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Monday, December 10, 2012

Jason Silva ATTENTION - The Imaginary Foundation
Jason Silva
With his latest 'shot of philosophical espresso', film maker Jason Silva looks at the immersive power of cinema. ATTENTION explores how technology and storytelling  are merging to capture and manage attention.
In his latest 'shot of philosophical espresso', Jason Silva looks at the power of cinema.

ATTENTION explores the power of "rhetorical technologies" like cinema and storytelling to capture and manage attention. "We trade in the currency of ATTENTION," tweets Silva.

According to Silva, attention is required for any kind of interpersonal persuasion, transformation or growth--- so deep immersion matters. Silva was inpired to produce this video was by the essay Virtual Reality and Hallucination by Diana Slattery, who through phenomenological explorations of psychedelic spaces, and informed by the descriptive reports of long-term psychedelic explorers, developed a 3D software, LiveGlide, as real-time, interactive writing system which is most effectively performed in immersive domed environments.

This piece was also influenced by Frank Rose's The Art of Immersion, a book about how the internet is changing storytelling. Rose predicts that the future of entertainment will look something like the holodeck, Star Trek's simulation engine peopled with holographic characters, the ultimate immersive virtural reality art.

Rose writes that not long ago we were spectators, passive consumers of mass media. Now, on YouTube and blogs and Facebook and Twitter, we are media. No longer content in our traditional role as couch potatoes, we approach television shows, movies, even advertising as invitations to participate—as experiences to immerse ourselves in at will. Frank Rose introduces us to the people who are reshaping media for a two-way world, changing how we play, how we communicate, and how we think.

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