RSA Insight Looks at Technology

Friday, July 5, 2013

In collaboration with Samsung, The RSA has made an animation that, while essentially being a commercial, delightfully looks at the impact of technology.

Admittedly, the latest RSA Animate above does advertise the Samsung Galaxy Note in a not-too-subtle way, yet the animation still manages to delight and demonstrate the power of technology.

According to the narrator, technology has changed more in the last 50 years than across all of time. While this claim may be debated - see Tyler Cowan's analysis - there is no denying that technology is rapidly and exponentially evolving in many areas.

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"Today's technology is so efficient it doesn't just enable us to do things differently, it enables us to do different things."

With the characteristic whiteboard marker sketching and sped-up filming, this animation's real wow factor is at the end, when the whole mind-map links back to the initial image. Who says advertising cannot be informative and entertaining?


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