Apple Watch Series 4 Review

Apple watch series 4 has a bigger and crisp display. It keeps apple's always fashionable look. What else is worth your attention? We'll tell you all about it in this article.

Apple smartwatches are among the best in the world. There is no doubt that the products made by the apple company are elegant and reliable and has been releasing smartwatches into the market. Each series of smartwatches released is an upgrade of the previous version.

Apple Watch 4 overview

Some of the smartwatches released before the Apple Watch 4 include; apple watch series 3, apple watch series 2, apple watch series 1, and the original apple watch.

We are going to explore the features of the Apple Watch 4. We will also weigh its pros and cons and help you decide whether you should add it to your collection.

Why we like it:

  • Elegant design
  • Water-resistant
  • 16 GB memory
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Has a fall detection feature
  • A bigger display

Why we hate it:

  • Expensive
  • Short battery life
  • Only compatible with iPhone.

Apple Watch 4

The apple company decided to brand the apple smartwatches as Apple watch instead of iWatch. The first product was released in 2015. Apple Watch 4 was released in 2018.

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Apple Watch 4 has a large screen. The body has a square shape with rounded edges. The thin body makes it light on the wrist. It weighs just 48 grams.

Apple Watch 4 Design

The watch face uses the analog clock instead of a digital one that looks more appealing. There is no option for developers to create their watch face designs.

Another feature is the power button on the side of the watch. The material used at the back of the smartwatch is ceramic instead of metal. The ceramic allows radio signals to pass. Ceramic is mixed with sapphire glass to accommodate radio antennas at the edges of the watch.

The back of the watch seems gently curved. However, you do not feel the bulge when you wear it on your wrist.

The wrist bands are the same size as the previous wrist bands. The speakers and microphone are well spaced out to prevent echoes during phone calls.

The watch is water-resistant to depths of around 50 meters. You can shower or swim while still wearing the watch.


The size of the Apple Watch 4 display is 40 mm by 43 mm. They managed to make the rectangular body look circular by placing the tappable options in a circular pattern. The Apple Watch 4 uses a retina LTPO OLED display.

Apple Watch 4 Display

The screen covers about 60% of the watch face region. The screen has a screen resolution of about 448 X368 pixels.

The screen is covered with sapphire glass to offer protection.

The Always-on display made always shows the watch faces. Turning the wrist towards the body removes the watch's face and displays the home screen.


Apple Watch 4 Hardware

S4 Processor

The Apple Watch 4 uses the 64-bit Advanced Risc Machine as its processor. It has two cores. It is perfect for the smartwatch because it is power-efficient, and it is small. The processor is custom-designed by Apple Inc.


The Apple Watch 4 has a built-in speaker. You can receive a call.


The microphone is positioned on the opposite side of the speaker. The microphone allows you to answer calls and to access the Siri feature.


The accelerometer in the Apple Watch 4 helps to detect movement in any direction.


A gyroscope measures the orientation of the object relative to the 90 degrees angle.


Apple Watch 4 software

  • Apps

Apple Watch 4 allows you to add or remove apps. Apps can be installed from the Watch app.

  • Heart Rate Checker

It has an FDA-cleared ECG app that does accurate heart rate checks ups. ECG stands for electrocardiogram.

  • Fall Detection

The watch uses the accelerometer and the gyroscope to detect a fall. The Smartwatch will call 911 through your phone or notify a loved one.

  • Sleep Tracking

When you wear your watch to bed, it detects you are asleep by using your body movement.

  • Menstrual Cycle Tracking

The watch can track your menstrual cycle and can tell you when your next period will be.

  • Blood Oxygen Levels

The blood oxygen sensor is fitted in the back of the watch. It uses red, green, and infrared LED to convert light to electric current.

The photodiodes measure how light bounces back from blood.


  • Wrist Bands

A replacement band for the Apple Watch 4 is 38mm long. It comes in different colors.

  • Charger

Apple Watch 4 uses the same charger as the previous versions. It consists of a USB wall charger and a USB cable.

  • Edge Case

The case helps to protect the watch from scratches and dents.

  • Air Pods

You can pair your Apple Watch 4 with your Air Pod using Bluetooth.

  • Headphones

You can connect your smartwatch to your pair of headphones and listen to your favorite playlist.


Apple Watch 4 Performance

  • Operating System

Apple Watch 4 uses the WatchOS as its operating system. WatchOS is an operating system created by Apple Inc.

An operating system is a user interface. The WatchOS consists of a home screen with circular apps.

  • Battery Life

The Apple Watch 4 battery can stay up to 18 hours. It can last that long when you are receiving notifications, checking the time, tracking your workouts, and doing other activities on the Smartwatch.

  • GPS

The smartwatch has a built-in GPS that accurately gives distance and speed information during an outdoor activity.

  • Always on Display Mode

The Always-on display mode always shows the watch faces.

  • Memory

The Apple Watch smartphone has a total memory of around 16 GB. It also has a Random Access Memory of 1 GB.

  • Screen Resolution

Apple Smartwatch 4 has two different smartwatch sizes.

The larger 42mm Apple Watch 4 has a screen resolution of 448 X368 pixels.

The smaller 38mm Apple Watch 4 has a screen resolution of 312 X390 pixels.


We are going to compare the specifications of the Apple Watch 3 and the Apple Watch 4. The Apple Watch 3 was released before the Apple Watch 4.

SpecificationsApple Watch 3Apple Watch 4
Display42 mm44 mm
Battery18-24 hours of battery life18-24 hours of battery life
Screen size272 X 34024 X394
MicrophoneHas a microphoneHas a microphone
Water-resistantUp to 50 metersUp to 50 meters
Smart assistantHas SiriHas Siri
Memory8 GB16 GB
PaymentApple payApple Pay


The Apple Watch 4 smartwatch screams elegance and class at the same time. It is not only a fitness tracker but also it can replace your phone with it. It offers a wide range of benefits from getting push notifications to receiving text messages and phone calls.

The design makes it comfortable to put on throughout the day and night. It offers accurate sleep and heart rate tracking. It also offers accurate heart rate checks.

The operating system used and the storage capacity makes the smartwatch fast and responsive to its touch commands.

The OLED display used and the high screen resolution makes the smartwatch crisp to look at. The look of the watch is matched with its performance. The Icing on the Cake is the accurate GPS. It accurately records information during outdoor activities.

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