Stephen Wolfram Unleashes A New Programming Language

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Stephen Wolfram has unveiled Wolfram Language, a highly developed knowledge-based programming language that unifies a broad range of programming paradigms and uses its unique concept of symbolic programming to add a new level of flexibility to the very concept of programming.

Stephen Wolfram has introduced the Wolfram Language in this video that shows how the symbolic programming language enables powerful functional programming, querying of large databases, flexible interactivity, easy deployment, and much, much more.

Wolfram Language, is totally symbolic, heavily natural, intensely knowledge-based, and extremely large computer programming language.

Wolfram Language

"Once things are symbolic," says Wolfram, "its easy to do things like Meta-operations on them."  Along with this, he demonstrates a dynamic version of a plot, generated from a sparse and easily understandable bit of code. "Because everything is a symbolic function, it all just works."

Proceeding, Wolfram demonstrates an example of graphing his web bookmarks:

Wolfram Language example

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“I’ve been working towards what is now the Wolfram Language for about 30 years,” Wolfram says in the video above. “But it’s only in recent times that we’ve had what we need to create the whole Wolfram Language.”

Wolfram Language is not yet released, but will be embedded on upcoming Raspberry Pi micro-computers. It’s already widely used within Wolfram’s Mathematica computing environment for scientists, and it is also deployed to Wolfram Alpha’s cloud services as well.

Wolfram Language contains may machine learning algorithms as well, which may impact data classification dramatically.  He calls these superfunctions, that essentially let you treat many aspects of programming as a computational 'black box.'

Wolfram Language Machine Learning
Wolfram Language Machine Learning example

In these early days it will be interesting to see what emerges from the Wolfram Language.  These are undoubtedly powerful tools.

SOURCE  Venture Beat

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