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February 20, 2014

Great Idea for Touch Screens in Cars

San Francisco-based designer Mattaeus Krenn has come up with an ingenious concept of how touch screen controls in cars should actually work.

According to designer Matthaeus Krenn, the touch screens increasingly being used in cars increase driver distraction, as the manufacturers merely replicate old button layouts and shapes onto multitouch input surfaces.

"Their eagerness to set new trends in hardware, is not matched by their ambition to create innovative software experiences for these new input mechanisms," writes Krenn on his website.

In Krenn's concept, even controls for air conditioning and infotainment can easily be controlled based on the number of fingers that are engaged in the interaction.
This makes up for the lack tactile feedback on the touchscreen and require the driver’s dexterity and attention.

Touchscreen for Cars Concept

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In Krenn's proposal a new mode can be invoked at any time: It clears the entire screen of all control elements and makes way for big, forgiving gesture that can be performed anywhere. "In place of the lost tactile feedback, the interface leverages the driver’s muscle memory to ensure their ability to control crucial features without taking their eyes off the road," he says.

 Visit Krenn's site to download a prototype of the interface.

SOURCE  Matthaeus Krenn

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