Russia 2045 Avatar Builders Create Female Android

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Android Robots
Moscow-based Neurobotics, has  introduced the country's first female android.  Based on an earlier model of Russia 2045 founder Dmitry Itskov, Allisa features limited control and  conversational AI.
R ecently, the Russia 2045 movement showed the first realistic Russian android head, based on its founder Dmitry Itskov. Itskov is a big believer in the technological singularity, and claims that by 2045 we will have developed the means to transplant our minds into computers and android bodies.

Now, his android surrogate, built and programmed by Moscow-based Neurobotics, has been dismantled and turned into the country's first female android.

Alissa's face may look somewhat realistic at first glance, since the silicone mask was created based on one of Neurobotics' employees. The head has a limited eight points of articulation, so the capabilities for expression are quite limited. It works out to be just enough to add movement to its eyes and mouth, which are controlled with a standard game pad. The head is mounted to a mannequin, which stands on a wheel base for mobility.

Alissa has some basic AI thanks to the company's conversational software, which synchronizes the mouth movements to the words spoken by its speech synthesizer. "The pseudo-AI is very basic, providing simple question and answer type interactions. The voice recognition doesn't require training for specific people, but it is sensitive to pauses and speech volume," explained Mikhail Shcherbakov, who recently visited the lab. The lab work is still in its early stages.

In telepresence mode, the operator uses Skype to communicate with the outside world. The cameras in Alissa's eyeballs provide a video feed, while the operator uses a headset. The company is experimenting with a relatively simple EEG (electroencephalography) set-up to allow the operator to drive the robot's base using thoughts alone.

Neurobotics is working closely with Russia 2045, which claims androids will be commonplace by the end of the decade. You can see Alissa in action in the following video. —

Russia 2045 has previously outlined a detailed roadmap of the Avatar project, and the fact that Itskov only kicked of the project a year ago, the developments so far are impressive.

SOURCE  Gizmag

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