You Won't Want To Meet This 3D Printed Spiderbot Alone At Night

Thursday, July 4, 2013

The creepily-lifelike T8 spiderbot from Robugtix dramatically uses bio-inspiration for it's 3D printed form and mechanics.  The robot is due for release in September.

The T8 is a bio-inspired high resolution 3D printed spider robot from Robugtix certainly creates a dramatic appearance.  The robot uses a total of 26 servo motors.

The robots controls are all processed on-board via a proprietary engine for controlling multi-legged walking robots.

Robugtix T8 Spiderbot

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This means that the user only has to send short and simple commands to the robot (for example, instructing it to walk forward at a desired speed) and the engine will automatically take care of all the details, including inverse kinematics, leg trajectory planning, leg gait coordination, motor control, etc. This makes it quite easy even for absolute beginners to play with advanced robotics.

Commands are sent and received via wireless communication.

You can choose between pre-programming your own sequences or directly controlling the robot in real time with the wireless Robugtix™ Controller.

The T8 is available now for a special pre-order price of $1,350, plus $85 for Robugtix's analog-stick controller.

The T8 system, which is due for release in September comes with:

  • -A complete set of high resolution 3D printed parts of the T8
  • -T8 microcontroller board pre-loaded with the Bigfoot™ Inverse Kinematics Engine
  • -26 Hitec HS-35HD servo motors
  • -Fasteners and miscellaneous mechanical parts

SOURCE  Robugtix via Gizmodo

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