Awards As an Important Way to Motivate Students

To keep healthy competition, to celebrate the success of students, and reward them for their efforts, you need a system of rewards in the classroom. Rewards, praise, and incentives can be powerful tools to motivate your students.

Awards are a great way to encourage children. Experienced teachers and psychologists came to this conclusion. As a rule, the presentation of certificates takes place in a solemn atmosphere, in the presence of numerous peers and classmates.

The student increases self-esteem and motivation to conquer new heights. Award for effort helps students put more effort into their work. Teenagers, due to their age characteristics, often experience problems with concentration and self-organization. Doing homework and not being distracted during the lesson can be a real challenge for them. In this case, it is necessary to praise and encourage them.

Why Are Awards So Important?

Why Are Awards So Important

Firstly, this is how you show that you see the efforts of students and appreciate them. If you add an individual approach to choosing an award using a printable student award, then you will forever live in the hearts of your students.

Praise and small tokens of recognition motivate students to push harder and reach new heights. And if the student has stepped over himself or finally overcome an overwhelming topic, this kind of attention to his work will help him not only with self-esteem but will also become a reminder for the future that he can do anything.

Secondly, you can create a whole semester marathon using the right system of motivation and gamification. Thus, you will immediately set the vector for your studies, visualize the goals, and set the students in a working mood.

Why Is the Award System Needed?

Effective awarding implies the following ideas:

  • Carried out regularly.
  • Accompanied by an explanation: what exactly is worthy of encouragement.
  • Shows interest in student success.
  • Gives the child information about the significance of the results achieved.
  • Focuses the student on the ability to organize work to achieve good results.
  • Accompanied by a comparison of past and present achievements of the student, any success is noted.
  • Encouragement is commensurate with the effort that the child has expended.
  • Associates success with the efforts of the child.
  • It is necessary to draw the attention of the child to the fact that success in work depends on his efforts.

Consider what incentives can be applied to students in an educational organization. The system of incentive measures in the school is necessary to ensure a favorable environment in the school, increase the level of motivation, and a responsible attitude to one's student duties.

When Can Awards Be Given?

When Can Awards Be Given

Certificates or diplomas can be awarded to children not only for prizes but also for completing additional courses in the form of encouragement, as evidence that the child is worthy of praise.

In school life, there are a lot of events that can become an incentive for children: quizzes, various environmental expeditions, scientific research, and various competitions. Documents are drawn up following the subject. The relevant paraphernalia is depicted on the award from the sports tournament, and diplomas on environmental topics are saturated with pictures of nature.

The document, presented in a solemn atmosphere, makes it clear to the child that his efforts did not go unnoticed, he successfully coped with the tasks of the school year and is ready for further victories. Creative children can be encouraged with a diploma for active participation in the life of the children's team.

What Is Very Important to Consider?

If the method of encouragement is not pedagogically justified, then this can give rise to vanity, a selfish orientation of the individual, in other words, this method of education can harm the psychology of the educated person. Therefore, it is natural that there are several pedagogical requirements for the application of this method of communist education, for example:

  • The actions and deeds of the child are encouraged, which serve as an example for others and are supported by the team of students.
  • When encouraging, it is necessary to take into account the age and individual characteristics of the student.
  • With encouragement, the most important thing is to ensure that they experience a sense of satisfaction, pride in good results in studies, social work, and other activities, and not the very fact of encouragement.
  • The purpose of the encouragement is to develop the self-activity and initiative of students, to stimulate self-education, and to form a sense of responsibility for the assigned work.

Awards are also issued to parents of children. As a rule, these are awards of gratitude for the good upbringing of the child, for participating in the life of the school, and for providing any assistance. The diploma issued to the mother is a great motivation for the student.

The kid realizes that throughout the school year he did everything right — he met the expectations of his parents and teachers. The child will try not to lower the bar and continue to remain the pride of the parents.

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