Avocado Green Mattress Reviews – A Nontoxic Natural Mattress

Curious about pros and cons of Avocado mattress? Read through to learn more about Avocado Green Mattress Reviews.

The Avocado Green mattress is a complete package when it comes to finding the comfortable sleeping surface. With the use of natural materials, they deliver you the best organic mattresses. The GreenGuard certification ensures it is a healthy choice for you and your family.

Did you know – 25% of American turns their cell phone one when sleeping and 10% are woken up by a phone ring.

The avocado green mattress uses natural latex foams that are breathable and regulate your body temperature so you sleep cool and calm. The use of non-toxic material promotes biodiversity making it environment-friendly and improves overall durability and quality.

Let's read thoroughly and see how Avocado green mattress is right for you.

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Avocado Green Mattress

  • Durability - 8/10
  • Off-gassing - 9/10
  • Motion isolation - 9.5/10
  • Pressure relieving/conforming - 9/10
  • Temperature regulation - 8/10
  • Noise - 7.5/10

Overall score

Editors rating 8.5
Category Rating Editor’s Comments
Durability 8.0 The mattress is durable. It has high-quality latex and cotton used. Also, the coils are of good quality. These all cause this mattress to have a useful lifespan.
Off-gassing 9.0 There is minimal off-gassing. There is a slight odor in the initial days. But, it dissipates after a few days.
Motion isolation 9.5 Avocado green mattress reduces motion to a greater extent.
Pressure-relieving/conforming 9.0 The latex and coils ease pressure points. Also, it gives excellent edge support.
Temperature regulation 8.0 The breathable materials make the mattress to maintain a cool temperature.
Noise 7.5 There are some squeaking noises when it bears weight.
Overall Summary Avocado uses 100% natural Dunlop latex rubber that makes it anti-microbial and a green choice. The latex layers along with 3 zones in hip and shoulder area give excellent pressure relieve and support to the lumbar area. You’ll get firm support, plush feel and cool sleep with Avocado mattress irrespective of your sleeping position.

Key features and specs

construction of avocado green mattress

  • The avocado green mattress is made from completely organic materials.
  • 100% natural Dunlop latex rubber & Pure WOOL JOMA® NEW ZEALAND
  • Dust Mite Resistant & Anti-Microbial
  • Eliminates pressure on joints and gives your relief.
  • Aligns your back and spine.
  • Breathable latex layers that help you sleep cool.
  • Handmade in California.
  • The mattress has coils in 3-zones for the best support.
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified & Eco-INSTITUT, Germany
  • The Avocado mattress has 25 years of warranty, 100 night trial and available at 0% APR.


Construction of Avocado Green mattress

The Avocado Green mattress is comfort made of four different layers. It includes the Joma wool, latex layer, coils layer, and another latex layer.

So, let’s read about each one of them and what they do.

Product Name Pillow-Top Cover Firmness Thickness Support Core Comfort Layer
Avocado Green No Organic Cotton 100% GOTS-certified 6.5 11-Inch
  • 1-Inch Dunlop Latex
  • 8-Inch Pocketed Coils
2-Inch Dunlop Latex
Yes Organic Cotton 100% GOTS-certified 5.5 13-Inch
  • 1-Inch Dunlop Latex
  • 8-Inch Pocketed Coils
2-Inch Dunlop Latex

Type of avocado mattress

First of all, there is a layer of ½ inches Joma New Zealand wool. It is a sort of natural fiber which is breathable that transfers the heat and regulates temperature. Being the topmost surface, it helps to dissipate heat and moisture from your body.

The Joma layer is followed by 4 inches layer of 100% Dunlop latex. The avocado green mattress uses natural materials to create the final best result. This layer is formed by following the traditional Dunlop manufacturing process. The latex sap is poured into molds which after baking results in a durable material. It is the natural latex foams which ensure restorative sleep.

The third layer of 8’’ innerspring unit coils are made of recycled steel. However, the number of coils varies from size to size. The individually pocketed coils ensure proper spinal and back alignment. They help in relieving pressure from joints and reduce motion transfer. Also, they help in better edge support.

The number of coils used in the construction of different sizes is as follow:

  • Twin: 756 coils
  • Twin XL: 772 coils
  • Full: 1016 coils
  • Queen: 1130 coils
  • King: 1414 coils
  • California king: 1384 coils

The final layer of 1-inch high-density Dunlop latex helps in giving support to the upper layers. It is a durable layer capable of supporting the above layers.

layers of Avocado Green Mattress - (Standard) — 11 Inches Tall
layers of Avocado Green Mattress – (Standard- 11 inch)
layers of Avocado Green Mattress - Avocado Green Mattress with Pillow-Top [13 inch]
layers of Avocado Green Mattress – Avocado Green Mattress with Pillow-Top [13 inch]

Motion isolation

avocado eco friendly latex foam green mattress

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One of the fantastic qualities of Avocado green mattress is its motion isolation. If you share your bed, then you would know how difficult it is to sleep with disturbance. But, Avocado green mattress gives excellent motion reduction quality. It is because of the use of latex and coils systems. Together, they provide a minimal amount of motion. So, you sleep all night peacefully.

Did you know1 in 4 married couples sleep separately.

Comfortable cover

The avocado green mattress cover is what you should be proud of. It uses GOTs certified organic cotton cover. It is a non-toxic cover with soft, highly durable quality and moisture-wicking capability.

This cover is a natural cotton/recycled poly-blend 4-way stretch knit cover. It has textile secures that firmly keep it in place. The hand-tufted buttons maintain the shape of the cover and prevent lumps from appearing over time. With a combination of dark and light green hue, its color is pleasing to the eyes.

Suitability of sleepers

The avocado green mattress is good for a variety of sleepers. With a good firmness level coupled with the support, it is good for all. Our table below will guide you how much Avocado green mattress is good for the side, back and stomach sleepers.




(<130 lbs)

Medium weight

(130-220 lbs)


(>220 lbs)

Side Good Very good Very good
Back Good Very good Fair
Stomach Good Fair Fair


avocado mattress firmness

Avocado green mattress firmness is the perfect blend of softness and firmness. Its non-pillow-top avocado green mattress comes with firmness of around 6.5 (medium-firm) out of 10. This one is great for relieving pressure from your back and adequately aligning your body. It has 2” of Dunlop latex (20 to 25 ILD) layer as the comfort layer.

The pillow-top avocado green mattress has 5.5 (medium-soft) rating out of 10. It is a ‘luxury plush' level which is suitable for soft surface lovers. It has an additional layer of 2” Dunlop latex (14 to 19 ILD). Also, the thickness varies because of this. The non-pillow-top avocado green mattress has 11’’ of thickness while the pillow-top avocado green mattress has 13’’ of thickness.

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Temperature regulation

Due to the use of organic cotton, avocado green mattress maintains an optimal level of temperature. It has breathable fibers which allow the heat dissipation. The airflow keeps the temperature level low.


An avocado green mattress designed and manufactured in California, USA. It will maintain durability for a long time with the use of organic materials. The quality of handmade makes this mattress a perfect choice for perfection lovers.

Better edge support

The avocado green mattress uses premium quality materials. They ensure giving you support for a long time. The use of Dunlop latex for the manufacturing of foam and coils help in providing you better edge support. The avocado green mattress is not going to sag any sooner. The thick pocketed coils and high-ILD latex are great for this. Whether you sleep in the middle of your bed or on the edges, it is not going to disappoint you. With better edge support, you will not roll off your bed.


Avocado Green Mattress uses only the finest of the materials in its manufacturing. 100% Dunlop latex without harming any tree is obtained to make the best latex. This mattress is free of any polyurethane foam or chemical retardants. The natural latex is resistant to mold, dust mites or bacteria. Thus, Avocado green mattress is perfectly VOCs free and healthy.


The avocado green mattress holds an independent accreditation from the eco-INSTITUT in Cologne, Germany. It means their green products are safe for the use in mattress manufacturing. It has no chemical compounds or flame retardants. What’s more? It is also GREENGUARD gold certified that ensures Avocado mattress is a green and healthy choice.

Price and size information

The avocado green mattress is of 11’’ and 13’’ for non-pillow top and pillow top respectively. The table below shows the sizes of dimensions and different prices.

Size Dimensions Price ($)
Twin 38×74

959(non-pillow top)

1,199 (pillow top)

Twin XL 38×80

999 (non-pillow top)

1,299 (pillow top)

Full 54×74

1,199 (non-pillow top)

1,499 (pillow top)

Queen 60×80

1,399 (non-pillow top)

1,799 (pillow top)

King 76×80

1,599 (non-pillow top)

2,099 (pillow top)

California king 72×80

1,599 (non-pillow top)

2,099 (pillow top)

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Trials, warranty, and financing:

The Avocado mattress is available for 100 night’s risk-free trial. You can decide in this period whether you like the mattress or not. Else, you can always return it for free. What’s more, there is a 25 years warranty. Not only this, it is available for 0% APR financing. avocadogreenmattress - 100-NIGHT TRIAL!

And if you still want to learn more, go to our full review here.


The avocado green mattress is an excellent choice when looking for a comfortable and organic alternative. With the capability of reducing pressure points, this mattress has better edge support as well. It has excellent motion isolation and temperature regulation feature. The use of green and natural latex makes this mattress a suitable choice for all. Its firmness options are ideal for a variety of sleepers. An affordable price with 0% APR financing, this mattress can be the best choice.

Why is avocado green mattress good for you?

  • It is right for you if you want a pressure-relieving
  • If you are looking for good edge support.
  • Avocado Green mattress suits you if you prefer environment-friendly choice.
  • It works well if you want to sleep cool.
  • Provides good motion isolation feature if you share the bed with your partner.
  • A good option if you have different sleep preferences.

Why is avocado green mattress not good for you?

  • In case you prefer the contouring of memory foam.
  • Running low on budget

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