Robot Walks With Human-Like Gait

Friday, September 21, 2012

AMBER 2.0 Humanoid Robot

A team of mechanical engineers at Texas A&M University have developed a bipedal robot base that operates with a characteristically human heel-to-toe walking gait.  The research aims to further robotics and control systems, as well as inform prosthetic development.   
The Texas A&M University robot, AMBER 2.0 is a custom-built 2D bipedal robot with feet. Every aspect of the robot from hardware to software was designed from the ground up by AMBER Lab.

Unlike most other humanoid robots, AMBER 2.0 was designed to walk with a characteristic human-like heel-to-toe motion.

The research into the bipedal robot is devoted to both theoretical and experimental research, locomotion, nonlinear and hybrid systems, and prosthetic design.

The AMBER team designed the robot by first examining  human walking in detail.  They then determined design constraints from the human data over time and encoded these constraints to construct robotic models and controllers.  Before constructing AMBER 2.0, they first implemented these controllers in simulation and tweaked the results to achieve their robotic version of "human-inspired" walking.

In the video, the displayed walking is unsupported and repeatable, and the boom only prevents the robot from leaning, but does not support the robot in the forward plane. —


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