3D Virtual Reality Is the Best Storytelling Technology We've Ever Had 
3D Virtual Reality Is the Best Storytelling Technology We've Ever Had
We do not experience life as a linear narrative, but storytellers from journalists to script writers typically tell us stories that way. 3D virtual reality is an opportunity to live stories the way we live life.
Stuart Armstrong on Reduced Impact AI 
Stuart Armstrong on Reduced Impact AI
According to AI researcher Stuart Armstrong, if we can define what artificial intelligence is, and make it work, we don't have to solve the so-called AI-control problem.
Satya Nadella 
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella: How I Work
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella spoke to The Wall Street Journal about how he runs meetings and picks hires--and whether he'd rather go to a Clippers game with Steve Ballmer or play bridge with Bill Gates.
A Futuristic Vision of the Age of Holograms 
A Futuristic Vision of the Age of Holograms
Explore a speculative digital world without screens in this fanciful demo, a mix of near reality and far-future possibility. Wearing the HoloLens headset, Alex Kipman demos his vision for bringing 3D holograms into the real world, enhancing our perceptions so that we can touch and feel digital content. Featuring Q&A with TED's Helen Walters. 

Watch Making Robots Demonstrate Superhuman Precision
Epson’s robotics was founded in the manufacture of watch movements, which demands efficient and highly precise assembly of extremely small components.Epson robots are deployed across production lines to enable precision assembly, efficient manufacturing and high levels of automation.

How We Can Evolve to Survive in Space
If we hope to one day leave Earth and explore the universe, our bodies are going to have to get a lot better at surviving the harsh conditions of space. Using synthetic biology, Lisa Nip hopes to harness special powers from microbes on Earth — such as the ability to withstand radiation — to make humans more fit for exploring space. "We're approaching a time during which we'll have the capacity to decide our own genetic destiny," Nip says. "Augmenting the human body with new abilities is no longer a question of how, but of when."
Short Film 'Rise' Explores a Robot Uprising
Created with the help of Kickstarter funding, “Rise” is a short film about the future of sentient robots where our mistreatment of them has serious consequences. 
Karlheinz Meier on Neuromorphic Computing in the European Human Brain Project
As we begin to move towards a unified understanding of the brain, one approach that will lead to additional benefits beyond this understanding is to build computing systems that function on the same principles as those of the human brain--neuromorphic computing. Karlheinz Meier of the European Human Brain project shows how emulating how neural systems and microcircuits work will ultimately lead to more efficient computer systems with greater processing capability and lower power consumption as well as contributing to our understanding of the brain itself.
A New Morning with Magic Leap
Welcome to a new way to start your day. Shot directly through Magic Leap technology on April 8, 2016 without use of special effects or compositing.
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