Robotic Technology in Health Care

Friday, October 31, 2014

Robotic Technology in Health Care

Robot use is a very important consideration for the future of medicine, helping to treat patients and improve the overall healthcare system.

Robotic technology is currently being applied in most health facilities with the aim of improving healthcare. This technology has produced positive results on the patients who are suffering from numerous complications and robotic technology is now seen as one of the best options of treating problems such as spinal cord injury.

About robotic technology

Robotic technology can offer solutions to a significant proportion of problems affecting patients such stroke sufferers, amputees and those with mental problems. By 2025, much more medical robotic technology innovation is expected. However, there are four application areas which are on the near horizon and cover a big field of the healthcare. They include:

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  • -Development in diagnostics which can be realized through the evolution of multi-functional endoscopic capsule.
  • -A revolution in the surgery by robotic systems.
  • -Robotic systems in the nursing care so as to support the work of individual professional.
  • -Greater independence and autonomy for people with disabilities at home. This can be achieved through introduction of the domestic robots which will be used first for monitoring and later for the support tasks.

Robotic surgery
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It is important to understand that robot systems are very complex in the sense that not all of the required knowledge is available at the right level. This complexity exists in terms of the technologies which have to be fully integrated into a single device and also in terms of the regulation and the implementation in the healthcare. It is vital for many stakeholders to cooperate in the new roles and to take initiatives in supporting the application of robotic technology in the healthcare system.

There are several ethical issues which are also important in relation to robotic technology in healthcare, like the substitution of human contact by machine contact, privacy, and the outcome parameters for the therapeutic interactions of the robots with some patients who have mental disabilities. The concerns surrounding ethical issues needs to be translated into outcome criteria during the development process.

Benefits of Robotic technology in healthcare

  • -Robot systems now play a key role in improving the life of people with the spinal cord injuries.
  • -This technology also helps in treating patients with mental or cognitive problems
  • -Robotic systems are also useful in helping to counteract the shortage of medical personnel.

Healthcare challenges arising from Robotic technology

Many technological and scientific developments are taking place which have raised very high expectations among the public concerning the benefits of the robotic applications in healthcare. Besides that, many of these developments have been linked to the numerous challenges:

  • -Robotic systems are difficult to operate on a regular basis and they are also quite expensive. 
  • -There are also doubts on whether this new application of the robot system is just but a replacement of the older procedures.
  • -There is also a challenge of the limited spread of these robots despite this technology being a field which is really promising.

Actions to be undertaken so as to ensure the success of Robot technology:
  • -Robotic systems in healthcare is still in its infancy and research still needs to be undertaken
  • -The need to bridge the complex transition from the laboratories to trials and then from trials to the regular healthcare practice.
  • -Robot assisted cognitive and social therapy needs to be undertaken.

Robot use is a very important consideration for the future of medicine and can be applied in order to help to treat patients and improve the healthcare system.

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