Hyperloop Development Proceeding Through New Startup

Monday, November 4, 2013


Elon Musk's Hyperloop concept for futuristic travel has legs it would seem.  A new company has been founded to develop a working prototype of the open source project and it backed by serious engineering talent.

S ince entrepreneur Elon Musk unveiled his Hyperloop concept and said he wanted to open source it's development, everyone has been wondering, "What's next?"  Now a group of early investors and engineers has come together under the name Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Inc. and is aiming to launch a prototype by 2015.  

Technical advice, and leadership around the community interaction aspects of the project, will be led former SpaceX mission director Dr. Marco Villa and Dr. Patricia Galloway, the former president of the American Society of Civil Engineers. The administrative tasks of the project will be handled by interim CEO Dirk Ahlborn, who also serves as the CEO and founder of the JumpStartFund.

Hyperloop Concept

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A rough timetable for various milestones involving the development of the hyperloop system. First, a research paper offering specific technical details of the system will be released in March of 2014. That will be followed by a prototype design that will be presented for construction bidding in June of the same year.

“We have been contacted by several places that would like us to put the first prototype [in their location],” says Ahlborn, when asked about the project’s southern California roots and the location of the initial prototype network.

“It would be a valid alternative to the [upcoming] high-speed rail in California, but there are a lot of politics around the high-speed rail there. If the discussion later comes, we’ll be happy to do it in California. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be in California.

SOURCE  Mashable

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