Inside Google

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Inside Google

In 2011 National Geographic released an interesting look into the working of the most important company that is reshaping the way we interact with technology. From Google’s offices in China and Russia to the Googleplex (its Silicon Valley headquarters), uncover why this company’s corporate philosophy and attitude is so unique among major companies today.
In 1998, a new multinational corporation was founded. The mission was to collect and organize the world’s information in order to make it more accessible and usable from anywhere in the world. Google started as a simple search engine where its operation was run in a garage where the founders rented half a house.

As of now, the CEO of Google is Eric Schmidt. According to him, in order to build a successful company like Google, one needs to have odious goals in order to enjoy and swim guzzling success.

The idea of Google was born in the Stanford University where two friends Larry Page and Sergey Brin created a simple machine where they could retrieve information.

Google grew from a simple search engine but has advanced to a whole new level with many applications which it has acquired in order to transform the world.

Now Google has created an empire with a range of applications which are seeking to make life in the world easier. Google has acquired applications such as Android, YouTube and many others which have created a powerhouse for computers and Smartphones that users fetch for information.

Along with the IP of these companies, Google is also well-known for bringing in top intellectual minds like Geoffrey Hinton, Sebastian Thrun, and Ray Kurzweil.

They are now also firmly in the hardware development world with Nexus Tablet and the much-hyped upcoming Google Glass.

Unlike other companies, when Google started, its home page was clean and had no pop outs. In a day Google handles millions of terabytes searches of different information from all over the world. Gmail which is a product of Google has been the key towards growth of this empire where people can exchange documents and other information. Indeed, Google was established with an aim of helping the world reach its goals and desires related to technologies.

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Google expanded from a garage office and moved as the corporation grew and expanded rapidly. In the year 2000, the search engine embarked on a new business online advertising where a money making machine was made. Within a period of 6 years after its establishment, Google had grown to an extent where it was able to create billionaires from the revenues it had generated. In august 19th 2004, it undertook IPO where thousands of wealthy people and companies embarked to acquire ownership of the corporation at the empire.

Today, Google has expanded so much to the level where it is gaining interest from all over the world. In a day, it is estimated that the search engine receives more than a million job applications as a corporation at the top. Today Google has employed dozens of young people with wonderful ideas.

The amazing thing that Google has been able to accomplish is elimination of the use of paper. In the offices there is no use of paper; everything is digitized where each employee has a personal computer. This has been undertaken to promote its goal of faster sharing of information and ideas among its employees which have proven to be quite a success.

Just like any other company, the empire faces a major challenge which is unscientific; “trust” which holds the future of this corporation. Trust that it is keeping our data safe from hackers, snooping government and trust that Google is living up to its motto of “don’t be evil”.

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