The Future is Now! 7 Modern Inventions we Take for Granted

Monday, July 14, 2014

The Future is Now! 7 Modern Inventions we Take for Granted

How much of our technology do we take for granted today?  The rapid progress of the development of our devices and the infrastructure behind them is easy to look over.

Has one ever thought of the numerous technologies we take advantage of today? Many inventions have made humans progress in positive ways, from the invention of the car to the telephone. But out of all these inventions, which ones do we take most for granted? The following seven modern inventions are some of the most innovating advances today that we take for granted.


Consider that most of our media, news, and entertainment today come in the form of both film and pictures. Without these, many people would greatly suffer from the loss of having entertainment such as television, movies, and news from around the world.

Credit Cards

With a small limit to spending money, credit cards have been popularized as an easier way to pay for mostly anything today. Credit cards are a convenience that not a lot of people think of as being an innovating, yet many of us use them every day for our daily needs.

Wi-Fi Technology

Wi-Fi is considered a very important invention today. Without Wi-Fi, a home or a business would have too many cables lying around and would have a limit of people using the internet at once. Without Wi-Fi, people would not be able to connect to the internet easily, whether it be from home or in a public restaurant.

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Smart Phones

Since the popularization of the Iphone, many companies and services have granted people with cellphones that are capable of doing more than just making calls. With a smartphone, people are able to access the internet, share photos, organize information, and help with daily life activities. Without smartphones, people today would have trouble in organizing personal and work related information.


Since the modernization of electricity, many people have been taking advantage of electricity's many helpful aspects. From making computers and televisions work, to having technology that help doctors attend to those who need medication help, electricity has been helpful to us all in our everyday lives.

Running Water

Perhaps the innovation most taken advantage of today, running water has been an invention that has helped many countries around the globe. From cleaning, to hygiene, to drinking water, running water has been an essential component as well as a necessity in our lives. With companies like Terminal City Iron Works helping provide the parts to give us easy access to clean water. You can be sure that the innovation of running water is one that we all take for granted on a daily basis.


Even though airplanes have been with us for quite some time, they are still considered a modern innovation that we take advantage of today. In mere hours, one could travel around the globe without any hesitations. Without airplanes, traveling would be extremely difficult.

Without a doubt, these modern inventions have been taken for granted over several years now. We should always be thankful for what we have been given by this technology, as life would be more difficult without them.  Consider what Louis CK's opinion on the subject below (language warning).

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