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June 18, 2013

Salim Ismail Outlines Exponential Technology's Explosive Effects

 Exponential Technology
At this year's Biz Barcelona conference, Singularity University's Salim Ismail outlined how exponential technology is increasingly impacting our lives.  From computer technology to the demise of nation states, including the United States, Ismail shows just how powerful this phenomenon is.

Born in 2008 in Silicon Valley, under NASA and Google, Singularity University aims to train future global leaders and entrepreneurs who want to help change the world.

In the video above, Salim Ismail, founder and global ambassador of the institution, explains how a school that only accepts projects to respond to the problems of over a billion people. [Note - the volume of the video needs to be turned up, so beware when you exit the video or if you have other audio applications running.  There is also some foul language when Ismail shows a video of people riding in Google's robotic car.]

exponential technolgy
Image Source: KurzweilAI
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The recording was made at the Biz Barcelona Conference this year.

According to the founding principles of Singularity University, good use of technology is the way to solve the great problems of humanity.

Companies also have to keep the entrepreneurial spirit, give much weight to the investigation, which should be the engine of society.

The Singularity University has hosted 80 researchers from 75 different countries.

SOURCE  ac cio

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