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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


New iPhone 5 rumours have surfaced with photographs showing comparison between the black and white versions of the next-generation iPhone back. The black and white coloring is a trim, and a large portion of the back is made out of metal. At this point what purpose this metal serves, but the metal is definitely present in all of our photos of the device’s back.
T he webistes 9to5mac and iFixyouri have posted photos of purported  iPhone 5 prototypes. If real, the next iPhone would have an aluminium alloy back, bigger speaker and microphone slots, and a new, smaller dock connector.

Apparently the part comes from a Chinese supplier who, according to iFixyouri, is reliable. However, not even they know if it is for an actual product or a prototype. These photos align with past rumors of a metal backed iPhone and a smaller dock connector.

Also worth noting is that the sides of the phone are part of the back plate, which would essentially create a box for the screen and internal components to be housed.

Above is a photo of what some believe to be the black next-generation iPhone front glass. According to our sources, this glass has room for a taller display with the same width as the screens on previous iPhone models. 

It appears that the camera lens for the front (what Apple calls the FaceTime camera) has moved above the earpiece. It is now centered. From the above photo, we can also deduce that the rumored edge-to-edge technology is not coming in this iPhone (as previously rumored), and that Apple is definately testing these units with the Micro-SIM technology from the iPhone 4/4S (smaller SIMs – and even no SIMs – have been rumored). The new iPhone is expected to launch alongside iOS 6 in the fall, complete with other rumored features like LTE and an improved processor.

SOURCE  Gizmodo

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