because of the pocketed spring layer
  • Responsive Comfort Foam brings pleasure to those intimate moments by offering the perfect bounce to couples.
  • Gel-infused memory foam with a cooling agent that keeps your sleep cool throughout the night.
  • Deluxe tufted top gives you a cloud-like feeling while sleeping on it.
  • A layer of open cells adds to more ventilation and better airflow along with relieving pressure points.
  • Works with most bases: Box spring or foundation, slatted bed frame, platform or adjustable base.
  • All bear mattresses are handmade in the USA.
  • Approved by the CertiPUR and the FDA that means they are resistant to dust mites, bacteria, mold, fungi, and bed bugs.
  • 100 nights free trial with free shipping within 4-7 working days.

Construction of Mattresses

Bear Mattress

Bear Mattress

The premium bear mattress is a carefully constructed design that is made with features to keep the sleeper comfortable and relaxed. The first and top layer is made of a breathable Celliant Cover that makes the cover more ventilated. Added ventilation allows any accumulated stink to be moved out of the mattress quickly and keeps it long-lasting.

Quick fact: It is statistically proven if you sleep on a celliant cover it will enhance the rest during sleep due to its tendency to allow the flow of oxygen to far-reaching body parts.

The second layer is the Cooling Graphite Gel memory foam layer that works in two ways. The cooling graphite is different from the simple cooling gel that can heat overtime at the body temperature. However, the graphite gel remains cool and fights off the body heat all night long.

The memory foam of the cooling graphite gel layer is to ensure that the support in this layer is according to the body shape and height and to ensure that the other layers can be complemented.

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The third layer is the active comfort foam layer that is placed strategically in the center for maximum response. The comfort foam allows bounce and a great deal of free movement in the mattress. The fourth layer of this mattress is the transitional performance foam that is responsible for ensuring pressure relief.

The memory foam in the second layer has already taken your body shape, and now this layer will provide pressure relief according to the contouring acquired. The final base layer is the high-density support foam. This layer is responsible for keeping the mattress from sagging and increases its life. It holds all the sheets tied together to make them much more effective.

Bear Hybrid

Bear Hybrid

The Bear Hybrid mattress has a traditional spring feel mattress along with various levels of foam to make it a hybrid. The top and the first layer of this mattress are formed with a Hand Quilted Celliant Fiber top that provides a great feel to the sleeper.

The premium comfort foam is the second layer that is responsible for keeping the mattress bouncy. This foam mattress allows users to move around and sleep in any position that they like. It also helps couples enjoy their erotic moments as the layer ensures that the mattress does not sag over time.

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The third layer is the cooling gel memory foam that is responsible for multiple things. First of all, the memory foam contours, the shape of the sleeper and works to provide support accordingly. The cooling gel helps regulate the body temperature and maintains the sleeper in sleeping cool all night.

The added layer of open cells adds to more ventilation and better airflow along with the pressure-relieving features. The fourth layer in this mattress is the individually encased coils. This layer has hundreds of small springs aligned together for maximum support.

The springs help in spinal alignment as well that makes sleepers of all weights and shapes get the right support and spinal alignment. The springs also help create a more breathable mattress layer. The final layer is the base layer made of high-density foam that has the job of keeping the mattress more durable than regular mattresses.

Bear mattress Bear Hybrid
Layers Four layers, 10 inches Five layers, 14.5 inches
Cover Celliant Celliant hand quilted
Sleep cool feature Cooling graphite gel Cooling Gel
Memory foam Yes Yes
Main Foam Memory foam Pocketed springs
Breathability Only top cover Throughout

Cooling Technologies

One of the best and most essential features that bear mattress seems to notice is the cool sleeping factor. The company knows it is vital to sleep without overheating, so they tend to use cooling gel memory form that traps the body heat and allow you to sleep cool.

Did you know: Ideal bed temperature falls between 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Measurements and Weights

Size Dimensions Height Beat Mattress Price Bear hybrid price
Twin 39W” x 75L” 10″ (Bear Mattress) $540 N/A
Twin Extra Long (XL) 39W” x 80L.” 10″ (Bear Mattress) $640 N/A
Full 54W” x 75L.” 10″ (Bear Mattress) $740 N/A
Queen 60W” x 80L.” 10″ (Bear Mattress)
14 1/2″ (Bear Hybrid)
$840 $1,350
King 76W” x 80L.” 10″ (Bear Mattress)
14 1/2″ (Bear Hybrid)
$940 $1,650
California King 72W” x 84L.” 10″ (Bear Mattress)
14 1/2″ (Bear Hybrid)
$940 $1,650

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation has become an integral part for people that are sharing a bed and couples. Among the primary reasons is that if one tosses and turns, the other tends to be disturbed that can be an interruption in sleep. The bear hybrid uses motion isolation technology because of the pocketed spring layer. Spring mattresses do not move on the other side unless the sleeper themselves are moving. It is slightly compromised with the memory foam, but it is still in control.

Best for Side and Spine Sleeping Position

One of the best features for bear mattress users is that everybody can find a mattress suited to their needs and sleeping positions. The bear mattress premium is perfect for people who sleep on their side and their spine. The bear mattress hybrid has a spinal alignment feature that allows sleepers to sustain any position without compromising on their spine.


All bear mattresses are handmade in the USA. They are approved by the CertiPUR and the FDA that ensures their quality and their luxury.

Increased Edge Support

The bear mattress premium is made with all different kinds of foams that is why you will not find edge support in that mattress. The bear hybrid mattress has excellent edge support because of the pocketed spring layer.

Which Bear Mattress Model Is A Healthy Choice for Whom and Why?

The Bear Mattress premium is a healthier choice for single people as it does not offer motion transfer. It is also suitable for people that tend to get very hot at night because of the weather and the body temperature.

Meanwhile, the bear hybrid mattress is best suitable for couples and for people that are not afraid to try different sleeping positions. The mattress is not for very hot places, but it provides excellent edge support and is perfect for people with spinal disorders.

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Trials, Delivery, and Warranty

Meterial Deatils image

Check Price and Availability

All bear mattresses are approved by the FDA for medical purposes and CertiPUR to guarantee quality, content, and performance. The company provides 100 nights of trial and makes the mattresses environment-friendly. The delivery time ranges from 4 to 7 working days.

Why we like it :

  • Like sleeping cool
  • Sleep with a partner
  • Need an eco-friendly mattress
  • Need freedom of movement and bounce

Why we hate it :

  • Are sensitive to different materials
  • Feel stuffy and require a lot of ventilation in the mattress

Learn more about How to Choose a Mattress Fit for You if you want to see the details before purchasing.


Everybody has different sleeping preferences. Bear mattresses ensure that everybody can pick something out of their various models. If you’re a side sleeper and want to enjoy your love moments while sleeping with your partner then choose Bear Hybrid. However, if you’re sleeping alone and want to recover the lost energy during daytime activities, go for the Bear mattress.

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