5 Places You Never Expected QR Codes

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Places You Never Expected QR Codes

 QR Codes
Individuals, corporations and other organizations have been using QR codes in some very unusual ways, with results that range from amusing to innovative.

R, or quick response codes, are the bar code-esque blocks your smartphone reads by looking at the code. QR codes take you to websites or app pages on your smartphone, usually to supply you with more information about the products and services on the associated marketing material or page. Nineteen percent of U.S. people surveyed have scanned at least one QR code, and that number has been steadily rising since QR codes were introduced, according to eMarketer. Companies have been using QR codes in some very unusual ways, with results that range from amusing to innovative.

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Back in the day, bar code tattoos certainly made their rounds, so it's no surprise that QR code tattoos also pop up. One way that it particularly fits in with the promotional effort is if the QR code is tattooed on a tattoo artist, and scanning the code takes you to his shop or portfolio. Bit Rebels touches on a few other uses for body art QR codes, such as business card and resume information.
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Here's an innovative idea that seems so far-fetched you would assume it was science fiction. Some cemeteries are using QR codes to take you to a memorial page for the deceased. This provides a good use for social network profiles after someone dies, or you can direct the QR code to a dedicated site for them. Other cemeteries incorporate additional technology, such as Winter Park in Orlando, Fla., who created a mobile app that gives a tour of the cemetery and the inhabitants of it, The Daily City reports. You can order in funeral flowers for those people who have particularly touching stories.


Facebook HQ has a massive QR code plastered to the rooftops. While you won't be able to scan the code out of an aircraft unless you have a particularly good smartphone or you're skydiving down to it, it is large enough to show up on satellite images. That way, you can scan the code directly from a website such as Google Maps, giving them an unusual and innovative way to get advertising in a service you aren't expecting it in.


Some restaurants are making it easy for you to remember your favorite foods and drinks. Wine bottles come with QR codes so you can save your favorite selections for later, especially if it's going to be a long night, and it's unlikely you're going to remember the first of three bottles of wine you end up drinking. Some restaurant menus also use QR codes to show you pictures of the food, instead of putting the pictures right on the menu.


QR codes are incorporated into clothing for several reasons. One is simply for a fashion statement — the QR codes might not lead anywhere. Another is for branding purposes, similar to clothing that has brand names plastered all over it. Finally, there's personal marketing, where a business owner prints QR codes on their T-shirts and other clothing to encourage people to scan the code and find out what's going on with his business.

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