Elon Musk To Show Video of Iron Man-Like Design System

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Iron Man Interface

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Art imitates life; imitates art - Elon Musk, a real-life inspiration for Tony Stark,  wants to build the Iron Man Hologram user interface for his rocket designs at SpaceX, and will reveal a video showing their progress soon.

T he hologram interfaces used by Tony Stark in the Iron Man films certainly look impressive, but how practical would they be in real life?

Now, the partial inspiration for the Stark character, Elon Musk is promising to unveil a video in the next few days that will demonstrate "designing a rocket part with hand gestures & then immediately printing it in titanium."

In August, Musk hinted at the system in another Tweet: "We figured out how to design rocket parts just w hand movements through the air (seriously). Now need a high frame rate holograph generator."

Perhaps SpaceX needs to get in touch with Apple, who also reportedly are developing an Iron Man-like interface and recently received a patent relating to their work.

SOURCE  Elon Musk on Twitter

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