Jason Silva Maps Out The Six Epochs Of Technological Evolution

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Jason Silva on the Six Epochs of Evolution

For his latest video short, Jason Silva maps out Ray Kurzweil's Six Epochs of Evolution showing the exponential progression in the way the universe stores and processes information.
In his latest video short, Jason Silva maps out Ray Kurzweil's Six Epochs of Evolution showing the exponential progression in the way the universe stores and processes information.

Tracking our progress in the technological evolutionary journey, in books such as The Singularity Is Near, Kurzweil has identifies six epochs, each of which is characterized by a major paradigm shift.  For Kurzweil, the Singularity will begin with Epoch Five and will spread from Earth to the rest of the universe in Epoch Six, which he claims is our ultimate destiny.

Epoch 1. Physics and Chemistry
At the beginning of the universe, all information existed at the subatomic level.

Epoch 2. Biology and DNA
With the beginning of life on Earth, genetic information was stored in DNA molecules, and yet organisms takes thousands of years to evolve.

Epoch 3. Brains
Evolution produced increasingly complex organisms. The birth of the brain allowed organisms to change their behavior and learn from past experiences.

Epoch 4. Technology
Humans evolved into organisms with the ability to create technology. We are right now in the final stages of this epoch.

Epoch 5. The Merger of Human Technology with Human Intelligence
Biology and technology will begin to merge in order to create higher forms of life and intelligence.

Epoch 6. The Universe Wakes Up
This epoch will see the birth of super-intelligence, and with it, humans/machines expanding into the Universe.

What does this all mean today and in the not-to-distant future? First, it will be more difficult than ever before to find a distinction between human and machine. In fact, "it will be all mixed up," Kurzweil says. "The bottom line is we are one human-machine civilization. This technology has already expanded who we are and is going to go into high gear when we get to the steep part of the exponential [curve]."

Some key dates along the way: by 2020, "we’ll have computers that are powerful enough to simulate the human brain, but we won’t be finish yet with reverse-engineering the human brain and understanding its methods." That will happen by 2029, when "we’ll have reverse-engineered and modeled and simulated all the regions of the brain. And that will provide us the software/algorithmic methods to simulate all of the human brain's capabilities including our emotional intelligence. And computers at that time will be far more powerful than the human brain."

As Silva points that we see in the progression is a bootstrapping of recursive complexity leading us towards an intelligence Singularity.

SOURCE  Jason Silva on Vimeo

IMAGE SOURCE  Top -The Imaginary Foundation  Six Epochs - Jason Silva and Steven Mercado

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