What a Future with Artificial Intelligence Will Look Like

Thursday, April 5, 2018

What a Future with Artificial Intelligence Will Look Like

Just a decade ago, the idea of artificial intelligence was in the realm of science fiction. Nobody thought it was possible for a machine to actually learn and evolve on its own. Yet, here we are. Machine learning is here and it’s making waves in nearly every industry. From healthcare to driving a car, AI is going to be part of the future.

Whether you’re an industry professional looking to gain an edge using AI, or just curious when the robot overlords will take over, here’s a look at what the future will look like with artificial intelligence as a part of it.

Helping Find Trends in Big Data

Alongside AI, another major trend in the technology world is big data and what we as a human race can learn with it. Everybody is constantly creating new data. Go and buy a burrito, you’ve created some data. Browse social media for an hour, you’ve made new data. Even coming to this article and reading, including how long you read it for, and you’ve created data.

Yet, as more and more data is created in the world, it becomes a titan-sized task for a human to make sense of it all. Finding meaningful trends and insights from massive amounts of data is not easy. AI, however, has the ability to analyze massive amounts of data constantly and find trends based on human behavior.

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As AI systems responsible for big data analysis grow, they’ll learn more about human nature and why we do what we do. This in turn can guide businesses and governments on things like: best ways to spread information, what attracts the interest of people, and ways to help people becoming more efficient.

AI Chatbots: Friends and Tools

Another application being tested now are AI chatbots, a means for people to talk with a business or program without actually conversing with a human being. It’s not like chatbots of old where they had a set number of responses to specific questions and that was it. Ask anything too complicated and the chatbot would fail to reply.

With AI powered chatbots, though, they learn as they go, meaning the more conversations they have, they better they get at it. This means a business can use it for customer support to help identify and then solve a customer’s problem — or even to help sell more products.

But that’s not all. AI chatbots have a variety of other uses, such as in education, healthcare, and helping people find relevant entertainment. In education, chatbots can be utilized to help children learn problem solving techniques, guide them on what they did wrong in a math problem, and identify knowledge gaps within a child’s understanding. By combining an AI chatbot with a robotic tool like Nao, children can have an AI that learns along with them.

In healthcare, a chatbot could give patients extra attention and monitor their condition while sending back important data to doctors. This could help patients with depression have somebody they can talk to without judgement, provide doctors of dementia patients a way to track their day to day conditions, and help people identify when something is wrong with their body without relying on WebMD.

AI powered cars

Replacing Daily Tasks and Jobs

One major staple of science fiction, and a fear for many workers in the world, is robots taking over their jobs. For some jobs, like a cashier at a fast food joint, this replacement is done with a simple kiosk. Other jobs, though, will require a full functioning AI system to replace human workers.

One prime example of this is AI powered cars. Today, self driving cars are certainly being developed and once the kinks are worked out, will someday become a very normal thing. The problem is, as long as there are cars with human drivers, AI that learn will be required. They need to learn to react to chaotic behavior of human drivers and be able to identify threats at the drop of a hat.

AI could even impact your day-to-day life, replacing many household tasks, including cooking, locking your doors, brewing your daily coffee, and much more. By observing and analyzing your behavior, it could try to predict your needs and wants before you even realize it’s what you want. Then, by working with an IoT network, accomplish those tasks for you.

It’s Happening Now, Get Prepared

If the idea of machines learning from the world around you freaks you out, start getting used to the idea because it’s not going away. Many tech companies are investing heavily into AI, and smart businesses are finding ways to use AI effectively. Soon, AI will play an active role in most things we do, from how we use our smartphones to how business decisions are made. If you want to stay with the times, you’ll need to prepare for it to happen.

By  Devin Morrissey

Devin writes from Daly City, CA, and spends his weekends coaching rugby and collecting records. He writes on anything and everything, aiming to become an expert in both.