Artificial Intelligence In the World of Entertainment

The arrival of artificial intelligence in our daily lives has brought a radical change in the vast majority of areas and market sectors.

Artificial intelligence is already being applied in sports, entertainment and travel, amongst others.

AI in sport

AI in sport

The world of cinema has already given us some clues as to how artificial intelligence could be used in sport. In fact, the film “Moneyball” tells the story of a very humble baseball club that succeeds thanks to the help of a manager who used statistics to make the team competitive.

This is known as computational power and is now being used to help athletes learn about themselves in order to improve their performance and avoid future injuries. This data is obtained from sensors that provide information about the breathing, heart rate, and effort of each athlete.

In addition, TV broadcasters could also be able to benefit from Artificial Intelligence, as in the future it will be possible to produce instant summaries of matches thanks to the recognition of fans' reactions or players' non-verbal language. Team coaches will also be able to use this technology to make better decisions in future games.

AI in entertainment

Artificial Intelligence really shows its full potential in the video game sector, where it has been used for years. It is clear that the evolution of video games has been constant, from the famous Pacman to the Sims. The first time Artificial Intelligence was used in a video game it was done in a simple way.

No one could have known that it would evolve so quickly, introducing colour and sound, simulated mobility, joystick controls, 3D, virtual reality, and many other features.

Another entertainment sector that has grown in Artificial Intelligence use in recent years is the iGaming industry. More and more operators are opening online options, regardless of continent, country, or city. Today, any casino in Thailand, Canada, or New Zealand can be accessed effortlessly. For example, in the latter-mentioned country, low deposit bonuses are very attractive to players.

Players can enjoy a wide variety of games through $1 deposit bonuses. For those who are amateurs and do not want to gamble a lot, this is an affordable amount, plus they have access to other bonuses like welcome ones. But now they can increase their experience much more due to virtual reality, which allows complete immersion in the game through headsets and gloves with sensors.

There are also games that offer the possibility of playing in 3D to transport users to the best casinos in the world but from the comfort of their living room.

AI in travel

AI in travel

Finally, although this possibility has not been well known, Artificial Intelligence is also being used to transform the travel industry. Many tourists decide to plan their holidays in detail, and to do so they use technology to create experiences they will never forget.

For example, Artificial Intelligence can be used in travel is applied when choosing the airline, you are going to travel with, or the hotel you plan to stay at during your holiday. This is also where the search for the best and most fun activities comes in.

Years ago this was not taken into account as it is nowadays, but thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, the industry has been forced to implement Artificial Intelligence in its services. At the moment you can't do as much impulsive travelling as you used to. You have to think about your covid passport, vaccination, or a negative PCR to be able to fly or the restrictions of the place you are going to visit.

Therefore, it is the wellness experiences and those allowing a few days of relaxation that are preferred by users nowadays, particularly if they are nearby home. This is causing inland tourism to grow and the way holidays are planned is undergoing major changes.

This is only a small part of the hundreds of sectors that use Artificial Intelligence to innovate and evolve in order to offer the best service to their customers and users. However, it is clear that the revolution of this technology has only just begun and it does not seem to be losing popularity.

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