40 Stylish Bathroom Window Ideas

Are you a person that wants to lay in a bath and watch the sunset? Do you want better ventilation in your bathroom? Stay with me as I am about to show you 40 stylish bathroom window ideas that will catch your eye.

Bathroom windows are always the right choice not only for decorative reasons but also for practical. They help with the humidity to get out, and with that, you can keep your bathroom dry.

Not everyone can have a window in the bathroom, so they add ventilation fans to help the humidity get out. But, in my opinion, if you can add a window, don’t hesitate to do that because there is nothing better than natural air as ventilation. Plus, you can decorate them however you like to add a beautiful touch to your bathroom, and you can have a breathtaking view while lying in a bubble bath.

So, try to stay with me since I am about to present you my 40 picks for stylish window bathroom ideas

1. Modern Lux Bathroom

Modern lux bathroom

Black and white is a combination that never becomes boring. This bathroom is created with such an incredible taste for design. The window size is enormous with black frames, and the bath is far from it, so you still have your privacy.

Everything here is bursting with style and creativity. The golden fountain faucets and plants holders are the perfect addition to bring an extra luxurious feeling.

2. Reflection of a Lifetime

Reflection of a lifetime

Now, this is what I am talking about when it comes to breathtaking views. The window is placed in the right spot so it can easily ventilate the whole bathroom.

The mirror is also in the perfect spot because of the amazing reflection from the window. Colors are ideally matching, and the plants add a little bit of vibrance to the whole design.

3. Rustic and Fantastic

Rustic and fantastic

The most important thing when having a small bathroom is to use the space to its maximum. This is an excellent idea on how to do that. And, the window is placed on the right spot since there are no neighbors opposite.

Suppose you have someone that can easily see you, then you might consider blurring the glass or making it stained for more privacy. The rustic look though in this bathroom is incredible.

4. Bay bathroom? Yes, please

Bay bathroom Yes, please

Well, this is something that anyone would agree that is perfection. That spacious bay windows are to die for. And you want more privacy? No problem, the remote control blind system is here to cover you.

I already mentioned the black and white combination that always makes the bathrooms look special. That bathtub, though, is screaming with style.

5. Bathroom Heaven

Bathroom heaven

Now, this is something much more different but so pretty and romantic. The gorgeous big window with candles and plants gives an amazing feeling of relaxation.

And the bookshelves are just the most fantastic part of the decoration. Also, if you have a tiny bathroom, you can always add a huge window to make it look bigger visually.

6. Simplicity from Within

Simplicity from within

I love how this bathroom is so simple but so elegant at the same time. The three big windows are covered with wooden shutters for more privacy.

All colors go well together, and the indoor plants add a special kick to the entire space.

7. Arched Window in a Bathroom

Arched window in a bathroom

It is needless to say that this bathroom is impressively splendid. The arched window placed in the center is gorgeous, with the black columns in between the glass.

It adds a vintage kick with a luxurious feeling with the puffy table lamp and chandelier. The black tile paired with the marble effect adds something unique to the whole look.

8. Sophistication at its Finest

Sophistication at its finest

Most of the time, the smallest details are what make something perfect and beautiful. So, that is the case in this bathroom with black, white and grey color.

Having so cool-toned colors doesn’t always look appealing, but the wooden glass tray and golden faucet make this bathroom warmer and more stylish. Oh, and the window is on the right spot, which means a lot of fresh air can get in pretty quickly.

9. Brick-Ish Tiles

Brick-ish tiles

If you are a fan of bricks, you can add brick-like tiles in your bathroom like in this photo. Also, a lot of mirrors will add more depth to the overall design and visually enlarge your space. The arched window door is incredible addition, and it looks fantastic.

10. Big Bathroom, Big Windows

Big bathroom, big windows

When you have enough space, like in this bathroom, you can add big bay windows for visual reasons and practical reasons.

The beige walls and floor, in combination with the black cabinets, make this bathroom look so special. And the mirrors add more style to the whole design.

11. Marbled Dreams

Marbled dreams

This marbled bathroom is something so dreamy and memorable. The walls, the cabinets, and the floor, they all scream elegance.

And the window, oh that is a million-dollar view. Everything is on point in this bathroom, and anyone would want to have a bubbly bath watching this breathtaking view.

12. Geometric Shaped Tiles

Geometric shaped tiles

I think those geometric-shaped tiles combined with the charcoal grey window are the star to this bathroom show.

Daily intake of vitamin D needed? Sure, with this natural light, you’ll definitely get it most easily, having a bath. The golden faucets and handles on the cabinet are the last piece of the puzzle that was missing.

13. Switch Glass for more Privacy

Switch glass for more privacy

This is an excellent option if you want to add a big window in your shower or bathroom, but you want to keep your privacy. Switch glass will come obscure once you switch it.

That way, nobody can see you, plus you’ll get the wanted design. The black tiles into the shower and the wooden bench, though, tell another beautiful story.

14. Bathroom Temple

Bathroom temple

The saying “less is more” is really true. Sometimes all you need in your bathroom is a bath and spacious window.

Not to mention that even though it is minimalistic still looks to me like a bright, beautiful temple. The glass is blurred for more privacy, and the green plant tree gives a bit of a kick to the whole design.

15. Luxurious Tiny Bathroom

Luxurious tiny bathroom

Havea tiny bathroom and don’t know how to make it work? Say no more; this picture got you covered. You can even add a window to brighten up the space and let the humidity out easily.

The tiles are bright and simple, and the black faucet and frame on the window add some depth to this look.

16. Bathroom Window with Shutters

Bathroom window with shutters

Adding shutters to the bathroom window is a perfect solution if you like to keep your privacy. But also, it looks attractive when sun rays are peeking through.

The white color is the only color in this bathroom, but hey, when something is white, everything is right, am I right?

17. Tiles here, Tiles there, Tiles Everywhere

Tiles here, tiles there, tiles everywhere

This gorgeous tiny bathroom is entirely surroundedby tiles, and they have fantasticmarble patterns. And of course, the window is here above the tub, right where it should be.

Black, white and wooden colors will always be a killer combination, especially for small bathrooms like this one.

18. Honey, can you Bring me a Martini?

Honey, can you bring me a martini

Okay, even though I am speechless, and no words are needed for this lavish bathroom, I am going to say that it is luxuriously phenomenal. Starting from the amazing wallpaper that adds a pop of color, the white window and white tub with golden parts complement the wall.

Oh, and did you see the chandelier? Of course, you did;it is so stunning and bougie.

19. Bay Window in a Bathroom? Great Idea

Bay window in a bathroom- Great idea

Such an incredible idea to add a bay window in the bathroom. Not only does it make it look more spacious, but it also creates an irreplaceable beauty.

The stunning chandelier above the tub, though, gives a special kick to the overall style. The colors match perfectly like a charm.

20. Let it Snow, let it Snow, let it Snow

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

I am going to start my sentence with “Wow.”It looks like someone brought the living room to the bathroom with the gorgeous fireplace and giant door window.

And the colors with the animal details are so matching—the perfect weather outside for this kind of luxurious bathroom.

21. White, White so Everything is Bright

White, white so everything is bright

It is amazing how the white color gives such a remarkable positive feeling and brightness. But the black handles are just the details that were necessary here.

The big spacious window gives you the most breathtaking view while taking a bath. And the hidden light behind the big mirror creates something magical.

22. Stony Bathroom with a View

Stony bathroom with a view

This stony wall adds a vintage-like feeling to the bathroom, and the pretty tiny window is just enough to let the fresh air come through. It has wooden frames, and you can close the glass if you want more privacy. A bubble bath with a view is now available.

23. Window, Window on the Wall

Window, window on the wall

You are looking at a fabulous bathroom with a gorgeous big arched window. It gives you the feeling that you are one with nature.

The bathtub with that brownish color, the wooden chair, and the picture frame on the wall give something special to this space. The plant tree though it blends with the tress on the outside.

24. Attractive and Appealing

Attractive and appealing

Design and architectural detail that screams harmony, from the cabinets to the window framing, exposed beams, and even the bas of the tub. This bathroom design is something special, and the multiple windows allow for natural light to come through easily.

And the curtains match perfectly with the brown color that dominates this space.

25. Roof Bathroom Window

Roof bathroom window

Allow me to tell you that this is not artificial light in this bathroom, but it is moonlight. Yes, you have read correctly, moonlight.

And if you are already wow-ed by that, use this idea and add a roof window if your bathroom is upstairs. Imagine every night taking a bubbly bath with a glass of wine watching the moon, perfection.

26. Million-Dollar Bath View

Million-dollar bath view

Oh my god, that huge bath with that huge window and the gorgeous view is all everybody dreams of. The tiles are different on both sides, but they somehow match and create a unique design. If you are all about the view person, then you should definitely make something similar in your bathroom.

27. Bright Beauty

Bright beauty

The first thing I notice is how the tiled on the floor and the curtains match;the pattern is different, but they go perfectly together. The windows, though, are big and spacious, classical white color with white columns in between the glass.

I already said that you could never go wronggoing with white color only. And the tub is simple and beautiful.

28. Blurred Arched Windows for more Privacy

Blurred arched windows for more privacy

Tiny bathrooms are always a challenge when it comes to designing them, and this is an example of how to use the space to its maximum but make it look bigger.

The arched windows are simple and pretty, with a blurring effect to bring you more privacy. The barrel ceilings are a star of this bathroom design, and they give a special touch to the overall look.

29. Stained Glass Windows in the Bathroom

Stained glass windows in the bathroom

Well, let me say one thing, these stained-glass windows are to die for, and they give a beautiful colonial vibe. They look charming and appealing, and the pattern is amazing.

The stony-like wall behind the windows gives the luxurious vintage vibe. Overall, stained-glass windows can go really well into your bathroom, both for practical and design reasons.

30. Violet and White, a Dreamy Combination

Violet and white, a dreamy combination

This bathroom is giving you a message “Come inside and relax.”The incredibly big white window is so stylish,and the white and violet go so well as a combination and give calming feeling to this space.

The floor tiles add an amazing depth to the whole picture, and the white table and towel hanger makes the most beautiful contrast.

31. Dreams Come True

Dreams come true

If you were dreaming of a dreamy bathroom with a huge window and breathtaking view, you have found it. Those vibrant blue tiles are perfectly incorporated into this design.

The marbled sink compliments the floor tiles and creates a beautiful story to tell. That view, though, lovely, charming, and so perfect.

32. Bathroom Window with Roman Blinds

Bathroom window with roman blinds

Look how everything in this bathroom looks clean and outstanding. The recessed window with white columns on the glass givesan exquisite touch, and the roman blinds are here to bring privacy when you need it. The golden faucet, frames, and tiny wooden chair make this style less boring.

33. Rain Down on me

Rain down on me

I have already written about the benefits of the bathroom windows; they make the room appear bigger and let natural light and fresh air come through. One big plus is the rain glass if you want to maintain your privacy.

All of the features mentioned above can be found in this bathroom with style, design, and pretty details, and colors.

34. A Bathroom or Cozy Heaven?

A bathroom or cozy heaven

I don’t know about you, but to me, this looks like a relaxing room on seventh heaven. That huge window makes you feel like you are in the realm of nature.

The woody cabinets complement the wooden floor, and the white tub is right where it should be. Aperfect room for your daily spa treatment.

35. Sun is Shining, the Bath is Bubbling

Sun is shining, the bath is bubbling

What’s catching my eye here is the woven woods blinds on the bathroom window. They not only increase your privacy, but they also look creative and decorative. The grey cabinets somehow blend in with the tiles, and the picture framing complements the blinds and wooden chairs.

36. Floral Wallpaper for a Bit of Sassiness

Floral wallpaper for a bit of sassiness

These colorful designs are starting to grow on me, considering myself as a person who loves more minimalistic designs. But this wallpaper really brings another dimension to the whole style and fills up the space around the white window. Sometimes a room has to have a pop of color to make you feel positive and add a bit of vibrance.

37. Bath Time

Bath time

Sometimes all you need is a tub and window with a view, am I right? I mean, anyone would crawl into that glorious and shiny bathtub, lighting the candles while they make a romantic reflection on the blurred window glass. The plants, though, bring nature inside.

38. Vintage Like Bathroom

Vintage like bathroom

It looks old but somehow interesting and pretty. The wooden recessed window, of course, gives the beautiful natural light to perfectly lighten the bathroom.

The overall design is a bit too much because, for me, “less is more,” but this is the perfect idea to steal for people who want that kitsch vibe.

39. Geometrical Shape Window

Geometrical shape window

Can I take a breath and admire this gorgeous huge window with a geometric shape?Everything in this bathroom is designed with imagination and style.

A simple and sophisticated place with an outstanding match of colors and shapes. But the main star here is, of course, the big window and amazing view.

40. Wonderful, Magnificent, and Magical

Wonderful, Magnificent, and Magical

Bay window in a bathroom blends so perfectly and looks so elegant and fascinating. It also brings a lot of natural light and fresh air. Do you want to have privacy? Say no more; curtains got you covered.

That slightly gray marbled design is brilliant and classy. The golden details give that luxury feel,and the chandelier adds something special to this design.

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