How to Develop a Relationship With a Russian Girl?

Thanks to the internet, we can find a partner outside our country or even continent. But how to maintain relationships between representatives of two cultures?

Before you develop a relationship with a Russian girl, you need to make sure that you make the right choice. Otherwise, instead of the union of your dreams, you will receive stress. And if you decide to leave, you will reveal the girl from a completely unattractive side.

There is no need to rush in the development of relationships, but you should not slow down either, especially if you are serious about your intentions.

Main Directions to Develop in Relationships with Russian Ladies

Main Directions

If you are thinking about developing a relationship when dating a Russian woman, it is crucial not to miss important nuances. You can focus on the sexual part and feelings but forget about other essential things, which will eventually lead to difficulties. There are several main components of the union that should be considered when working on relationships:

  • Joint rest, interests, doing household chores. If you both do your business, and you will meet only in bed, then it will soon turn out that there is nothing special for you to talk about. Romance and manifestations of feelings can be in simple everyday situations.
  • Similar views on relationships, life, future. If you are categorically not ready to have a baby in the next five years, and the Russian girl already sees herself as a mother, this will become a problem in nine months. It is crucial to communicate regularly with your beloved about how she imagines your relationship, what she expects from them, what she lacks.
  • Intimate relationships should suit both. She may not feel comfortable talking about her desires or what she doesn’t like. Try something new, watch her reaction. People change, and from time to time, you also need to make changes.
  • Relationships with family and friends. It is worth establishing communication with relatives and her close friends.
  • You also have to work on everyday life, as well as on the distribution of responsibilities. If you already live together, you will have to be more demanding of yourself, and not just of her. If before your mother washed your clothes, cooked and cleaned for you, combining several jobs, then you are unlikely to get this in a relationship with a Russian girl.

5 Stages of Relationship Development

5 Stages of Relationship Development

Falling in love gives way to smooth and deep love, but not all at once — there are many difficulties and trials to be overcome. As long as there is passion and attraction between lovers, conflicts are inevitable: it will take time to get used to each other. Each stage of the relationship is preparing its own “surprises”:

  1. Now, your task is not to seem a person you are not, otherwise, disappointment is inevitable.
  2. The second stage retains the romance but places more emphasis on physical compatibility. Feelings are strengthened when everything is fine in bed and there are no problems. It’s too early to introduce your Russian girlfriend to your friends and family, but it’s already worth getting to know the girl as a person and trying to get closer spiritually.
  3. The third stage implies not only physical intimacy but also emotional, spiritual. Spend more time together, and not just on beautiful dates.
  4. Getting to know her friends, family. It’s time to get to know each other’s worlds better, people who influenced the formation of the personality of each of the couple.
  5. You can get married or decide to live together. Relationships must develop, otherwise, they begin to collapse.

8 Tips on How to Develop Relationships

And now, let’s move on to specific tips on building relationships with a Russian lady. If you stick to these rules, you can avoid many difficulties.

  1. Respect the Russian girl if you want to get the same attitude in return. At the same time, make sure that respect is not one-sided, so do not allow yourself to be humiliated.
  2. Be realistic. Ignoring the problem will not solve it. Feelings can make you turn a blind eye to difficulties.
  3. Learn to forgive — this is needed to develop any long-term relationship.
  4. Talk about difficulties, be able to listen to each other, and not just speak out and defend your position.
  5. Do not control the Russian lady and try not to be jealous: if she wants to leave, she will leave, and you will not do anything about it. Jealousy is acceptable as an element of the game that she likes.
  6. Know how to quarrel correctly without deeds and words, for which you will be ashamed later.
  7. Pay more attention to little things: in a relationship, every moment is important. A casual glance can both awaken feelings and extinguish them.
  8. Be ready for changes and the fact that each of you will develop. Therefore, it is crucial to constantly communicate and have similar hobbies and interests.

It is not as easy as it might seem because often, your desire is not enough, and logic does not always help. Sometimes you have to trust your intuition and let go of feelings, solving problems through conflicts, and not just “carrots” (like in the carrot and stick approach).

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