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July 2, 2013

David Hanson and Dmitry Itskov Discuss the 2045 Initiative

 Avatar Robotics
On the Charlie Rose program recently, the host interviewed Dmitry Itskov and David Hanson about the possibilities of the 2045 Avatar project.

Recently on the Charlie Rose progam, the host interviewed Dmitry Itskov and David Hanson about the possibilities of the 2045 Avatar project.  The Avatar Project was initiated to create human immortality by way of technology.

Prior to the interview, Rose plays a video featuring Global Futures 2045 personalities including Dr. Martine Rothblatt, Hiroshi Ishiguro and Itskov.

Itskov states in the interview that he is using the Global Futures 2045 movement to create the social demand for immortality technology.  He is hoping this demand will push sciences and technology forward to meet his ambitious 2045 deadline.

Dmitry Itskov and his robotic avatar

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To exemplify how the project might evolve, Hanson also brought along his Philip K. Dick robot (below).  Hanson has worked on a preliminary avatar for Itskov.

According to Hanson, the development of the life-like avatar humanoid robot, is the "greatest ambition of my career to create a robot this life-like and sophisticated - something that can be a vessel for a mind."

"By defining what might happen, you are providing a road-map of dreams that influences the development of science and technology and sometimes realizes that dream," Hanson adds.

Phillip K. Dick Robot

SOURCE  Charlie Rose

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