Basic Details about NHR Portugal

NHR, or a non-habitual resident tax status, is a matter that interests a lot of people who are dreaming of living in Portugal. If you are one of them, feel free to read this material to learn some vital info about it.

Some Most Evident Reasons to Apply for NHR

The enumeration given below is going to tell you why it is worth applying for such a status:

  • You will savor tax exemption for basically all sources of abroad income;
  • It is not linked to the minimum state requirement;
  • You are going to be eligible for the personal tax treatment and you are free to enjoy this for the period of ten years, etc.

So, as you see, this status suggests rather relevant advantages and it is going to be senseless to miss out on such an opportunity.

Paying Taxes While Holding the NHR Status

Paying Taxes While Holding the NHR Status

This is what paying taxes while being an NHR Portugal is going to look like:

  • Being eligible for the tax rate of 20% if your work belongs to the list of professions of high value (this enumeration will be given a bit later);
  • Tax for the rental income that will be linked to the normal rate or 28%;
  • Net capital gains (50%).

Checking That You Have the Right to Apply for NHR

This is the very first aspect you should pay attention to. Well, you can find the basic conditions that will allow you to apply for the status below:

  • You hold the right to reside in Portugal by means of the two options: the first one is represented by special schemes such as Golden Visa, Portugal D3, or D2 Visa, and the second one is being a citizen of EE or EEA (and a Swiss one too; in this case, things are going to be much easier and you will be able to simply register at the town hall);
  • You have not been a Portuguese tax resident within the five previous years before taking up residence here.
  • You should also keep in mind that your job has to be included in the list of high-value professions. It involves such occupations as:
  • Physicians, doctors, and dentists;
  • Life scientists and biologists;
  • Artists and singers;
  • Website developers and programmers;
  • Designers;
  • Managers and directors;
  • Tax consultants;
  • Architects and engineers, etc.

How Hard Is It to Receive This Status?

Well, doing everything in the right order is key to your success in this case. Take a look at the steps given below. You are going to be perfectly fine in case you follow them.

  • Make sure you are eligible for this status;
  • Obtain your NIF (it is a tax number);
  • Complete an application file with the Portuguese tax authorities;
  • Get the answer;
  • Report your Portuguese income.

As you see, there is nothing too hard about the whole process. However, it may be rather tricky to get through it if you have never faced anything like this before. That is why there might be the sense in asking for professional help with the procedure.

Note that before starting to take all the steps given in the list, you should prove your residency.

As for getting your NIF, you need proof of residence, a visa or a residence certificate, and a passport.

By the way, the status is extremely widespread in Portugal. It was introduced in 2009 and since then, it has received incredible popularity.

What Is the Professional Help with Getting Your NHR Status All about?

Professional Help with Getting Your NHR Status

It is important to keep in mind that you are never completely alone and can ask the experts to do this work for you. They are going to help you with completing the application which will increase the chance of approving it. By the way, all you will have to do in this case is pay for these services and suggest the necessary documents. Doesn’t it sound easy?

You may think that this can be too expensive. Nevertheless, you are going to make far less effort in this case, and the whole process will be finished faster. And we bet that this is really crucial for you.

FAQ Linked to the NHR Status

As long as those planning to apply for NHR have plenty of questions, there is some sense in taking a look at the section given below.

  • Do I have to wait for a long time to receive an answer from the Portuguese authorities regarding my NHR status?

Well, usually, this waiting period will take about two weeks. In most cases, it is not longer than this. After this time is over, you will receive a note stating whether your application was approved or declined.

  • What is going to happen after ten years of holding such a status in Portugal?

As long as the status is granted just to the new residents, you will not be able to use its benefits when the ten-year period is over. Unfortunately, it works this way, and there are no exceptions. It means that you will have to pay taxes for all the income you have.

  • Are pensions going to be taxed if I have such a status?

In case you have an NHR status, your pension will be taxed at a rate of 10%.

Hope that all the info you have come across here turned out to be really useful for you and you will not experience any major problems when applying for the NHR Portugal status!

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