Six Foot Tall 3D Printed Sculpture Shipped Thanks To Crowd Funding

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Large 3D Printed Sculpture

 3D Printing
Bathsheba Grossman, the popular digital artist and Shapeways expert has now had one of her pieces 3D printed at a height of six feet.  The crowd-funded piece, titled Rygo, will be installed at the VanDusen Botanical Gardens of Vancouver next month. 
Digital artist Bathsheba Grossman's Rygo sculpture has been 3D printed in stone-like material at a height of six feet and has been shipped to Vancouver.  The project was kicked off via a crowd-funding drive on Indiegogo.   The project did not completely get the funding required for the project, but keen individuals on the project pushed it through.

The Rygo was printed on the D-Shape 3D printer. The process begins with the design being created in 3D CAD software. The CAD model is downloaded into a STL file and is imported into the computer program that controls D-Shape’s printer head.

The build process takes place in a non-stop work session.  During the printing of each section a ‘structural ink’ is deposited by the printer’s nozzles on the sand. The solidification process takes 24 hours to complete. The printing starts from the bottom of the construction and rises up in sections of 5-10mm. Upon contact the solidification process starts and a new layer is added. Surplus sand that has not been embedded within the structure acts as a buttressing support while the solidification process takes place.
JF from the Indiegogo project provided an update:
I’ve got some great news! It arrived in Vancouver this week! Its currently sitting in a friends place while we work on the lighting. I took some pictures of it. Im in the process of going through pictures to print as part of the package that everyone will be receiving (which includes 3D prints, leafy chains, etc.). The opening show for the Rygo is scheduled for July 26th, 2012. I hope to send everyone access to the webcam stream and light control so that you will be able to see people milling about during the exhibition. 
Again, I’d like to say thank you to everyone who contributed. Its been a stressful process getting the Rygo here for I, Enrico and Bathsheba. In the end, we got it here! Its unbelievable! Thank you! 

SOURCE  Indiegogo

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