5 Effective Apps to Train your Brain

You want to improve your memory and train your brain for a better concentration? There are some effective apps on the markets that help you to reach these two valuable aims. In addition, you can also use analogue tools like playing chess or memory with a friend. But keep in mind: Your smartphone is always there when you can spare a bit of your time. Your friend is probably not.

1. Lumosity

Lumosity is a quite famous brain-training app for iOS and Android. It is launched in 2007 and has since then been constantly adapted and improved. It is not free; you can buy it for about $11.99 in the app store. For your money you'll get an online program including more than 30 brain training games to improve your problem solving, memory, brain flexibility and attention.


Over the years, Lumosity has already collected numerous excellent reviews, so we can assume that it works. The app allows you to track your own progress and it sets reminders so that you don't forget to stay tuned. Concerning effective brain training, it is absolutely important to always keep on going and to regularly look for new challenges.

2. Real money Games

When it comes to real money, people try harder than usual. Therefore, casinos games can have a positive affect on the brain if they are associated with strategies and logical thinking. Poker is one of these games that are not only based on pure luck. Users who are looking for popular reputable online casino games find the good stuff on casinos.co.za. Casino experts used their personal brain power to build up this clear comparison platform.

They not only created lists and tables, but also a complete guide with a lot of tips and tutorials. With this competent help at hand it won't be difficult to find the right digital place to begin your own career as a successful poker player. But don't underestimate this classic game: Be ready for many tough opponents and hard challenges!

3. Real Kakuro

This game is not only addressed to passionate Sudoku fans, but also to everyone who likes numbers and challenging riddles. Kakuro consists of complex grids, the user has to identify the digits in the existing rows and columns based on their sums. This game is a little more difficult than its forerunner Sudoku, and you will find a lot of math in it. Train your calculating and problem-solving skills!

You can get the software for free in the Google app store or on iOS. In exchange for the gratis-offer, users have to endure some ads, because the producer of course wants to get paid for his work. Try what you as a user can earn from this game, perhaps it is more worth than just money.

4. Duolingo


It is proven that learning a foreign language has a very stimulating effect on the brain cells. So why not try a learning app for languages like Duolingo to improve your mental skills? The above software offers numerous programs for beginners and intermediate leaners. It contains about 20 languages from German and Chinse to French and Spanish. The app has become very popular in the last years because it is very easy to use and quite effective.

Users not only train their language comprehension but also their writing and speaking. They learn a large amount of vocabulary and the associated grammar. Duolingo offers an easy and playful way to explore a new language or upgrade an old one. The basic version is already very extensive and if that's not enough, you can buy the premium variant.

5. Headspace.com

Meditation is an effective way to mindfulness, with that tool you can train your brain to be much more aware of your inner self. Your body and soul will equally profit from this development. In the free version of headspace, you find 10 meditation sessions of 10 minutes each.

You can track your own progress, involve a friend and get rewards for your efforts. The premium version costs about $12.99 per month, it is enriched with more levels and lengths of sessions and will take your meditation to a new level. You get this software in the Android and the iOS app stores. We wish you good luck with it!

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