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Friday, July 13, 2012

Aldebaran Robotics NAO Robot

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Aldebaran Robotics is recruiting engineering talents to join the NAO humanoid robot's dream team. The company build-up is linked to a push to develop robotic companions and consumer market androids.
T he makers of the amazing NAO research robot, Aldebaran Robotics have just announced a major recruiting drive at  This follows the company's securing major financial backing from Japan's Softbank earlier this year.

Aldebaran is a world leader in humanoid robotics. More than 450 universities, labs and schools worldwide are working with NAO in research and education.

For the future, the company has embraced the ambitious goal of developing humanoid robots for use by the general public. Of the more than 180 people at Aldebaran, including 40% in R&D, are involved in the development and production of NAO and future robots.

Aldebarn is currently looking to fill positions including:

  • - C++ Developers
  • - Processing Engineers
  • - Software Integrators
  • - Test Engineers
  • - Audio Engineers
  • - Mechanical Engineers
  • - Robotics Engineers
  • - and many more

Aldebaran believes that in coming years robots will positively impact our lives to the same extent as PCs and mobile devices did during the past three decades. According to the company, robots will change the way we learn, work and communicate.

A robotic companion to assist humans is no longer science fiction but a realistic answer to the requirements of an aging society. We are developing practical solutions for everyday life by conducting research in areas such as autistic child therapy, human-robot interaction and personal robotics.

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