Convert, Edit and Augment Your Videos This Multi-functional Tool

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Convert, Edit and Augment Your Videos This Multi-functional Tool

Converting video for your phone or tablet can be quick and easy, if you have a great tool. If you’re looking for a one-stop-solution to all your video converting needs, Wondershare’s Video Converter Ultimate may be the answer.

If you make your own home movies, like to download videos for playback on other devices, or just to have handy, it can be tricky to play back your media properly on your a smartphone or smart TV.

Apple's iPhone only supports only a few video and audio file formats out of the box, so something that plays perfectly well on your PC may not work.

There are many tools that can convert from one format to another. Most of these tend to be either complex or technical on one hand, or too basic and lacking features on the other. We took a close look at one of these tools and found that with Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, we were using a professional and multinational tool.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

The company claims that the software can convert over 1,000 different video and audio formats.

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Video Converter Ultimate is simple to download and install. Once that was done, all we had to do was click the Add Files button to select files for conversion. First we tried converting one of our own YouTube videos. (Of course Video Converter Ultimate is for use with non-copyrighted materials.) The process was very easy.

We also tried converting a file. The program  quickly analysed the files to work out the current format, language and resolution. Then, it automatically picked the best target format with a resolution to match the original. For example, a 1080p full HD MKV video file will be converted to a 1080p full HD MP4 file for playback on your iPhone.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is a great tool that balances a professional UI with multi-functional features for advanced users. With the tool, you can crop video or audio, add subtitles or a watermark, and adjust the brightness and contrast, or even using filters to change the way they look.

We also tried out some of the Instagram-like filters in the software.

Video Converter Ultimate

The software allows for converting files at up to 30 times the playback speed, depending on the CPU and graphics processor of your machine.  That raw performance comes down to a combination of Wondershare’s multi-core optimised APEXTRANS lossless conversion technology, which converts video with zero quality loss or compression, and support for the latest hardware encoding technologies built into Nvidia and AMD graphics processors and Intel CPUs, including NVENC, CUDA and Intel Quick Sync.

How to Convert wmv to mp4

The process is quick and simple. After that, it is simply a matter of burning a DVD, or plugging in your smartphone to the computer via USB to transfer the files. You don't even have to close the program and use another software application for this step. There are a huge number of built-in preset devices to choose from.

Video Converter Devices

The software has a built-in screen recorder for making your own videos, plus it can turn short video clips into animated GIFs. There’s even a tool for fixing corrupt or missing metadata automatically, so that files are listed properly when you store them on your computer or external drive.

That’s a lot of power for such an affordable, intuitive package, and you can try many of the features yourself by downloading the free trial version here.

By  33rd Square