The Awareness

Friday, January 10, 2014


 Artificial Intelligence
On the eve of a technological breakthrough, an insignificant janitor and a prominent engineer are faced with a decision that will alter the course of humanity: the release of the first aware computer system into the world.

In this gritty short film, 1.7 billion lives are at stake as time is running out to sort out the difference between ethics and heroism. With the technician gone, a self-aware machine takes a chance and offers a janitor the opportunity to save humanity and change history.

A choice has to be made, but with dire consequences of self-aware human-level artificial intelligence.  This short by Henry Dunham delivers big ideas with a simple set up that highlights the impact of effective writing while utilizing irresistible suspense.

The Awareness

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Dunham was inspired to create this short once he felt that he finally had access to the equipment that allowed him to produce the short with the exact cinematic vision he felt was appropriate for the story. What Dunham does is take what others might stretch out to a diluted full feature and boils it down to the key elements to create a gripping short.

With The Awareness, we have all the elements of a full feature: a character estranged from his family, an egomaniac tech genius, a rogue machine, cops and guns. However, by focusing on creating a short from these variables, Dunham in no way leaves out the gut-punch ride, instead he just saved us 80-minutes of waiting for the good parts.  In fact, once the story really picks up the writing is strong enough that this short really grabs you with just a janitor and a monitor screen.

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