Barbeque Sauce Recipes

There are a few secrets to what makes a great sauce and there are many different items you can use to create many different tasting barbeque sauces. Barbeque sauce recipes are a treat that everyone enjoys.

Learning how to create your own barbeque sauce recipes will be an enjoyment for anyone that loves to cook or grill.

Most Barbeque Sauces have Tomato as a base.
To start creating your own unique barbeque sauce recipes you need to know the basic ingredients. Well, that is easy; barbeque has a tomato base of some type.

You can use tomato sauce, a combination of tomato paste and tomatoes, a combination of tomato juice and tomato paste, a combination of V-8 juice and tomato paste, or even ketchup.

Next come Spices, Vegetables, and Herbs

Okay, next for your unique barbeque sauce you will begin to add flavorings, spices and vegetables. Many people love smoke flavoring in their barbeque while others may enjoy soy sauce.

You can decide on Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, liquid smoke, or beer. You can even use a tad of each for a very unique flavoring. Of course, garlic powder or garlic salt along with salt and pepper is always one of the ingredients.

Now, you may be wondering what type of vegetables you can add to your barbeque sauce to make it unique. You can add chopped onions, green peppers, red peppers, or jalapeno peppers. You may even want it hotter and add a tad of Tabasco sauce.

Do You Like ‘m Sweet ‘n Hot?

Barbeque Sauce Recipes

If you would enjoy just a bit sweeter barbeque sauce for your recipes you can add such ingredients like
pancake or waffle syrup, molasses, honey, brown sugar, or white granulated sugar.

Take a basic Tomato Sauce and Experiment

All of these are wonderful ingredients to use in your own barbeque sauce recipes. Just try different amounts of each item until you have the flavor that you prefer. Now, you just prepared your first homemade barbeque sauce recipe that everyone is sure to love.

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