5 Futuristic Features Coming to Smartphones

Thursday, July 11, 2013

5 Futuristic Features Coming to Smartphones

Smartphone developers are constantly upgrading mobile devices with new features, bigger screens and better performance. Here Daniel Young looks at five technologies that could be coming to your smartphone in the future.

o tech devices currently on the market capture our attention more than smartphones, and for good reason. Developers are constantly upgrading these mobile devices with new features, bigger screens and better performance. As high-performance parts get cheaper and smaller, consumers can expect even more advancements in their pocket companions. The rumor mill is buzzing with features coming in the next generation of smartphones. From secret agent fingerprint scanners to hands-free eye-tracking technology, futuristic technology will dominate tech headlines as more smartphones emerge.

Fingerprint Scanners 

As users store more sensitive information on their smartphones, security becomes a greater concern. Expect Apple to address this concern when it releases the next-generation iPhone this fall. Mashable.com reports that iPhone 5S could include a fingerprint scanner. This technology would be a huge boost to iPhone's current security wall, a four-digit password.

If Apple opens up this technology for app developers, we could finally see the mobile wallet come to fruition. Users could store credit card data on their phones and verify their fingerprints become making transactions. Apple has always been a leading innovator, whether it's rethinking cell phones all together or adding micro sim card readers. The Cupertino-based tech giant has imagination and the cash to bring the future to the market.

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Projected Keyboards 

Small touch screens are fine for typing text messages or short emails, but these fickle keyboards aren't ideal for typing longer records. Concept artists have imagined a creative way to equip smartphones with traditional computer keyboards.

Developers would install a projected keyboard on the edge the smartphone. Open the keyboard app and users could type directly on the projected image. Intomobile.com stresses that we may be years away from seeing this technology, but smartphone users may not be thumb typing for the rest of their lives.

Projected Keyboard

Eye-Tracking Technology 

Convenience is a pillar of technology. Quicker and easier is always better. So while a simple swipe of your finger to move the screen might seem easy, a screen that tracks your eyes is superior. Samsung already rolled out eye-tracking technology in its new Galaxy S4 (see video below).

Videos automatically pause when users look away from the screen and resume when they look back. More advanced eye-tracking technology will be able to automatically scroll a page as users read.

Pliable Material 

Modern phones offer the world at your finger tips, until you drop them, that is. Most high-performance smartphones can't bare the brunt of hitting the pavement. Countless smartphone users sport cracked screens and chipped frames, and other pad their phones with bulky cases. What if smartphones didn't shatter when you dropped them? Human Media Labs introduced technology for a flexible smart phone. This thin, laminated paper doesn't have the can project a screen and respond to touch commands. Pliable smartphones have a long way to go, but the foundation is set.

Re-imagined Devices 

Who are we kidding? In the future, we'll laugh at these little slabs of plastic and aluminum. Google Glass has opened the door to a whole new world of electronic accessories. It hasn't yet hit the market, but Google Glass offers common smartphone functions in a new package. Expect more tech companies to break away from the standard smartphone design.

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Author Bio - Daniel Young is a gaming expert from Nashville.