Amazfit GTS Review: Budget Alternative to the Look of Apple Watch

Like the look of the Apple Watch, but deterred by its hefty price tag? Amazfit Gts is the best budget alternative we've found for you.

The Amazfit is a product of a company called Xiaomi. It is a Chinese electronic company. It manufactures mobile phones, laptops, and smartwatches.

Some of the smartwatches produced by the company include the Amazfit GTR, Amazfit GTS, Amazfit Nexo, and the Amazfit Stratos 3.

We are going to explore the features of the Amazfit GTS as we weigh its benefits and drawbacks.

Our Verdict

Amazfit GTS can track your fitness and sleep performance and store all that information. The downside is that you cannot receive a call since it has no speaker and microphone. The absence of a microphone makes it impossible for an AI assistant to work.

Why we like it:

  • Impressive battery life
  • High resolution.
  • Huge storage space
  • Wear OS
  • Anti-scratch glass

Why we hate it:

  • Its notifications are inconsistent.
  • Step tracking is not accurate
  • Cannot receive a call


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The Amazfit GTS has a 1.65-inch display. The screen is made of an AMOLED display. The screen is bright enough. The Amazfit GTS screen is way ahead of other budget smartwatches in terms of brightness.

Amazfit GTS Design

The Amazfit GTS has a square design with rounded corners. The smartwatch has an aluminum alloy body. The glass used from the smartwatch is the corning gorilla 3 tempered glasses. The corning gorilla 3 is scratch-resistant and prevents it from damage.

The smartwatch has silicone straps. The strap is about 20mm wide. The strap is comfortable to wear. You can easily replace the straps when they wear out or if you want to change the color.

The smartwatch is designed in such a way to keep out water to depths of up to 50 meters.

Additionally, the smartwatch has a button on its side. The button performs different functions when you either long press or short press it.


The AMOLED display has a screen resolution of 348 X 442 pixels. The high resolution makes the display look vibrant.

Amazfit GTS Display

The display can be operated using touch commands. You can swipe up to check notifications, swipe down to change settings, and swipe left and right to see your apps.

The AMOLED display is protected by the corning glass 3 tempered glasses.

The smartwatch has an always-on display mode. The mode displays time, steps, and different watch faces.


Amazfit GTS hardware

Bio Tracker TM PPG Bio-Tracking Optical Sensor

An optical sensor converts light into an electrical signal. It measures the quantity of light.

6-Axis Accelerometer

The accelerometer is a device that measures the change in speed and velocity.

A 6-axis accelerometer has a 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis gyroscope. An accelerometer measures the change of speed while a gyroscope measures the orientation of the watch relative to 90 degrees angle.

3-Axis Geomagnetic Sensor

A geomagnetic sensor measures the magnetic forces. It can help you to tell your position in relation to the North Pole.

Air Pressure Sensor

The air pressure sensor provides accurate weather forecasting information, altitude changes, and vertical elevation. It can also prove useful in indoor navigation, GPS enhancement, and fitness tracking.

Ambient Light Brightness Sensor

The Amazfit GTS has an ambient light sensor that detects the intensity of light and automatically adjusts the brightness of the display to suit the light needed.


Amazfit GTS apps


The Amazfit GTS allows you to install apps to your smartwatch. You can install apps from other sources apart from Google play. All you have to do is change the settings to allow unknown apps.

Heart rate detection

The Amazfit GTS detects the heart rate throughout the day. You can access the data by swiping the touch screen to the left.

Fitness tracking

A fitness tracker helps you to know the distance you have covered, the steps you have taken, and the calories you have burned.

Sleep tracking

The Amazfit GTS records the number of hours you were able to sleep and your movement during sleep. It can also tell you whether you had quality sleep time or not.

Music playback

You can control your favorite music playlist during your workout sessions using your Amazfit GTS smartwatch. The Amazfit GTS has no built-in speakers or microphones.


Replacement straps

The Amazfit GTS has replacement straps available in different colors. The straps are 20mm wide and are easy to install.

Charger and cable

The Amazfit GTS smartwatch is charged using a magnetic field.

The Amazfit GTS uses a USB cable connected to a charging cradle. Alternatively, you can use a wireless cradle to charge the smartwatch. Tempered glass film

A tempered glass film helps to protect the screen from damage and scratches.

Eye protection film

An eye protection film protects your eyes from damage due to excess blue light.


Amazfit GTS Performance

Operating system

The Amazfit GTS uses the Wear OS. The Wear OS allows you to connect your phone to your smartwatch to increase its functionality. Wear OS adds features such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and broadband connection.

Battery life

The Amazfit GTS has a battery life of 14 days while using GPS for 20 hours. The battery can last up to five days when using every feature on the smartwatch. The battery for this smartwatch is Impressive.


The Amazfit GTS GPS is accurate. This is made possible by the presence of the 6-axis accelerometer and the air pressure sensor.

The GPS uses signals to tell your exact location. The signals are sent to your phone repeatedly before the GPS locks on your location.

Always on display mode

The Amazfit has an always-on mode. The smartwatch displays basic information in this particular model.

The presence of an ambient light sensor helps the smartphone to automatically adjust its brightness according to the surrounding light.


The Amazfit GTS has a storage capacity of 4 GB. The Random Access Memory is allocated only 512 Mb.

You can use this space to store apps and data collected by different apps.

Screen resolution

The Amazfit GTS has a screen resolution of 348 X 442 pixels. The high-resolution makes the display bright and vibrant.[/su_list]


SpecificationsAmazfit GTSAmazfit GTR
Display size1.65-inch display1.39-inch display
Battery14 days24 days
Screen resolution348 X 442 pixels454 X 454 pixels
Weight25.5 grams36 grams
Water resistanceUp to 50metresUp to 50 meters
Smart assistantNo assistantNo assistant




The Amazfit GTS is a cheap alternative to high-end smartwatches. However, it still has amazing features that make it a good choice. The smartwatch has an accurate GPS receiver. This is made possible by the presence of the air pressure sensor and the accelerometer. The battery can last up to 14 days. It lasts for fewer days when you keep the device active with different features. Amazfit is a good budget choice smartphone.


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