DRC Hubo Team Shows Their DARPA Grand Challenge Concept

Friday, November 2, 2012

Hobo Robot

DARPA Grand Robotics Challenge team DRC Hubo from Drexel University has posted a video outlining how they intend their robot to work.
As we recently posted on the competitors for the  DARPA Humanoid Challenge, Drexel University's DRC Hubo team has created a short video showing how they intend their robot to work.

The video below is a composite animation showing an ideal scenario, but as far as what is publicly known, no humanoid  are anywhere close to being able to accomplish such tasks on their own.

DARPA Grand Challenge Humanoid Robot

In the video, HUBO is sent to a hazardous facility to disable an undisclosed leak.  The android drives to the building in a Bobcat and then must walk out over a pile of ruble.  At the entry to the building, the robot lifts away debris to gain access and then uses a cordless reciprocating saw that is on-hand to gain further entry into the facility through a wall.


Once at the leak location, the robot is able to use more tools and its humanoid form-factor to disable the faulty system and save the day.

DARPA robotics challenge

Bear in mind that most observers did not expect to see such rapid progress for self-driving cars over the last few years, so this challenge has the potential to give a significant boost as to how humanoid robots perform and are part of the exponential technological curve.

SOURCE  Jaemi Hubo

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