123Movies Alternatives & Similar Sites

When it comes to popular names on the web, 123Movies has always excelled at providing free yet consistent movie-streaming services. The streaming trend grows among different sites, and movie-streaming is no exception.

All you need is some free time and reliable internet connection, and you can use this site to enjoy high-grade Hollywood movies, but also those less popular. However, if you’re interested in 123Movies alternatives, we’ve listed the best sites for movie-streaming to replace it. Read on!

What is 123Movies?

123Movies is an online movie-streaming service that provides free movies and TV shows from around the world. That’s right; it’s not only the epitome of popular movies and TV shows, but you can also find a vast range of less popular titles, individual films, documentaries, and more. There are a lot more reasons why 123Movies is so popular.

Many sites in its range offer mostly CAM or 720p quality without the full HD or 4K compatibility, but 123Movies is different as most of its offers featured the Full HD quality. Another advantage over other websites is that 123Movies offers a huge library of streams, so you’ll definitely have no trouble finding even the most distinct titles. Its easy navigation makes the search for movies much easier to perform, so users usually don’t face any troubles searching for content.

Users can easily search for movies using different genres and categories, while also filtering content based on alphabetical order, rating on IMDB, time of adding, and more. If you don’t know what to watch, you can easily inform yourself about available movies using the featured list of movies online.

The last of all features 123Movies has to offer is that service is entirely free to use, and there’s no registration required whatsoever. That allows users to watch movies only a few clicks away after entering the website. There’s also no limit on the number of movies you can watch per day.

Problems of watching 123Movies

123Movies is a great site for watching and streaming movies and TV shows, but there are a couple of drawbacks worth noting. Earlier this year, the place was shut down due to copyright issues and the fact this site may be involved with piracy-related entities.

The content on the site was streamed through affiliated services and didn’t store data on its servers, but those affiliated services could be involved in piracy. There are many sites that impersonate 123Movies to earn its profit, but they are easily recognizable.

Below, we’ve listed some Proxy servers which are managed by fans and other developers to keep the legacy of 123Movies alive. However, they’re not guaranteed to be as safe as the original site as the site’s team is not behind these proxies.

The proxy alternatives should offer all movies that you’d normally find on 123Movies if it wasn’t for the shutdown. However, because they are not led by the website’s team itself, there are fluctuations in the services they offer and how frequently new movies are added, and if at all.

How to access 123Movies if it’s blocked?

If 123Movies isn’t down for good, there are ways to access it without using its proxy alternatives or searching for other websites. VPN services do an excellent job of working as a tunnel between your blocked IP address and another country where the site may not be blocked.

VPN services mostly aren’t free, but are extremely affordable and deliver great value. The best VPN services we’ve used so far are Express VPN and Nord VPN. Nord VPN frequently hosts discounts and giveaways so you can easily use it to preserve your security and anonymity.

VPN services come in handy when Governments and ISP services block certain IP addresses they’ve deemed not secure or malicious. 123Movies is safe in itself but may be affiliated with third party sites and movie servers, which have obtained the mirrors using illegal ways.

If using VPN service isn’t an option for you, or site is down for good and not coming back, here are 9 123Movies alternatives you’ll love using.

Sites Like 123movies to Watch Movies Online for Free

1. HackIMDB


Like its name suggests, HackIMDB boasts a large library of IMDB-accessible movies. What’s different, however, is that you can use this site to enjoy watching movies and TV shows as opposed to just getting to know with the plot, actors, and trailers.

Its intuitive UI, straightforward design and a plethora of filters to choose from are exactly what made us fall in love with this service. You can choose among different genres like horror, fantasy, sci-fi, drama, comedy, action, and more, or use a keyword-based search box to fetch your results.

This site has a notable advantage over competition, because it includes full HD movies, cinema movies, frequently-updated movie library and more. This site doesn’t only host Hollywood movies; you can search for content from other countries and sort them by year.

For a more comfortable watching experience, HackIMDB also hosts a night mode UI which soothes your eyes and makes watching more comfortable, while also being power-efficient on your phone or laptop. It is free to use and doesn’t require registration, but can be overflown with a lot of inappropriate ads, so watch out.


  • Ease of use.
  • Many filtering options
  • No registration required
  • Night mode
  • Most of the movies are HD quality


  • Pop-up ads of 18+ content.

2. Moonline TV


Moonline TV is another great 123Movies alternative which is equipped with various features, which in many ways outperform the site mentioned above. One of the most useful user-friendly features is fast loading speed, so users aren’t stuck with buffering.

There is a plethora of genres, sorted in alphabetical order, year, country, and IMDB rating. It also has a smaller library and is less-frequently accompanied by new titles, but there is an option to request a movie you want to see. It’s also worth noting that all sites are in HD resolution.

The site doesn’t require registration and has fewer ads compared to the competition, so if you’re annoyed with pop-ups and want to watch movies in peace, this is a great alternative.


  • All movies are in HD quality.
  • Fewer ads.
  • Sleek design.
  • Displays movies in the IMDB rating.


  • Considerably smaller library than 123Movies.

3. MoviesJoy


If you’re looking for a streaming site that offers unprecedented streaming quality and a library, search no further than MoviesJoy. It is a great alternative to 123Movies by all senses. There are a lot of genres to choose from, a lot of categories, and a lot of filtering options. The movies that have been around for a while are in HD quality, during the recently-added movies sport CAM quality.

The site is fast, reliable, and well-designed. However, one thing that makes it annoying is frequent pop-up and on-click ads. You’ll have to combat three separate tabs as you try to click your way through the episode or movie you want to watch. Other than that, the library, filtering option, and navigation are great.


  • Modern and responsive design.
  • Extensive movie and TV show gallery
  • No registration required.


  • Many movies are still in CAM resolution.
  • Too many ads.

4. Openloadfree TV


Openloadfree TV likely won’t show up in your search feed easily, but it’s worth checking out. This site is similar to 123Movies in many ways. It boasts huge movie library, a lot of TV shows, and sorts them based on year, genre, country, and IMDB rating. This site is also great for parents who want to entertain their children with good animated movies and TV shows. You can also search for the movies in alphabetical order, while the genres are listed in the right sidebar.

This site doesn’t require you to register, although registration is good for providing feedback and reviews on each movie in the comment section. Just like the aforementioned movie-streaming site, there are a lot of on-click ads, which may discourage you from using it.


  • Sleek design
  • Great library
  • Great for children
  • IMDB rating


  • A lot of ads.

5. FilmChest


If you’re a fan of classics and retro movies, FilmChest is the best 123Movies alternative. It is equipped with the jewels of cinematography, ranging from movies from 1930s to the late years of 20th century. There are many sites of this kind available on the market, but FilmChest polishes its library in a way to deliver as better quality as it can be.

It is free, although you can register or donate for a more advanced version of the site. The design is not all that great, and there are pop-up ads that help the site support itself. There are also more-recent titles, but most of them you haven’t really heard of.


  • Heaven for classics and retro movies
  • Frequently updated library with better viewing quality
  • A lot of genres are present.


  • Lackluster design.
  • Some movies are only available in the USA.

6. Movies Found Online


Movies Found Online acts like a movie and TV show repository where everyone can enjoy movies ranging from the 1990s to late 2010s. It doesn’t require registration and is available across the world. It boasts a great variety of genres like comedy, action, romance, horror and more, and sports both SD and HD movies in the library.

If you’re for a good laugh instead of watching movies, Movies Found Online also sports a dedicated section for viral videos where people can get a good laugh. The movie-streaming service is free, although it’s packed with a lot of ads and isn’t updated as frequently as its other competitors.


  • Consistent design
  • Responsive
  • Has a large library
  • Viral video section


  • A lot of pop-up ads
  • Not frequently updated.

7. Retrovision


Retrovision provides a true blast from the past and is considered one of the biggest classic film repository. This true jewel of British cinematography boasts library of movies ranging from 1930s to 1940s and is frequently updated with good quality.

Don’t worry; this site doesn’t only go back to the past; it also hosts movies from the second half of the 20th century and sports a lot of genres like horror, drama, comedy, romance, and more. There are fewer ads than on other sites, so that’s a plus.


  • Large retro library
  • Fewer ads.


  • No new movies.

More Free picks,

Paid options

In the further list we’ll compile three streaming services that come with registration and payment plan. We made sure to list all their advantages so that they deliver great value for the money.

1. Amazon Prime ($8.99/month)

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime has much more to offer than fast shipping. This site offers on-demand TV shows and movies with a free trial so that you can get to know its offerings. Amazon Prime offers all its contents in full HD and 4K quality, making it available on a computer, phone, or TV.

Of course, the benefits of watching movies and TV shows using Amazon Prime don’t end there. You get various discounts on products from their sites, fewer ads, free shipping, faster shipping, and more. If you’re looking for a legal and reliable 123Movies alternative, Amazon Prime is the right one.


  • Extensive movie library
  • Fewer ads
  • 100% legal content
  • Free trial


  • If you don’t use Amazon much, it’s not worth investing in.

2. HULU+ ($5.99/month)


HULU’s subscription service is one of a kind. It offers everything a cable antenna fails to offers. There are thousands of movies and TV shows, and they are frequently updated to be Full HD and 4K-friendly. Aside from movies and TV shows, you can use HULU for live coverage of TV programs, especially the CBS-powered program.

If you’re tired of watching mainstream television and movies, there are a few HULU-original movies that you’ll love. While the paid version doesn’t save you from sitting through commercials, there are far fewer compared to the other streaming services.


  • Thousands of movies and TV shows
  • Live coverage
  • Original movies


  • Lackluster UI
  • There are still commercials despite subscription.


If there are additional free or paid streaming services you found useful and interesting, feel free to insert a comment and let us know!

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