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July 11, 2013

Attack of the Self-Driving Cars Infographic

Attack of the Self-Driving Cars

 Self-Driving Cars
Intrigued with the concept of the driverless car, Autoinsurance.us wanted to find out how the public felt on that exact topic, so they released several Google Consumer Surveys to find out the answers to various questions concerning the self-driving car and it helped them to produce a useful infographic.

Whether you believe in the futuristic, high-speed flying capsules of science fiction or a less glamorous evolution of cruise control, one thing’s for sure: A major shift to autonomous driving technology is just around the corner. Google’s fleet of self-driving Priuses is picking up speed, driver-assistance technology is rapidly being developed and many autonomous devices already are standard in dozens of existing car models.

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But are we really ready to take our hands off the wheel?

Autoinsurance.us recently conducted a study to learn more about the future of self-driving cars. Who will be the first to buy fully autonomous vehicles? Why are some already lining up to become perpetual passengers while others are hoping for a red light? Check out the infographic below for the answer to these questions and more, including what we’ll do with our extra time behind a self-driving wheel.

According to the infographic, by 2040 over 75% of the cars on the road will be driving themselves.  Respondents to the survey do not seem to be completely ready to adopt the technology yet, but it is still in its relative infancy.

As we have covered, driverless car technology may mean the elimination of a considerable amount of jobs - over 8 million according to the infographic.

SOURCE  Autoinsurance.us

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